With the advent of the internet, the way people market their products and services has changed tremendously. Business setup is not that tough, but gaining the consumers and making it a renowned company worldwide, is quite a task these days. So, entrepreneurs, these days have taken the path of search engine techniques to popularize their business and develop the consumer base. When we build a website for our business organization, we want it to reach out to the general public. In this way, people will get to know about the company which will help in the growth of the business.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

So let us take in to account as to how these services work. Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps your website to appear in the search results of the search engine. Typically there are numerous keywords which are used to increase the visibility of your website online. Thus, the sites generate traffic and help the business grow. These are covered under the aspect of internet marketing strategies. The primary benefit of this marketing strategy is that it helps the entrepreneurs in popularizing their business worldwide. These way international searches will also give you the search results for your business. Further, it brings out the main difference between search engine optimization and local search engine optimization. Sand Crest SEO helps you out in the process of search engine optimization.

So by far, we have understood the concept of search engine optimization. Let us explain how the internet marketing strategies or SEO services work.


In this process, various websites are listed down in the directory, and it is figured from the root directory of the pages. Crawlers are used for the process of indexing, and numerous factors are taken into account, before indexing a page or website in the directory.

What Pages are to be Included in the Directory

When a website is being crawled to be indexed, the computer masterminds see to it that only the relevant pages are included in the directory. It is possible by the usage of Meta tags. Meta tags make sure that irrelevant pages are not included so that there is no spamming in the directory.

Increasing the Search Results of Your Website

There are numerous techniques used to increase the visibility of your websites in the search engine. You can update the content on your website that contains prominently searched keywords. Second, you can use Meta tags to enhance the search of your site. Thirdly, by adding up external links and connecting various pages to your websites, the search results of your website will get a boost. This process is known as cross-linking.  Last but not the least; you can use the method of URL normalization. To know in details about this, you can visit this website https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ .

Content marketing

Content marketing is available in various forms, and it ultimately depends on how to develop your strategy to accomplish your goals. For instance, you can go for using eBooks, white papers and long-form contents to attract conversions, signups, and downloads. Again, the on-site blog is the best internet strategy to get a high amount of inbound traffic from your website.

Content can also be used in the form of troubleshooting and help or a combo of both the applications. Overall, content marketing can be described as a useful and versatile internet marketing strategy.

Conversion optimization

These strategies can help you to get more audience to your website. However, do you know what they do when they land on your site? With Conversion optimization, you can expect to get more value from every visitor who visits your site by just maximizing the conversion rate. At times, this means including new opportunities for conversion while at other times it means improving the one you have with your already.

Social media marketing

Many people think that using social media marketing strategy can help them to make money quickly. However, it is entirely a wrong concept. It merely helps in significant potential of nurturing and building a large group of the social media audience. Content plays a huge role here and it will attract an audience to give a start with. So, here you can gain more excellent visibility of the brand, huge reputation and higher rate of inbound traffic.

Email marketing

This internet marketing strategy has a significant ROI potential as it is not at all pricey to give a start with. You need to collect subscriber from your social media followers, old customer base, and new opportunities. A simple newsletter can repeat traffic to your website as well as facilitate more brand engagement. It also helps people to have your brand in their mind.

The strategies which I have mentioned above are:

  • Accessible: The strategies discussed above are not complicated at any cost. Of course, there is a little bit of learning curve involved, but at some or other level all of them are highly accessible.
  • Expected: People expect the things from your company, and when they do not get things in their proper place, then it is possible that they think less about your firm.
  • Valuable: These strategies can offer you with high-end potential returns, which mean that if you neglect them, then it can cost you significantly.
  • Affordable: You do not need to spend too many bucks on the strategies mentioned above, and it is quite easy for startup firms and entrepreneurs.
  • Time-sensitive: The more money you invest in the strategies mentioned above, the more powerful it becomes. No sooner you get directly involved, the more significant pay off your can expect potentially.

Search engine optimization is one the most used method to generate traffic on the website. It is considered as one of the most organic techniques to enhance the traffic on your page. This way we have figured out the way our business works with the help of internet and the significant role played by the internet in our life. Hiring a professional firm can enable you to get the best SEO services for your website.

Almost all the entrepreneurs are using Internet marketing strategies. We have realized the importance of the internet to maintain the goodwill of our business and popularize it worldwide. It helps in generating the target audience for our website and converting this audience into our consumers. The cut-throat competition in the market makes it mandatory to use various internet marketing strategies, so that, we can float through the competition and not drown it. In all, it enables us to develop a customer base for our business.

