The act of espionage exists in all walks of life. From the wife spying on suspecting husbands to cases of political espionage that cuts across global boundaries, big brother is watching us from somewhere. This is also true in the world of business. In order to beat competition by taking short cuts, spying on competitors is a well known fact. Often it is camouflaged under the garb of gathering business intelligence, but spying it is no doubt, whatever might be the intention. In the digital age when internet marketing is holding the center stage, there are special technologies evolving every day to refine the art of spying that makes every company vulnerable to it.

There are risks of strategy theft and replication of tactics and techniques by others. Some business secrets are let out that robs you of the benefits of hard work that you had done for it. It is also possible that spying can lead to erosion of your customer base as you tend to lose the market share that you had enjoyed.  The effects can be quite damaging for internet marketing when you experience content theft as your content marketing strategy might be lifted and used by others.

The industry trend

It has to be admitted that the trend of spying on competitors stems from within the industry that teaches businesses to keep a watch on what competitors are doing.  However, this cannot be a reason why some peopleare encouraged in adopting unethical business practices. Unfortunately, there are smart people who are keen to outsmart others ignoring business ethics and we have to live with it. The threat of spying is most felt in the area of content marketing. How you can create a content marketing campaign that competitors would find hard to copy and replicate has been discussed in this article.

Why is content under threat?

The importance of content in internet marketing is well known as we are living in an age when ‘content is king.’ And herein is the reason why content marketing is so attractive for being spied upon.  It is not easy to produce high quality content. Even if it can be done, maintaining a steady flow of fresh content, which is the requirement of search engines, is really quite difficult. Most businesses do not have the skills for producing content and not willing to devote the time that is required for it. Paucity of resources and lack of creativity are other reasons why people tend to lift a page from others. Above all, who would like to invest in producing quality content if it is easier to copy from others?

Content has to be the best

You should have a no compromise attitude when it comes to the quality of content that you produce. Do not accept anything that falls short of the best even by a whisker. Make sure that the content is 100% original and indigenous in idea and presentation.  Also make sure that the content is packed with a lot of value. What is being talked about would cost you some good money, so, be ready to invest. It would also take quite some time to produce this type of content.  Arrange for suitable resources, afford time and hire talent that can understand the quality you are looking for and produce it with confidence.

Wide ranging articles

Since you want to create real content with value, stay away from filling the spaces with multiple short length posts. Instead, insist on articles that are lengthy and comprehensive. Articles should be on topics of the industry that are most relevant and widely being talked about. It should be backed by solid research so that the facts and points that are mentioned are duly substantiated with authentic data and case studies.  The posts should be exhaustive and readers should get a feel of its authoritativeness. It involves real hard work and requires the commitment to excel which can insulate you from the spying eyes. As a responsible Denver SEO company, we at Sand Crest can help you in your quest for quality content.

Avoid derivative content

Spinning off ideas that are already floating around and tweaking it slightly to create content has resulted in the web being flooded with derivative content. Although the write up might be original, the idea could be a lift off with some polishing here and there. The value of such content is obviously low as it could be echoing some other views that might not be much aligned with your business interests. Avoid the trap of being lured into the vicious cycle. Take the hard way to create diversified content.

Cover diverse topics

Making things difficult for copying or recreating content is the only way to stay insulated from the effects of spying. In order to achieve it, rely on creating content on wide ranging topics in succession so that the range becomes just too much diverse.  Pack it with elements that add much value like infographics with lots of details. Comprehensive slide decks, tutorials created for specific audience, branded images and videos can be added to enrich the content. This would not only make it very difficult for competitors to copy but even if done, it can never acquire the value that you have put into it. Moreover, the purpose of copying is to make it cheap and quick but replicating the above would require considerable resources and time that defeats the basic intention of copying.

Collaborate with the influencer

Curating content is an accepted practice and it saves time but at the same time it can be quite frustrating to see your competitors posting the same content. Look for an influencer that can be a source for content that you can curate regularly. Collaborate with them to co-produce content that bears your mark so that it becomes branded and almost impossible for competitors to lay their hands on it.

