There is often some confusion in the domain of internet marketing about how well content marketing fits within the framework of search engine optimization. The question might seem to have some merit because these are quite different things altogether. But for internet marketing to succeed there has to be perfect synergy between the two. However, the most interesting aspect is that both share identical goals – to win over the audience and build relationships that can enhance flow of quality traffic that boosts conversion. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest at all between online marketing and content marketing.

To be precise, if digital marketing is compared to a kangaroo, then content marketing is the kid in the sack. There is complete interdependence between the two, almost like mother and child. It can be said content marketing is all about inbound marketing and vice versa.  Then why do some people still have the confusion about the compatibility of the processes? Read on to know more about it.

Can content marketing substitute SEO?

Search engine optimization has been the backbone of internet marketing. Like the backbone that can never be replaced, inbound marketing too can neither be overtaken by content marketing nor replaced. No one should even have the wildest dream that someday content marketing will render online marketing useless. The misconception stems from the immense popularity of content marketing that tends to make people forget that content marketing rides on the digital marketing plank. Had there been no internet marketing, would content marketing become as important as it has been now? In the absence of online marketing, would it possible for content to be declared the King? The answer to both is an emphatic no.

Clearing the confusion

The lack of proper understanding results in confusion that content marketing and internet marketing are two completely separate things.  Yes, these are separate things no doubt but also have the features of going alongside very well. Any Denver SEO company will endorse this view because these two processes can blend very well, overlap with each other and can even complement each other nicely. There is no room for any conflict whatsoever. The teamwork is what constitutes a forceful inbound marketing. Therefore, it has to be admitted that search engine optimization and content marketing go hand in hand to strengthen internet marketing.

The differences do not matter

Despite the differences between content marketing and internet marketing there is no way that you can separate these completely.  Search engine optimization is more technical and its approach is narrow while content marketing is more holistic and takes much wider approach. On the other hand, the two processes have features that allow complete convergence. Internet marketing is able to acquire a bigger scale by channelizing its technical powers into content marketing. Similarly, content marketing can only succeed by applying the right online marketing techniques.

Complimentary processes

The way content marketing has been structured, it can respond very well to the demands of digital marketing and fulfill it. Search engine optimization shows the way in marketing while content marketing knows well how to fortify the inbound marketing cause. Looking at the way the processes work in tandem, you will realize that what is needed for effective marketing is determined by online marketing and content marketing is ready to address the needs by producing high quality content.  The purpose of content is thus determined by internet marketing. How the processes achieve the goal of complementing each other has been elaborated below.

SEO demands, Content responds

Search engine optimization provides the basic framework of internet marketing based on search engines. The marketing program is designed according to the guidelines set by search engines. The search engines keep revising the guidelines from time to time that digital marketing has to adapt. For the past many years, Google has highlighted the need for quality content and accordingly internet marketing strategies have been built around optimizing quality content.  No online marketing can exist without content and also no content would have any value unless it is aligned to the digital marketing objectives. As search engine optimization creates demand for content, content marketers keep on meeting it.

The link cycle

Link building is an important internet marketing exercise.  Online marketing experts know the best ways of link building that now depends a lot on quality content. Publishing quality content on your website will surely be greeted with valuable back links as others would be eager to connect with you. This would help to build authority that impacts search engine rankings favorably. Unless you can produce high quality content, the success of digital marketing can never be expected. Let internet marketing call the shots and be ready with your answers in the form of content.

SEO, keywords and content

Let us now examine how online marketing is closely tied to content with the help of keywords.  Search engine optimization and keywords are often spoken of in the same breath. Everybody knows how important it is to choose the most impacting keywords in digital marketing campaigns. The keywords are supposed to be the prime link between viewers and internet marketing. But what would you do with the keywords unless it can be positioned and presented to viewers in the most effective ways? In order to place keywords strategically, you need content in the form of text, images, videos, podcasts, etc that could house the keywords. And this is what content marketing is all about.

The close link between search engine optimization and content marketing is interwoven so finely that it is almost impossible to separate the two processes from one another. Although both can walk alone some distance, at some point these have to depend on each other for their own existence. Publishing quality content is not enough unless it is easy for viewers to locate it on websites. Websites make use of site maps for easy navigation to pin point the targeted content for quick access. Providing the site map is part of internet marketing. Again, the optimization of  robots.txt that facilitates crawling of websites by search engines is what online marketing is all about.

The proper blend of technicalities with keyword propelled content is a must for any internet marketing to succeed. Explore how powerful marketing campaigns are created by by fusing the powers of content marketing on a robust SEO framework.