The most prominent internet marketing strategy that is doing rounds in the market is search engine optimization services. The use of SEO services helps in generating traffic for our website. The increase in traffic on our site will help our business to grow and reach the sky. Here the search engine makes our page visible to the large audience and converts them into consumers. It is possible by writing content on the website using prominent keywords, or by the method of cross-linking wherein external links are supplemented in the site. These services can be used for various industry such as media, legal, accessories, pet supplements, and dental SEO services.

Various benefits are attached to these services, and some of them are as follows:


Through the use of these services, adding paid ads or pay per click ads are not required to be added to the website. A small amount of investment will help you in the long run as your website will keep popping in the results because of the keywords. That is why this marketing strategy is known as organic strategy. Further, allocating a budget for advertising your business is not required as well. You can get cheap but quality services from https://sandcrestseo.com/

Enhancing the Traffic on your Website

These services are a sure shot way to generate traffic on your website because of the search engine that is used by a significant chunk of people on a regular basis. This way, your site will keep popping up in their search options, and you will be able to generate traffic on your website and convert them into possible consumers for your products and services. Further, you can use various tools for triggering traffic on your site and get SEO reports at regular intervals. Be sure to get results faster as compared to advertising methods of promoting your business.

Your competitors will take the lead

The ground of SEO is gaining immense popularity, and people are realizing with time, that the SEO benefits are quite high. In fact, your competitors do understand this point and taking its benefits. So, you need to understand the point that they will able to appear on the Google search results easily and your site will just fail to get you even the bare minimum revenue. It is necessary to ensure that your website comes in front of people when they search using the relevant keywords. If you do not use proper SEO services, then no matter how much discount or offers you give, your competitors will able to lead the sales at all cost.

Permanent results

As we all know, the effects of advertisements are not permanent, unlike SEO results which are lasting in the long run. They will not stop to bring you returns if you stop paying. Of course, you will need to invest a little to maintain the top ranking position on Google. But always remember once you get the high ranking position, then it is not easy for any other competitor sites to take it away.

Data access

Data access is essential to understand what people are looking for. With the help of keyword data, you can get to understand the new products which can help you in business expansion. In fact, you can use the customer data to come across keywords that have high search volume accompanied by low competitiveness. These are difficult to find but can provide you with thousands of sales every month.

Ad Blockers

Advertisements are annoying and are an obstacle while we are trying to search something and an ad comes up out of nowhere. To eliminate this annoyance, people started installing ad blockers on their devices. Hence, the advertisements are blocked by way of this software and you will not generate that much traffic on your website.

Credibility is high

Google has taken over the market by storm. People trust Google suggestions blindly. So, if your website is popping up in the Google results on the top and is included in the top tier search results, there is sure shot guarantee that people will visit your page. This way the goodwill of your business will increase and people will come down to your website to benefit from your products and services.

Take it to the Next Level

You can boost up your business and by the usage of these services because this helps you in generating gazillion users per day on your website. It, in turn, will enable you to shift to a bigger server, so that the traffic on the site is accommodated and your website does not crash. It can prove to be one of the best investments for your business as your business will fire up in no time.

Shall you do the SEO services on your own?

Some people think that doing the SEO services on their own is the best way to save money. But, they fail to understand the fact that the SEO services provided by professionals are different. A professional will conduct the SEO services for your website as per the latest rules and regulations. They will make sure that your site gets the top ranking position within just a few months. Of course, you need to have patience as well as hire the right company that can provide you with an expert professional.

In a nutshell, these services are by far the most efficient way to build a customer base for your business and enhance the business goodwill in the market. Little investment and it goes a long way. Give it a shot, and you will not regret it investing your money in this marketing strategy.

Social media is fun and frolic for most muggles. What gems do social media hide for the brand managers and marketers? Is it time for you to look at social media from a new perspective? Is there a way you can harness your popularity or your product demand to propagate your brand? Then, it is time for some changes!

You can follow some steps to harness the power of social media. You will find multiple guidebooks for brands and their marketers. However, none is foolproof. You cannot find one method that is perfect for every brand. You should first understand the basic principles of social media marketing and then add your customization’s to improve it for your company.

Here are ten things you must do, to get your brand’s social media marketing strategy on point –

      1. Add value props to your social media profiles

Social media is a place for people and brands (and some puppers) alike. When we create our profiles on social media, we make sure to follow people, share our thoughts and comment on other people’s posts. This is what keeps our social media profiles alive. Similarly, you need to create a profile for your brand and make certain customizations.