Come to us at www.sandcrestseo.comand we will show you the way to protect your market share with content that competitors will be wary of copying.

It is essential to understand the big picture in search engine marketing trends to make your online marketing efforts achieve your business goals. SEO is a dynamic industry and it has undergone a major evolution over the past few years. And there’s a lot more to consider while planning to gain success in 2017, a year that surely promises to be huge for all the industries.

Before getting into the distinct case studies, first let’s walk through a few big things which will lead you to discover many of the future internet marketing success strategies.

Understanding the big picture

  • A notable rise in the SERP features

Google is now showing a lot of additional types of data and markup in search results. There may be tons of possibilities which the digital marketing specialists can explore with this.

  • Instant answers

This is more so on mobile as well as desktop. Google now tries to answer a lot of questions by themselves, which means to grab more traffic, you need to provide answers to all of users’ queries.

  • Intent

This trend was started with the Hummingbird update of Google and continues to dominate search ranking factors to this day. The searcher intent has become more important than the actual keywords in how the content is targeted. This doesn’t mean that the significance of keyword has decreased, but very minute variations in the keyword structure may mean big changes in search results, and it has become a critical part while engineering content.

  • Comprehensiveness

This value of comprehensiveness has been on a constant rise over the last couple of years and will remain the same in 2017 too.

  • Consistent multi-device user experience

Speed is not only the user-experience element considered by Google now. The sites which have a consistent user experience across the devices (with the rise of various types and sizes of electronic gadgets to access internet), garner a better engagement and they are obviously coming on top of search results now.

Some important case studies to back up the claims

Case Study 1:

Business Name: Maldives Traveller

Industry: Tourism and hospitality

Maldives Traveller is a tourism service provider, which was struggling to get any online business with the existing online strategy. They wanted to do something about the failing digital marketing attempts to make them work the way they wanted. They hired an online marketing company to offer them a better insight. After conducting an intensive study, the inbound marketing experts came up with adequate strategies which may help revamp their client’s online performance.

What did they do?

  • First, they did a thorough research of the background and day to day operations of Maldives Traveller, which was necessary to understand the business, clients, and operational methods to strategize the best moves.
  • Next, they worked on enhancing the website content by maximizing the content worthiness to serve the requirements of the exact target groups.
  • An extensive keyword research had been conducted. As the keyword strategy is so competent in tourism industry, the experts focused on local SEO and niche skill promotions to attract more specific users.


After successfully executing the above-mentioned strategies along with its constant subsidiary activities, the number of visitors to the site per day increased with the improvement in its brand awareness. In turn, it naturally helped to increase the number of customers who were willing to try the services of Maldives Travellers. Over a time period, the increase in number of visitors was nearly 40%. The well-tuned strategies not only helped to increase the number of visitors, but also helped to ensure a consistent number of revisits, which was attributed to the strategic choice of keywords and consistent site updating.

Case Study 2:

Business Name: Belden Brick Company

Industry: B2C manufacturing

Located at Canton, Ohio, Belden Brick manufactures and sells its products through distributors, and the website consist of a lot of pages with comprehensive product catalogs.

Upon hiring a leading Denver SEO company, the objective was to enhance the performance of the existing website and help it reach in a better manner to the clients to get more leads.

What did they do?

  • The experts researched and put on a universal header and footer as a branding element of the company.
  • The search engine optimization experts worked hand in hand with Belden Brick when they added new products to keep the site updated and cohesive everyday.
  • Created an insightful lead generation campaign through exploitation of each possibility to make it work.
  • Optimized the content and code of the entire site and also enhanced the overall user experience of the site pages.


The site succeeded in converting an increasing number of visitors (by around 85%) over a year’s time. The consistency with which they fine tuned the online marketing campaigns also led to scalable results in terms of quality lead generation. The number of revisits were also increased, and naturally the search engine rankings improved as well.

Case Study 3:

Company Name: Complete Plumbing Source

Industry: Service / Ecommerce

At the time of thinking about hiring an digital marketing company, Complete Plumbing Source (CPS) was  lacking an ecommerce site to incorporate all the diversity of their services. They wanted to do something about it and also wanted to expand their existing brick-and-mortar operations to wider online services and hired a professional internet marketing firm to meet this goal.

