WordPress is the most popular CMS for sites and blogs. If you intend to use it for your business website, there are many templates/themes to choose from. Currently, there are over 4,000 on WordPress.org repository, over 7,000 on Themeforest, over 1,000 on MojoThemes, almost 2,000 on TemplateMonster, and thousands of others from individual theme marketplaces and developer’s like ElegantThemes, WooThemes, StudioPress, Templatic, EngineThemes, and AppThemes. Some of these are better than others and choosing can be a headache. These tips will make it easier for you to choose.

  1. Responsive web design

Having a responsive website is no longer an option since more people are now accessing the internet on their mobile devices (as opposed to desktops). There are many templates in the market today that respond to the size of the screen. Google also rewards mobile-friendly sites. When you install a theme, test it for mobile readiness before deployment to ensure it is mobile ready (do not take the word of the theme’s developer).

  1. Shortcodes

The template you go for should come with shortcodes. These allow you to attach media data like lists, audio, video, and tabs data, grids, Google maps, and other helpful elements into your website.

  1. Browser compatibility

Your users will be accessing your site from different browsers. You should, therefore, do a browser compatibility test by displaying the site on different tools. A WP developer will have the tools necessary to do comprehensive browser compatibility testing.

  1. Clean code

Business WP templates come with many customization options. If a theme is not properly coded, these customization options can make it difficult for you to use other WordPress plugins and to change themes (you may be locked into the theme or you will need to pay a developer to help in the switch). You should also be wary of WP themes that look good, but that make your site slow (which will lead to lower ranking in SERPs). Look at the code or have an expert look at it if you do not have the expertise to ensure it is clean.

  1. Simple design

A business website is not the place to have lots of color, flashy animation, and complex layout. As Leonardo da Vincisaid, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The design should be such that visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

  1. Supported plugins

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of WP is the thousands of WordPress plugins available in the market. The business WordPress template you go for should support not only the popular plugins like Gravity Forms, W3 Total Cache, and Yoast SEO, but also others that you may need based foryour business requirements.

  1. Translation and multilingual ready

Even if you are targeting English-speaking visitors, you should still ensure that your template is multilingual and translation ready because your partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders may not be native English speakers and even your target visitors may want to view it or share in a different language. Your business will grow and you may want to reach more people than those in the U.S., and having a multilingual and translation ready template ensures you do not have to change the theme.

  1. Support options and documentation

Some of the best business templates we’ve seen over the years are no longer supported because of such reasons as the developer going out of business. This is more so on free WordPress themes – most premium WP themes come with one year email based support. Using a business template that has support ensures you do not have to pay a third-party developer whenever you have a problem. You should also ensure the theme has good documentation and it can auto-upgrade.

  1. SEO friendliness

SEO friendliness is one of the most important factors you should consider when picking a business template because a friendly theme will rank higher in SERPs. A good WP theme developer will help you pick a theme that has clean code and that is SEO ready. Check with W3C Markup Validation service to ensure your pages generate proper HTML5.

  1. Tried and tested templates

You should go through ratings and reviews to get templates that have been tried and tested. A popular template will have been tweaked to perfection since it will have received important feedback from users. Ten of the most popular business templates today include:

  • Zerif Pro: A modern and interactive single-page WP theme designed for small companies.
  • X: A fully customizable corporate WP theme.
  • Divi: A one-page WP theme with many customization options, meant for the corporate world.
  • LawyeriaX: Designed specifically for law firms.
  • Monstroid: A modern theme with many modern graphics.
  • SimpleShift: A beautiful theme meant for small businesses for corporate and creative purposes.
  • BusinessTwo: A corporate-style theme with many widgets, product, and portfolio sections.
  • Corporate: A simple yet professional WP business theme that is meant to display important info about the company, its employees, and their work.
  • Pixova Pro: A clean and professional theme that is meant for online stores.
  • Business: A sleek theme that allows you to communicate your message clearly.
  1. Ready-made versus custom themes

If you are a startup, a ready-made theme will do just fine because it will save you money that you can use in business development. You will only need to spend between $50 and $70 personalizing a ready-made theme as opposed to between $1,500 and $2,000 for a custom theme at the current market rates.

  1. The features

Different business templates are developed for different businesses. What works for a medical practice will not work for the construction industry. The aesthetics and design of the theme should match your specific business needs. A web development business will require a theme that has a “techie” feel while a spa website will do better with a calm and relaxing feel. You should ask yourself such questions as:

  • Do I want to integrate online payments?
  • Do I want a newsletter?
  • Do I need an event calendar or an appointment book?
  • Do I need a blogging or magazine feature?
  1. Social media integration

Social media marketing (SMM) is no longer an option if you want success in your business. Social media integration (having social sharing buttons) allows visitors to participate in comments and discussions and to share posts they like with their online communities.