Then you can add value propositions to your profile. For example – Ignitur.com’s value prop is about customized web marketing services. Their company value prop will describe their business, business values, and vision.

      2. Include call to actions

This is the most important part of defining your presence on social media. Your posts should have a particular purpose. Whether you are thrashing body shamers or you are promoting summer-friendly, shapewear, your post needs a like, share, retweet or buy button.

The recent brand posts on Facebook with a designated buy button is an obvious example of a conspicuous CTA. You can also insert smart phrases like “check it out,” “read more about it here” or “get an exclusive view” to elicit customer reaction. Your visitors need encouragement to buy your products and services.

      3. Add your blog

This is a little tricky, especially for new companies who do not yet have a blog. The easiest way to get started is by creating a WordPress blog and joining it to your Facebook account.

Simply blogging is not enough. You should share your posts regularly and ask for feedbacks from your clientele. Using smart blogger tools is a fine way to increase your customer response. You can tale help from Google Analytics, Google Keywords Planner and Yoast SEO tools to assist you with your blog posts.

      4. Shared content is good too

Before sharing popular content make sure to check the 3 W’s: who, when and why.

  • Who shared the content?

This can make a world of difference. If you share Niki Minaj’s recent stint of helping out high school goers and college prospects with tuition fee, you will be getting an entirely different reaction as compared to sharing a twerking video by Minaj.

  • Who shared it/wrote it?

Any piece of content from 4-6 months ago is dead already. Trying to make it work is going to be difficult. If you want to share it desperately, make sure to tell your audience that it is old.

  • Why should the audience respond?

Is it popular? Is it controversial? Does it involve recent events and activities? You should analyze every aspect related to your audience’s response before you make a post.

Don’t just share content because you have to. Interact with your audience and encourage comments. It should add value to your social presence. Sharing content on a regular basis is incredibly important and is something that the New York-based Tayloright company recommends doing, no matter the business niche.

      5. Add your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the nexus of business activities. If you want to introduce a new company proposal or launch a new campaign, that’s where you should start. LinkedIn has recently become the prime location for sharing long-form content. In fact, sometimes, LinkedIn offers a greater visibility than company blogs.

You should link your Facebook and Twitter company profiles, employee profiles and teams to LinkedIn. This is one way to get maximum impact from social sharing. To understand the reach of your post, you can use social listening tools like Hootsuite, TweetReach, Social Mention and How Sociable. They will help you monitor digital conversations about your brand.

      6. Write on trending topics

While blogging, you can just sit down and start writing on topics off your grocery list. You need to understand what your potential audience wants to read. The easiest way is to follow your customer’s reading patterns.

Try Google Trends, Google+, Reddit and BuzzFeed to find out about the latest trends on blogging. Keep your blog up to date with the latest bits from these sources. Add your touch to make sure your content is unique. Then employ SEO tools like Yoast to evaluate the readability and visibility of your post.

      7. Utilize user-generated content

This is the smartest way to become popular and save money at the same time. Unleash photo-sharing contests or simple one-line content contests. This is the best way to invite your users to contribute content to your social media profile. This will also boost your company profile reach as your users tag their friends and family to your posts.

Even productive comments on your blogs can act as user-generated content. You can make use of the social media tools mentioned above to moderate what your customers are saying about you and your brand. It is also an excellent way to weigh in on your influencer relationships. You can offer rewards or prizes for these campaigns cum competitions. This often encourages users to participate more actively.

You cannot understand the reach of your social media presence unless you analyze it on a regular basis. You need real-time analytics options from reliable sources. A tool-suite like Google Analytics is ideal for most brands to judge their performance on social media. From giving you a direct look at the social media ROI to showing you the sales graphs of the past two months – these tools provide an unbiased view of your brand performance.

Marketing is all about promoting your products and services to capture the attention of the target audience, gain their confidence, build trust and finally drive them to make a purchase.  The principal is same whether you market online or take the traditional path. However, internet marketing is now the mainstay of all marketing activities, and even those who are yet to switch over to online marketing maintain a good mix of the traditional and modern marketing techniques.

SEO – the backbone of marketing

Search engine optimization is the backbone of online marketing because it is the only way to gain more visibility for your online business entity. Higher profile drives more people to your website, and SEO provides the means to achieve it. Primarily, SEO involves techniques of making websites lovable to search engines so that it is continuously crawled and indexed that translates into higher ranks in search results. Appearing on the first page and the upper tiers of search results are the goal of any online marketer, and SEO shows the way to do it. The success of online marketing largely depends on how well you can optimize your marketing campaign by focusing on search engines.