What did they do?

  • The online marketing experts developed a long-term, consistent online strategy for Complete Plumbing Source.
  • Starting from extensive keyword research to updating content of the website, the search engine optimization provider was determined to hang all the digital shingle on CPS to get it established as a potential online brand.
  • The company had a wide range of products and services to offer, which had been showcased in a more user-friendly manner to be reached easily.


The outcome of this professional and strategic inbound marketing approach had finally paid for CPS to enjoy a growth in sales to over 200%. Above all, their overall organic traffic also increased and more relevant leads started to pop up in bulk.


The above-mentioned random case studies are meant to tell you about the significant improvements new-age online marketing strategies can bring into various business niches. The primary aim in 2017 with digital marketing is not just to enhance your visibility, but to reap the actual business results in terms of revenue through conversions with successful online strategies. You can find more tips and testimonials at If you have gained some real insight to 2017 search engine optimization, the only next right step is to get the right professionals to do it for you.

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The modern business environment is highly competitive, especially on the internet platform. As more businesses try to create an online presence, new strategies are emerging on how best to do this. Search engine optimization still remains king and it is no wonder many companies are now outsourcing internet marketing services.

Capitalizing High Ranking on SERPs

According to a survey by HubSpot, 75% of searchers don’t scroll beyond the first page of search engine result pages. This means any business which is not leveraging digital marketing services risks losing relevance because its target audience will never find it. More importantly, 70% of the links business users click on are organic and not paid, which again emphasizes the importance of high ranking on search engine result pages.

According to Google, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. If you don’t capitalize on online marketing services, little traffic will come to your website. A report published on Search Engine Journal says SEO leads boast a 14.6% close rate compared to other outbound leads such as print advertising which only has a 1.7% close rate.

A similar study shows 18% of organic links on Google go to the 1st position on SERPs for their targeted keywords. The key take away from these statistics is the fact that without an inbound marketing strategy, your online business is highly likely to fail.

Major SEO Pitfalls to Avoid

If you are planning to launch an search engine optimization campaign, it is important to appreciate the challenges that your business is bound to face. More importantly, it is advisable to get more insight on the best digital marketing services in order to make an informed decision.

Using a Denver SEO company is a major step towards achieving your internet marketing goals. While there are many consultants offering these services, it is highly advisable to stay on the lookout for the common mistakes that some make. They might not seem like a big issue yet many websites today are languishing at the bottom of SERPs due to these blunders.

Below are some of the mistakes your online marketing consultant must actively avoid:

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Once upon a time, all a webmaster needed to do to boost ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo was to stuff highly competitive keywords. Well, that was before Google started tightening its algorithm standards. Update after update of the Google algorithm has revealed the risk associated with keyword stuffing. Google Penguin will be on your case and worse still, readers will eventually realize you are taking them for a ride and a bumpy one at that.

  1. Ignoring User Experience

If your internet marketing specialist is just focused on Google ranking, you are in for a big shock. Many inbound marketing companies promise the best ranking and sure, they might get you to the top of SEPRs ranking for your targeted keywords and phrases, but for how long? Goggle ranking factors are shifting towards improving user experience (UX) because after all, this is what internet users are demanding. Google’s mantra is for companies to focus on UX and the rest will follow naturally. If your customers are happy, you can bet they will share your content on social media. This in turn leads to better ROI and establishes you as an authority in your niche.

  1. Wrong Keyword Choice

The reason why website owners choose the wrong keywords are baffling considering there are many keyword tools which can be utilized for this purpose. Search engine optimization will never pick off if you are using the wrong keywords. In fact, this should be the first step in any search engine optimisation campaign.

While there are many competitive keywords in your niche, it is important to appreciate these might not bring any traffic to your website. You need to focus on long-tail keywords that answer questions that your target users are most likely to ask on search engines. Avoid generic keywords because they bring no value to your website.

  1. Failure to Leverage Analytics

If your online marketing company is not relying on data to make decisions, the project is doomed to fail. The importance of analytics for marketing and internet marketing cannot be overemphasized. It is important to appreciate that every business decision today should be based on reliable analytics.