The choice should ultimately be based on your specific requirements since different businesses have different requirements. If you are still spoilt for choice, consider poking around with demos to see what best suits you. Cost considerations are important to a startup business, but they should be secondary if you want the very best.

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No matter in which business domain you belong, your business needs online presence these days to become more popular as a brand. From a name to a brand – this is the most difficult journey that a company has to cover. Those, who complete the journey with precision, find the taste of success. It is known to all that business marketing is an integral part of business activities. For business marketing, use of online-based promotional techniques can be noted these days extensively. Online business marketing gives better exposure to business and leads it to a successful brand identity.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the cores online business marketing techniques. It can be employed for different reasons and to get a different result. Even a few years earlier, the perception of SEO was different. It was a more mechanical job rather than a strategic job. Nowadays, after strict algorithm update of Google, a lot of things have changed. Companies have changed their perspectives on SEO. Today, directionless business marketing is even harmful than no business marketing. You need robust strategies to give direction to your online marketing campaign or SEO campaign. For that hiring an expert SEO service provider is crucial.

So, at this point, the obvious question is how digital marketing helps a company? In this following section, let us analyze some of the common benefits of digital marketing:

  1. Seamless Business Promotions

The aim of digital marketing is promoting a business, and fetching high profitability through that. It makes people or potential buyers recognizing the company so that they can find interest in purchasing products, sold by this service provider.

  1. Enhance Business Brand Values

With digital marketing, you can enhance brand value of your business. In fact, startup companies can mostly be benefitted through this. For a startup, it takes years to create a brand reputation. With digital marketing the process becomes easier and time becomes shorter. Today, startup companies are equally progressing with a large group of companies.

  1. Increase Sales

To increase online sales or to encourage online purchases to a potential group of buyers, you need meticulous digital marketing support. Properly planned and structured digital marketing can enhance sales of business by three to five folds.

  1. Saves Cost

Digital marketing saves cost for you. It minimizes expenses, as digital marketing is comparatively a lot cheaper than traditional marketing solutions and methodologies.

  1. Give Competitive Edge

Your business needs to gain a competitive edge. To sustain long in the marketplace and to gain more profitability, you need to kill competition. For that, an effective business marketing plan is required. Lack of proper business marketing planning can lead to significant suffering for your business.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Solutions

If you can hire a professional digital marketing Malaysia service provider, you would get different types of target driven digital marketing solutions. You need to find a service provider which is a team of vibrant individuals, serving expertise and cost-effective digital marketing solutions. SEO campaigns need to be handled by experts, especially if you are seeking professional results.

Finding the Right SEO Service

You need to find a service provider which is one of the leading SEO service providers, offering end to end digital marketing solutions with high-end precision. The company should believe in creativity and innovation. This is why they can present the most interesting, strategic and robust digital marketing solutions to clients. Known as a creative digital agency, the company must have gathered feedbacks and reviews from various clients for whom they have worked. With a high success rate and envious client retention report, the company should add trustworthiness for its clients. Not just committing better services, but rendering the most creative services is what the company must aim.

For communications and consultancy for digital marketing services, the service provider must be considered as one of the leading services. The major functional areas should be:

  • SEO Services: It should offer strategic, target driven and proven efficient SEO services. High SERP ranking is our commitment, but it must also make sure that top ranking sustains on a long-term basis for clients.
  • SMO Campaign: Apart from SEO, social media campaigning has become one of the most effective ways for digital marketing these days. A perfect social media campaign should be well planned and creative. Consider choosing a reputed and reliable service provider for innovative and highly effective campaigning on social media.

When it comes to SEO services, ethical service is a concern for all business owners. Non-ethical or black hat SEO can give a quick result, but in the long run, they add blotch on the company name. Webmasters should strictly follow organic SEO methods, including onsite SEO and offsite SEO. It should also render SEO-friendly web design services. Your website will be developed as per search engine guidelines so that it can clinch high SERP with ease. Instead of conventional solutions if you are looking for innovation and creativity for your online business, hire a reputed webmaster for the most satisfactory services.

You can opt for https://www.sandcrestseo.com/. This is one of the most reputed and reliable SEO services. Sand Crest SEO possesses all these attributes. It is well versed with latest SEO techniques that can fetch results for the clients. It is experienced with various aspects of digital marketing and can mix SEO campaign with social media and video marketing campaigns with effortless expertise.