Need for efficient data management

Lots of data generate when you implement search engine optimization.  For every activity that you undertake in online marketing, hundreds and thousands of data start flowing from various directions. The data are crucial because you can evaluate the performance of the campaign by analyzing it. Data analysis is required to understand whether the campaign is moving in the right direction. For health review of the website, you have to depend heavily on data accumulation and analysis for which you must be able to organize data in the way you want so that you can figure out its underlying messages.  To use data to your advantage, you need proper data management system and have to look for suitable SEO software that can do the job for you.

Understanding data management

For managing data effectively, you must consider the task as an administrative process that involves the acquisition of data for proper storing and protecting it so that it is accessible to users for processing. Reliability of data and timely retrieval determines the efficiency of the data management system. Information is critical for taking business decisions, and since it is not possible to manage enormous volume of data manually, companies are turning to data management software and solutions. The data management software is suitable for managing all online marketing activities including SEO. The purpose of the software is to provide guidance and direction in marketing, for increasing productivity by saving time and improving efficiencies.

To survive the competition and stay ahead of the curve, more and more businesses are turning to data management software. If you want to have one, you must know what qualities you must look for so that you get the right one. Read on to find out more about it.

It must support the SEO process

The software must be capable of supporting the SEO processes. This is the primary requirement of any data management software that you buy. The selection of the software depends on the way you want to use it for search engine optimization and must include features that focus on keyword research. Tools are also available for optimizing the onsite optimization procedures and even support the link building process by using the link-building feature. Understand which aspects of SEO needs software support and choose the data management software accordingly. The quality of the software depends on how well it serves the purpose of which you have chosen it. The better you are aware of your needs, better it will be for you to select the suitable software.

Check user friendliness

User friendliness is an important quality for data management software that supports your SEO campaign. No matter how efficient the software might appear, check carefully how comfortable you are in using it. It must be easy to operate and integrate very well with other software or data management tools that you are using. Whenever you face difficulty in using it, help must be nearby so that you are not stuck with the problem.

Competition analysis

As you are using some software for online marketing, your competitors too must be using some solutions to beat the game.  The software that you select for data management must have capabilities for analyzing the competition. Although you must be knowing some of your competitors, the software will help you to identify the new ones. You come to know about the actual scale of the competition, and the information contributes to re-position your marketing campaign so that you can counter the threats arising from it. This is possible because you come to know about the strategies of the competitors and even know about the keywords that bring them success.

Tracking SEO metrics

Metrics like traffic, bounce rate, back links, keyword ranking, average time, returning users and usability are extremely useful to ascertain the quality of your campaign and the health your website. The software must have the features of tracking all these metrics on real time basis and preserving the data safely for retrieval in the form of reports.  The software must have the capability of tracking the metrics reliably so that you can take note of the changes that happen and understand its impact on the campaign. It allows you to take corrective action to make the campaign more forceful.


For proper use of data through analysis, the software must be capable of generating reports that show how important the campaign is. The function under review must be an integral part of the software. The report will make it easy for you to identify changes, identify improvements and reveal the latest status of the campaign and the website.

The success of SEO campaign depends on how well you manage data efficiently. By using the appropriate data management and project management software, you can stay ahead in competition with confidence.

In the fast paced nature of today’s lifestyle all things need to done at a lightning speed. The professional field is full of competition as every individual trader is clamoring for success by directing more traffic to their website but it is easier said than done. It’s true that there are many helpful applications available which will enable any prospective businessman to set up a website for materializing his/her business intents but utilizing the Internet to make one’s business profitable and productive isn’t at all easy. Excessive competition is certainly a factor that pushes businessmen to find new innovative methods for launching their products and the Internet is the largest platform available for promotional purposes because a product advertised on the Internet can be viewed and reviewed by people all over the globe. However before dwelling in the dream of becoming a successful online entrepreneur one first needs to refine his/her business aspiration.

Requirements for ensuring success in one’s online business venture

The first that one should know is that an uninteresting idea won’t translate into a good website. Hence the paramount concern before building a website is to have a suitable business idea with a specific goal. Using standardized version of websites for initiating one’s business is not at all a prudent step. If one is serious about the trade that one wants to invest in then it is suitable to have a professionally designed website for that purpose. If one doesn’t have enough expertise in the field of website designing then one can seek the help of a proficient website designer who will discuss each and every aspect of the website in detail and build it accordingly so that the products can gain utmost popularity.