Analytics will provide fundamental information, help to track and measure traffic, assess page popularity, and find the right keywords based on popularity among other useful functions. It is now possible to put a dollar value to organic traffic and identify slow load times on the website. With all these details, it becomes easier to formulate an digital marketing strategy that actually works. As they say, numbers don’t lie.

  1. Poor Linking between keywords and Content

Keyword research can be a double-edged sword in the hands of a poorly qualified inbound marketing strategist. It is very easy to find popular keywords for your website but the problem arises when it comes to content creation. In some cases, search engine optimization consultants are just interested in short-term results and once they find keywords, the rest of the work is left to you.

This leads to creation of content that doesn’t relate to the keywords. In most cases, keywords are awkwardly included in blogs and articles. With the sophisticated Google algorithm, it is now possible to detect such content and your pages will suffer for this. Worse still, visitors to your site will quickly leave once they realize they have been duped.

To avoid this scenario, an internet marketing company should work closely with the client to understand their business goals. This makes it easier to identify keywords that attract the right traffic. More importantly, creation of content does not revolve around the keywords chosen.

There are many other SE optimization blunders that a website owner should be on the lookout for when working with an SEO service. For instance, the internet marketing consultant should not ignore mobile or skip title tags and Meta descriptions. At the same time, every SEO project must start with an audit of site architecture to identify missing and broken links. Other mistakes to avoid include copied copy, duplicate content on different pages, spam links, irrelevant anchor text links, lack of local search optimization, and focusing on link quantity as opposed to link quality among others.  It is also important to highlight these mistakes during initial consultations and as the project continues.

To avoid these pitfalls, make sure you work with the highly qualified Sand Crest SEO in Denver. The company boasts over 22 years’ experience, a vast range of SEO packages, an incredible track record, flexible month-to-month agreements and a reputation for reliability. Call today for a free estimate or further consultations.

Search engine optimization continues dominating internet marketing forums and for many good reasons. Most businesses are now online and the marketplace is getting more competitive than ever. It is no wonder then that internet marketing is hogging all the attention with internet marketers trying all tricks to get the better of search engines. Many strategies have been embraced and abandoned over the years and Google’s algorithm updates are not helping much.

Well, search engine optimization is both a science and an art and if you are intent on boosting your online business, you need to keep learning. Truth be told, there is no magical wand when it comes to online marketing and it is therefore important for website owners to keep reviewing their digital marketing strategies. What was working in 2012 is no longer viable because in that period, Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda has evolved.

This being another year in online marketing, it is important to look at strategies that your search engine optimization strategist should be using. It is true you are outsourcing your internet marketing services to an expert because you don’t have the time to learn and implement these strategies. However, getting some insight on these strategies will help you when interviewing potential inbound marketing consultants.

Below are some of the latest SEO techniques any Denver SEO should have an idea about:

  1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile and internet traffic exceeded desktop usage in 2016 according to Stat Counter and this has great implications in internet marketing. According to Smart Insights, over 80% of internet users own a Smartphone. The same report says that 48% of mobile users start their online experience with a search engine such as Google, Bing, MSN or Yahoo. A similar study in 2015 shows that 37% of all website visits come from mobile and this percentage is much bigger now.

For an online market, this means your website has to be mobile-friendly. This is where an expert inbound marketing consultant comes in. Sand Crest SEO in Denver has qualified mobile web designers who will help to redesign your website in order to increase your online visibility. With the launch of Google’s mobile-first index, it now means Google will use your mobile site version for its primary index and it is therefore helpful to have this platform ready.

  1. Voice Search

Since 2008, voice search queries have enjoyed almost 35% increase according to Kliener Perkins Caulfield Byers (KPCB) Internet Trends. To appreciate the importance of voice search, you just have to observe the intense investment tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon are making in the area. This technology allows users to use voice commands to get answers from their internet devices.