Points to be noted while online brand promotion

Enhancing one’s presence in the global market is definitely made difficult by the presence of the corporate field. But if applies the tools required for the expansion of one’s business properly then one can surely achieve success through online marketing of his/her products.

A designed website alone cannot engage the target audience. One should explore more routes for increasing visibility. Some of these are given below:

  • Customizing one’s blog for enhancing visibility can positively affect online marketing.
  • Regular blogging is a must to keep the audience updated regarding the products.
  • The blog where update regarding one’s business is given should be appropriately built so that it synchronized with the website.

Significance of font

While writing product descriptions or giving blog posts font plays an important role. If the written content is not correctly formatted then visitors are lesslikely to view that website. The usage of the correct type of font and colors is therefore more than important. Standard patterns are better to be avoided as this won’t aid in the process of differentiating one particular website from the others.

When considering web design, most people consider it in terms of aesthetics. This is not all there is to the design of a website or blog. There is more to the design than just the colors, layout and the typography of your site. Great web designers think through all the factors to make sure that the end user experience is the best. They cover every basis from the visual elements to how the content is organized and presented. There are several ways in which the design of your blog can impact the bottom line.

  • Impact user experience

The web design is what impacts user experience. It is what captures the attention of your audience, breaks up the content and guides the eye of the reader, creates professional presentation, increases functionality and also helps build trust as well as emotional connection with your brand. These are the top reasons why web design has to be given top priority when it comes to blogging. The right design will improve readability and responsiveness, and ultimately boost user experience. If the design of your blog is bad, you will register high bounce rates.

Other things you need to consider are the popups. If they are annoying, they will push potential clients away. You also need to make sure that there are white spaces, a clear call-to-action and an intuitive sitemap.

  • SEO

Creating a blog is easy and fast but getting the right readers on it takes hard work. The main way through which new visitors will find your blog is through the search engines. This is what makes search engine optimization important. However, you should note that you may have the best content and the best keywords but still not rank well. The reason for this may be your web design. Search engine crawlers need to be able to go through your content during indexing. If this is not possible due to poor navigation, you will have to deal with poor ranking. It is also important to note that search engines, led by Google, are considering the responsiveness of websites during ranking. This means if your blog is not mobile-friendly, you ranking will not be as good.

  • Load speed

How long does it take for your website to load up? The longer your website takes to load up the higher the bounce rate. The design of your website will definitely have an impact on the load speed. All the elements you add to your site, including plugins and images, will affect the load speed. It is very important that you focus on creating a simple blog. The design you pick should not be cluttered. Only include the relevant elements.

As much as complex web designs seem to be more visually appealing, they are not the best concepts to use when it comes to blogging. The design you use should be simple and easy to use. Making sure of this will guarantee more effectiveness. As a matter of fact, an attractive design will lead to more visitors.

Are you known for great content? Kudos because not so many people and even brands are able to supply their readers with engaging and informative content on a regular basis. However, that is no excuse for leaving your blog looking as disinteresting as it might be right now. Blogging is an easy and effective way of communication for both brands and individuals. Nearly everyone who enters the blogging sphere understands the importance of great content. That is why they would go to great lengths to provide engaging content for their readers. While this is necessary, it should not come at the expense of the blog design. Unfortunately, most bloggers tend to forget this essential rule and end up making a couple of web design mistakes. We’ll consider some of them.

  • Shambled Home Page

No reader wants to get to your blog and spend the next seven and a half minutes figuring out what your blog is all about. With the falling concentration rates, not so many people will be ‘kind enough’ to navigate your blog and search for engaging content. Instead of trying to fill every blank space on your blog’s homepage, keep the design decent and the content clear throughout the homepage. Most importantly, you should spare your readers unnecessary call to action messages on the homepage.

  • Overloaded Sidebars

This is yet another thing that many first-time bloggers get wrong. If you check many blogs, you will not fail to see the sidebars jammed with unnecessary widgets. For others yet, you will find streams of third-party advertisements, blinking banners and a long list of tags. Such information not only clutters your blog but can also result in reduced load speeds. For the best user experience, you need to remove unnecessary ads and widgets from the sidebars. Instead, have these widgets and other information captured at the footer or under the ‘About Us’ page.

  • Inappropriate Themes

What is your blog about? Choosing a theme that is in line with your blog is very important. Well, simply creating a blog does not have to be difficult but choosing the perfect theme for your blog can prove challenging. If you are targeting teenagers, choosing a corporate theme for your blog might not get you the results you desire. Someone who opts for brighter and more attractive themes on their blog will find appeal to such an audience.

  • Hidden search bars

Most people tend to find out the location of the search bar a few minutes or even seconds after visiting blogs. Sadly, many bloggers seem not to take keen notice of the location of this important function. Make it easy for readers to locate the various articles within your blog and they’ll reward you with loyalty.


Blogging seems to have taken the global platform by a huge storm. While so many people have found it easy to pass their messages using this platform, some are yet to reap the full benefits owing to serious mistakes on their blog designs. Follow this guide closely and get the most out of your blog!

If you are planning to start blogging and make money out of it, then you should be ready to do some heavy lifting.  Whether you are building a personal or business blog, there is a lot of work to be done. If you have role models in the blogging industry and you are inspired to be like them,you have to be ready to make sacrifices. The likes of Pete cashmore (Mashable), Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post), Michael Arrington(TechCrunch), and Nick Denton (Life Hacker) among others didn’t get to the top by fluke.

It might look easy when you look at what these bloggers are doing today and in fact, most bloggers start off with the belief that they have all it takes. Well, the internet is littered with millions of inactive blogs whose owners gave up after realizing they were not up to it. However, the fact that the likes of Arianna and Friedmann are making upwards of $4,000 daily is enough proof that blogging can earn you a decent income.

Why Consider Blogging for Your Business?

Blogging is getting a boost as more businesses discover the potential it brings to internet marketing.  A 2016 report published by HubSpot shows that 60%of online marketers consider blog content creation a priority in their inbound marketing strategy. In 2016, a similar study showed that 36%of Fortune 500 companies had a public blog, again highlighting the importance of this platform for the modern business.

A business blog can revolutionize the fortunes of your brand in today’s highly competitive internet platform. The fact that 77% of internet users read blogs proves that this is one of the most important marketing techniques. A well designed blog will boost your brand’s visibility on different internet platforms when you share posts.

More brand mentions on social media translate to higher traffic on your website.  If you are using the right search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on your website, converting such traffic to leads is easy. With internet users looking for authority brands in different niches, high-quality blog content will put you ahead of the pack.

Some of the most prominent corporate blogs that you should seek to emulate include CE-BLOG by chemical makers, Celanese, Caterpillar Blog, Disney Blog, GE Reports by GE, The Apron Blog by Home Depot, Dell, Zillow, and Playstation. Blog among others.  While your blog might not be anywhere near these levels, you need not panic. All these personal and corporate blogs started somewhere.

How to Start Making Money from Blogging 

Now that you have decided to jump into the blogging bandwagon, the hard work starts. You have to find a niche, identify a target audience, find a blogging platform, start building content and growing the number of readers. The last part will of course determine how well your goal of making money will work out. Without traffic to your blog, it is hard to make an impact and this is a pitfall for most blogging beginners.

There are different ways in which you can monetize your blog including e-coaching, affiliate marketing, tele-courses, e-consultancy and selling products and services. All these require a blogger to consistently build an active reader base. With an active reader community, it becomes easier to meet your marketing goals. Whether you are selling your own products or participating in an affiliate network, you have to make your blog popular within your niche.

If you want to make money from blogging, use this simple guide for building traffic to your blog:

  1. Google Authorship – While Google+ might look like a social network like any other, it is important to appreciate that its end game is different. The idea is to make Google search more favorable for you. By creating a Google+ and verifying your account, you will be a step ahead of the competition because Google search will favor your content. In essence, Google knows you and better still, your picture will also appear on search engine results, giving your content a personal touch.
  2. Creating exquisite content – Every blogger writes but that’s where the comparison between different bloggers ends. There are those who regurgitate content from their sites, which is a great turnoff to readers. If you want to grow your blog traffic, make sure you publish high-quality content regularly. Such content should be helpful to readers and must add value to their lives.
  3. Build Relationships on Social Media –If your brand is not visible on social media, then you simply don’t exist. Your blog can help change this but to do this, you have to make it easier for readers to share your content. Include share buttons which are easily visible on your posts. Adding video and graphics will make it more likely for readers to share. In fact, a recent study shows a blog article with an image will get 94% more views. As such, make it as easy as possible to share your content.
  4. Give a call to action (CTA) –While it is possible for your audience to share without any prompting, it is always advisable to add a crystal-clear call to action to motivate them. Whether you want them to tweet a particular part of the post or the entire page, always remind them in a nice way.
  5. Pictures and images – While it is true readers love pictures, make sure you choose the right images for your content. The best type of pictures should closely relate to the post and always make sure you add your target keywords in the alternate text on the image. This makes it easier to find them on Google images.