If your website content is not optimized to provide such answers, you are missing out on the growing number of internet users using this type of search. Your online marketing expert needs to work on your website by changing short-tail keywords to long-tail phrases, creating conversational content, and optimizing for local search among other techniques. The idea is to attract more traffic from voice search queries and this is not possible if you do not optimize your content for voice search.

  1. Optimizing for Rich Answer

This is closely related to what you need to do for voice search.  According to Google’s RankBrain project, more people are searching using question form and if you have looked at search engine result pages for your ranked keywords, you might have noticed rich snippets appear at the top.

For instance, a search for ‘how to cure sore throat’ will give the top result as the site that has an exact answer before others ranking for the keywords. A study by Stone temple Consulting shows that rich answers appear on 19.5% of Google research results out of thousands of keyword queries. If your digital marketing expert is not talking about how to rank for rich answers, it is time to move on.

  1. Shorter URLs

Descriptive and keyword-relevant URLs have been used as an effective internet marketing strategy but things seem to be shifting. Different studies indicate that using shorter URLs could be a simple way to boost ranking. Google has regularly mentioned that any URL beyond 5 words will not boost ranking. A look at the top-ranking websites on SERPs supports this new thinking.

In essence, it is time for your search engine optimization company to give you a way forward regarding the alternative URLs you can use to boost your ranking. Where possible, make sure your keywords are among the first words in the URL and always try to minimize the number of words.

  1. Local Search Optimization

It goes without saying that local search is the future of marketing. If you are running a local store, it makes more sense to narrow down your marketing to your target audience. This approach is not only more affordable but also has a better ROI. With more consumers on mobile, it is now easier to target the right people and increase conversion rates.

A recent report by Google shows that local search leads 50% of customers to visit stores within the same day. More than 60% of consumers have at one time used local information contained in ads. A similar study says 88% of shoppers trust online reviews just as they do personal recommendations.

To leverage the opportunities available in local search, your inbound marketing consultant should come up with ways to make your website more visible. This includes listing on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, and Google My Business.

Of course there are many other strategies and trends that will influence your online marketing campaign in 2017 and beyond. When working with an experienced and innovative digital marketing consultant, you are able to capitalize on the emerging trends for better ROI from your internet marketing project.

Sand Crest has the resources and expertise to deploy the latest SE optimization techniques in your marketing campaign. The company boasts over 22 years’ experience in the industry and it is among the most established internet marketing firms in the city. More importantly, we offer tailored marketing solutions to meet your website’s unique needs.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new online marketing trends in the industry? You needn’t be. Give us a call today and let us worry about how to integrate these SEO developments into your marketing campaign.

The internet has revolutionized the modern business landscape. Building a website is no longer the preserve of big brands as even local businesses are being forced to move online. With over 3.29 billion internet users across the globe, it goes without saying that no business can ignore this marketplace any more. Consumers today are finding it more convenient and affordable to shop for products and services online.

According to data from the U.S Department of Commerce, 53% of global internet users made an online purchase in 2016. According to Statistica, average eCommerce spend per customer over 2016 was $1,800 and is expected to continue growing. A similar survey published by Smart Insights shows 43% of all eCommerce traffic comes from organic Google search.

From these numbers, it is clear that while the internet is where the action is, there is still a lot an online business needs to do in order make profits. Google says that millions of websites are launched daily but only 52% make any money. This is because they never feature on the first page of search engine result pages.

Place of Search Engine Optimization

Truth be told, many fantastic-looking websites are not making any money because they are not optimized for search engines. In fact, their target customers never know they exist. This is one major reason why search engine optimization will either make or break your business. But internet marketing is not just about pushing your website to the first page of search engine result pages for targeted keywords.

Today, Denver SEO services focus on a more comprehensive approach where webmaster guidelines are adhered to in every Search engine optimization strategy implemented. More importantly, there is more emphasis on user experience to reduce bounce rates and this ultimately leads to higher conversion.

In essence, digital marketing is a technical activity that should be done only by a highly experienced consultant. It is important to hire an expert who fully understands your business goals in order to develop a cordial working relationship form the beginning.