There are many other ways to ensure your blog gets traction in your niche. Whatever you do, make sure you know your target audience and take time to research. If you know who you are targeting, it becomes easier to publish the right kind of content. You can also host giveaways to inspire more action from your readers. As your blog gradually grows, make sure you are also commenting on other blogs to familiarize yourself with target audiences.  As a rule of thumb, don’t forget to optimize your blog for search engines by using analytics to determine which areas need to be worked on.

Drupal is a remarkable content management platform you can use for your blog. It is free to use and install, it is very easy to customize and it boosts the performance of your pages since Drupal does not use a lot of resources. All in all, not every person who creates their website with this platform ends up succeeding. The reason for this is because they forget about simple but very important things. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the key things you need to do in order to get the most of your Drupal blog.

Boost the speed of your website

The speed at which your pages load will have a significant impact on the bounce rates. The load speed will also impact your SEO. Speed is very important to a blog. This is particularly so when you consider the findings by Google that state that websites lose approximately 20% of their traffic for every additional 100ms a page needs to load. Different factors impact a page load speed. The good news is that you can control most of these factors.

  • Drupal Version

Updates contain bug fixes and will boost performance. It is for this simple reason that you should consider only using the latest version of Drupal. You have to ensure that the modules, core and themes are up to date. To perform updates, go to ‘Reports > Available Updates > Check Manually’ and check if there are any available updates. You should also ensure that you turn on the Automatic patching feature. This will help check the files for malware and vulnerabilities and have them fixed automatically.

  • Optimize images

Images normally account for up to 56% of a page’s weight. Optimizing the images will definitely boost the load speed. You need to adjust the compression ratio, make use of the image optimization modules like Image Magick and scale your images prior to uploading. Doing this will benefit your blog in a great way when it comes to load speed.

  • Disable unnecessary modules

The default installation comes with unnecessary modules. You need to disable these unnecessary modules in order to boost the speed of your pages. Some of the modules you should consider disabling include the statistics, Administration development tools, Field UI, Dashboard, Tracker, Rules UI and Devel node access. Unnecessary modules will only consume unwanted resources thus slowing the load speed.

  • Use CDN

If your blog has an internal audience, you should consider using Content Delivery Network. The CDNs have proxy servers all over the world. This will help with the retrieval of your website elements from local servers. This will make your pages load faster.

  • Optimize MySQL and PHP

Keeping your database clean and eliminating unnecessary content will boost the load speed. You should also use the latest version of PHP.

  • Use Cache

Retrieving all the content from the database every time users visit your page will slow the load speed. The use of caches will ensure parts that are unchanged remain on the browser of the user so that it will load faster the next time he visits. There are built in tools to help with caching on Drupal. Creating a blog is easy and fast on Drupal thanks to these and more tools.

These points will help with the load speed of your blog pages. Needless to say, load speed will not be sufficient to ensure that your site performs at its best. There are other things you need to do.

Customize the error pages

There is a default error page for when users navigate to blocked pages or pages that are not found. To manage the 403 and 404 pages, you have to create your own custom error pages. The page should have a custom message.

Control spam

If you allow users to post their content or comments, you will need to control spam. Controlling spam is particularly important if you use AdSense accounts. Failing to cleanup spam can cause your account to be disabled. There are modules you can use to Purge users, clean up spammers and spam posts. The idea here is to keep your site free from junk and getting rid of the old and unwanted posts.

Backup your site regularly

It is very important to have a copy of your website. This will help you recover in case of the unexpected. You also need to back-up your entire blog before making major changes or installing major modules. A fresh back-up will help you restore your website in case something goes wrong. The last thing you want is to start from scratch.

Choose a great hosting service

To create a high end blog, you need to find and use the best hosting company available. Your focus should be on the performance, customer support and security offered by the hosting service provider. Although there are several great shared hosting service providers, if you can afford, go for the dedicated services. You have to remember that the power of Drupal can be limited by the hardware and the hosting supports.

Troubleshoot regularly

As the web developer, you have to be the first to notice a problem in your blog. This is why you need to set aside time to constantly troubleshoot your site. Not all your visitors will be willing to let you know when there is a problem with your site. Some will assume you are aware of the problem and if you don’t fix it soon enough, they will walk away and never to return.