Invaluable SEO Tools

The increasing importance of SEO in digital marketing has led to emergence of new tools which internet marketing experts can rely on to make the exercise more effective and manageable. Below are some of these tools which your inbound marketing company should employ for better ROI and faster results:

  1. Screaming Frog Spider Tool

One of the most important steps in SE optimization is identification of website errors and weaknesses in order to fix them. Manual inspection and repair can take months and it will deplete your financial resources.  However, Screaming Frog Spider Tool has come to the rescue. This tools helps identify problems on your site including broken links, duplicate content, missing links, URLS blocked by robots, and server errors among other glitches. These are major hindrances to high ranking on SERPs and they also lead to a poor user experience. This Search engine optimization tool is free and comes with a crawl limit of 500 URLs. Users can also buy a premium package for unlimited crawls.

  1. Google Analytics

It goes without saying that Google provides some of the best digital marketing tools, one of them being Google Analytics. The importance of data in decision making cannot be overemphasized because it makes all the difference between good and bad decisions. Users can tell which marketing strategy is boosting traffic and which is underperforming. This is a tool inbound marketing consultants use to advise clients on the best tactics to use to increase conversion. You can also track keywords which are driving traffic and find more useful information about your website.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Keywords still remain a key component in search engine ranking. Previously, it was common for webmasters to use any keywords without data to back such decisions. However, your internet marketing expert now has Google Keyword Planner to help you find out how different keywords might perform. It is also possible to find new keywords and phrases which you had not thought about, especially when carrying out a local SEO campaign. It is also possible to use this keyword tool to determine PPC budgets based on the keywords you want to use.

  1. MozPro

This is inbound marketing software that helps users track everything about their websites. The benefit of using Moz Pro is the fact that you can do all these tasks on one platform. The tasks you can do include measuring social media traffic, brand awareness, link evaluation, social mentions, content performance and a lot more information on a single dashboard. This is one of the most popular SE optimization tools and your inbound marketing consultant will most likely use it to give you an idea of what needs to be done about your website’s performance.

  1. ubersuggest

This is another invaluable keyword tool that gives you many more suggestions than you can discover with any other software. Users start with a single keyword and they will get suggestions of more related keywords and phrases which they can use to strengthen their inbound marketing campaign. This tool works by taking your base keyword and adding letters or numbers based on real-life queries that have been made online.

  1. SEMrush

One major reason your Search engine optimization company is probably using SEMrush is because this tool was developed by ditital marketing professionals. As such, it is optimized to easily provide information about your website. Once you enter a URL, keywords which your site currently ranks for will be listed and an estimate of the times these have been searched will also be included. Your Search engine optimization consultant will find it easier to identify keywords that are optimizing for your website and those that are not worth targeting for your current internet marketing campaign.

There are many other SE optimization tools that an expert online marketing firm should leverage including Ahrefs, Google Trends, Remove’em, Alexa Toolbar, HootSuite, and PiktoChart among others. Most of these tools are free but they still provide invaluable information and online marketing solutions. Working with an experienced online marketing expert ensures your project benefits from these and more innovative tools to help meet your business objectives.

At Sand Crest SEO, our experts work closely with you to provide tailored SE optimization solutions. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all digital marketing package but rather, we listen to our clients, learn their business and recommend the best online marketing strategy to use. We are well versed in the latest digital marketing practices in the industry and we leverage our extensive experience in this industry to provide excellent search engine optimization solutions.

Call us today for a free quote for your SEO project and watch as we work to revolutionize your online business.

Have you been struggling to keep up with the fast-paced internet marketplace? If so, you are not alone. Most business owners are overwhelmed when it comes optimizing their websites to compete on this volatile platform. Millions of websites are launched daily yet only a few succeed in every niche. This has led to naysayers’ movements that believe that there is no way a new website can rank highly using white hat techniques.

Truth be told, the internet market is overly competitive and for a good reason. Consider that there are over 3.2 billion internet users today and you start appreciating the reason why every marketer wants a piece of the cake. A 2016 study published in the Fortune shows consumers are now doing most of their shopping online. In fact, over 50% of the respondents said they shop online, which best explains why online marketers are ready to risk everything to get noticed online.

A Search engine journal survey shows that 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engine results pages. This means that if a website is not on this page, it simply doesn’t exist.  For this reason, most marketers are ready to go all the way though this is sometimes counterproductive.

Search engine optimization should not be an end in itself. Instead, it is supposed to be a strategy that increases visibility of your website and helps you keep growing. While the demand for better ranking on SERPs is understandable, you should never risk the integrity of your brand by taking internet marketing shortcuts.

Leveraging Emerging SEO Trends

If you are a website owner trying to position your brand online, it is important to appreciate the importance of using viable digital marketing strategies. Due to growing demand for higher ranking and more traffic, online marketing is a fast paced industry where trends come and go before they are even fully felt. As an online marketer, it is not possible to keep abreast of all these changes.

Luckily, your Denver SEO Company will be in place to monitor the industry and help you leverage emerging search engine optimization strategies. Sand Crest SEO is one of the most established internet marketing service providers in the city with over 22 years’ experience in the industry.

The company offers a full-service inbound marketing package to clients in different industries with the main goal being to position client brands online. The company’s innovative approach to digital marketing helps it integrate the latest online marketing trends in its projects.

Below are some of the internet marketing trends the company is now incorporating in its digital marketing services:

  1. Mobile SEO

There is no denying that the world has gone fully mobile and the revolution has mostly been inspired by internet technology. Google is now more focused on mobile internet than ever with its Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP) now turning into reality. These efforts to build a better mobile-friendly web are being felt in search with the mobile-first indexing again pointing to the search engine giant’s commitment to mobile internet. Of course this comes in the backdrop of mobile internet traffic surpassing desktop which necessitates a paradigm shift in inbound marketing.

Your search engine optimization company should focus on creating a responsive website design that is adaptable to any mobile internet device. There are other design layouts and content strategies that will have to change in order to provide a seamless internet experience for mobile users.

  1. Voice Search

It is time to start focusing on featured snippets which provide answers to questions users are likely to ask. There is no denying that voice search, which seemed like a futuristic topic for geeks a few years back, is now big in search. Technology giants led by Google, Amazon, Windows and Samsung now have voice search as part of their software development projects.

Voice search is bound to change the online marketing landscape and internet marketing companies must be ready to provide solutions. A rich answer is a great way to improve traffic to your website. As such, talk to your digital marketing service and ask how they can help you to get more from voice search. A ComScore report predicts that by 2020, 50% of internet search will be voice.

  1. Local Search

In a mobile-only world, it is becoming obvious that more people are using these devices to shop and find local services. For instance, it is easier for a consumer to find the nearest Mexican restaurant through search than any other resource.  For this reason, your website must leverage local search in an attempt to grow its reach and build visibility in the city.

Google’s Possum update is a major step towards helping businesses leverage local search to increase foot traffic. If you are running a local store, it is time to talk to your search engine optimization company about the relevance of search and how you can drive more traffic using it.

  1. Machine Learning

It might have sounded too surreal a few years back but with Google’s RankBrain already in place, machine learning is now a reality. This is going to change Google’s algorithm and it can also be viewed in line with the Hummingbird function extension. The attempt to learn how people are likely to phrase their queries will help in content creation. With time, machine leaning will extend to data interpretation which will greatly help webmasters and searchers alike.

  1. Focus on User Experience Optimization (UEO)

User experience has been a topic Google has once and again mentioned in all forums. This is in line with many complaints that users make regarding poor experiences. With this becoming a search ranking factor, inbound marketing companies have to redesign their clients’ websites to provide a better user experience. More importantly, these websites must be optimized for mobile because most users are using these devices.

There are other digital marketing trends that your SE optimization company should be on the lookout for including increased mobile app development, rise of dense content, importance of personal branding and many more. Of course many other trends are emerging and the best way to stay ahead is by using a highly knowledgeable internet marketing company to help you leverage these trends and strategies.

Sand Crest SEO has a highly trained team of experts who have a passion for innovative SEO solutions. They are always looking for the latest trends in order to boost clients’ websites in a highly competitive environment. Get in touch today and learn how our SEO experts can help position your website using the emerging ideas in the industry.