Invest in SEO

Just because yours is a blog does not mean you should not invest in search engine optimization. SEO is what makes it possible for your pages to be found. Your content should contain relevant keywords. You should also consider social media integration.

The above are just some of the important things you must do if you want your blog to do better. In addition to posting quality content regularly, you have to ensure that your blog is running smoothly and keeping up with the trends.


E-commerce sites have the larger responsibility of giving viewers one of its kind shopping experiences that can make them delighted.  Website designs facilitate business and address this aspect very well. The web design of e-commerce websites has to support this goal, which makes the designing task much different and more challenging than creating other kinds of sites. However, e-commerce platforms are like marketplaces where business transactions take place, and business happens. These sites are much more interactive than other websites because the entire business cycle takes place on these sites. Not only are products selected and ordered, but even payments are also made and deliveries effected. The web designer has to capture all these interactions efficiently through the web design that makes the task of developing e-commerce websites unique.

User Interface or UI as commonly known in web development and design parlance is critical for developing e-commerce websites. To give shoppers the most comfortable experience in shopping, web designers make good use of their knowledge and skills in creating the most optimized user interface.  Its best use is in shopping carts that we see on e-commerce websites. Also, there are security features, search bars and check out pages to name just a few. Since web designers have to add more value to websites, they have to know about ways by which viewers get enthralled when shopping on the platform. What features can make the viewers addicted to the site is the topic of discussion of this article.

Elaborate category list

Websites are more inviting to shoppers not only for the comfort of shopping from homes but also because they can browse through huge catalogs in minimum time. Added to this is the facility of seeing the products in the way they want that makes it easy for them to have a feel of it. Therefore, the target of web developers is to provide the most lifelike experience in shopping without the need of touching the products.  Shoppers get the assurance that they enjoy the same satisfaction or even more in evaluating a product online.

From home page to shop page

The web design incorporates the facility of creating item categories that make it easy to track items among the thousands displayed on e-commerce platforms.  The designer scans through the entire list of items and creates categories and subcategories that show the path to fish out the product of your choice without toiling. Items under the categories are displayed on a single page. The group of elements on the home page directs the viewer to the shop page. Using visuals to demonstrate the categories strengthens the design.

 Impressive home page

The home page of websites is like the cover of books and has to be so attractive that it can leave a deep impression in the minds of viewers. The content, layout, and colors – everything has to be so compelling that viewers would feel as if this is what they have been waiting for. When viewers feel that the website developer has done everything for them only, it creates an instant bonding that breaks barriers in seconds. For e-commerce platforms, the attraction of home page increases if the high quality content is provided that motivates shoppers. Provide all information on the home page that the buyer needs to initiate the process of buying so that the decision-making process can be fast. Searching for information can turn off buyers.  The first impression helps shoppers to make up their minds, and more use of reference materials and visuals in the content can bolster the design.

Dynamic product information page

One of the biggest challenges in e-commerce web development is to create the product page. The product page is the place that draws the maximum interest of buyers because this is where they seek answers to all their queries about the product. From product photos, sizes, colors and reviews to price and other relevant information, everything is stuffed here, and the designer might find it pretty messy work to handle. Knowing the way to fit great information in a small space and presenting it with precision is a challenge that e-commerce web developers have to face. Make the product page dynamic so that the interaction level increases considerably. There has to be the facility of automatic price update, and even the product image should provide multiple views from various angles to make the presentation vivid. The product page has to aesthetically unique and highly functional. Keep the design simple, back it up with quality content and do not compromise on aesthetics.

Expanded navigation

Web developers of e-commerce platforms have to handle the problem of putting in too much information in small spaces. Although it might not be difficult to accommodate significant information in a concise way but to enable visitors to find it quickly is not as easy. This is achieved by paying attention to the ways viewers can navigate the website. Smart navigation holds the key to satisfying viewers who can move back and forth through the website without frowning. By using the drop down menus for large header navigation, you can achieve a lot in a small space. Making proper use of text labels and icons will facilitate navigation. The techniques focus on expanding the navigation arena that gives access to more information with minimum efforts.

Search filters aid speedy searching

Web designers have to keep in mind that the design should complement the speed of navigating through the website.  On e-commerce platforms, viewers concentrate much more on searching that initiates them to the products that they are looking for and faster searching encourages them to stay engaged on the site.  Using suitable search filters speed up the searching process and makes it clutter free. Filters allow viewers to select products according to features they deem fit. Price, size, brand and other parameters drive searches.

Having these features incorporated in web design will help to improve user experience that holds the key to better business.