Significant Attributes of Reputed SEO Company

A reputed, as well as trustworthy SEO company, must be well versed in its job. It must possess experience as well as the expertise to meet clients’ requirements with perfection. Here are some of the listed attributes that make a company reliable and efficient to be hired by the experts:

  • Professional and proficient services
  • Transparent digital marketing solution – ethical process for marketing
  • Seamless communication and 24×7 support for clients
  • High return on investment (ROI)
  • Low budget solution

For attaining SEO services Chicago or to run SEO campaign, you do not need to make investments. However, the investment is minimal. Small businesses can even avail the cost of SEO campaigns. All you need to do is finding a good service provider to enjoy a high return on investment.

SEO and pay-per-click are services that target in promoting your website to get close to its goal as fast as possible, which is to get it to the top ranks in search engine results. Any people confuse online marketing with SEO. But they are anything but similar. And at the same time, they bear certain similarity as well. When it comes to increasing the traffic of your website, the influence of SEO is undeniable. And now a day the secret to a good SEO strategy is hardly a secret anymore. SEO or search engine optimization makes sure that with the proper keyword and certain link and other factors, you can optimize your website content in a way that ensures that your business website will appear on the top search engine results.

SEO is mandatory for businesses

The present increase in some companies online has made it mandatory for a good SEO if you wish to stand out from your competition. Thus, SEO is undoubtedly a very reliable and popular service. Many professional web services will offer help to you in this regard, and you can choose from a variety of services. In the 21st century, if you are not adapting to modern technologies then you will lose out on a lot of good revenue sources. The internet is an open source for anyone to put their product and gain notice from potential customers. And if your product isn’t getting the exposure it deserves when it’s just dying out. You have invested a lot in making your product good, and it deserves to reach the proper audience. You cannot do that without a proper SEO strategy.

The influence of search engines

In today’s world, everything we want, we can have it at the touch of a click of the mouse button. A few keywords typed into the search engine browser, and you can get thousands of results relating to what you are looking for, be it some information or some services or even some products. Now if you are providing certain benefits for your customers and want to stand out as a business website then you need to make sure that your content reaches the right audience. When your audience clicks the mouse, a proper SEO will make sure that your business website turns up on their top search results thus, helping you and your audience connect. To do this, you will need a certain type of keywords that are very much familiar with the search engines, especially search engine giants like Google. When you make your website content search engine friendly, they automatically have easy access to your data, and their data crawling can help prioritize your content as essential and put you in the top search.

Co-relation between your business and proper keyword use

It may sound ironic, but your company and its growth are interrelated with the keywords that you decide to use mainly when you are deciding to promote your product online. It’s not only important to use quality keywords but also vital that you make sure that your keywords appeal to the target audience and relate to your product correctly. There is no point if you get a lot of traffic but make no sale. Just getting a lot of traffic is not enough. And for that the quality of the content and the keyword that you chose need to be selective.

Increasing competition giving priority to SEO

Whether you like it or not, you cannot deny the importance of prioritizing your online business reputation and a proper SEO service will guarantee that. You may find that a lot of companies will opt for the fast and easy route which is popularly known as the black hat SEO. This is a very unethical way to promote your business. You must remember that there is no easy to succeed and it takes a regular and systematic approach to get the result that you seek and to sustain it.  In the long run, no shortcut is going to cut it.

Blackhat SEO may be able to fool the search engines for some time, but it won’t sustain in the long run. But when you opt for proper SEO services like from the professionals at the https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ you can expect proper and ethical results and good response, provided you give the required time. SEO is no magic solution, and no company can get you to the top overnight. There is a process of things, and any good business will tell you that. You just have to believe in gradual growth and be consistent with you approach.

SEO and its nature

If you wish to understand the true nature of SEO, then you have to get into the details of what goes into it. SEO can be divided into a few parts such as the quality of traffic, the quantity, and organic results. Quality of traffic ensures that you are attracting the right kind of visitors who will be truly interested in your product and will eventually become potential buyers. After all, the purpose of your business website is to make sales. The quantity of the traffic controls the fact that once you have the right kind of audience coming to your site, you can increase your search engine results for more traffic of the same source. And lastly, organic is something that is not promoted and solely based on the quality of your product and service. Now a lot of business pays to promote, and ads are a part of any marketing strategy. But if you mostly rely on organic traffic then you gain the trust of your audience faster.


The algorithms of SEO changes now and then and thus, the tactics involved in enhancing it also have to be evolved. The internet is a constantly evolving space, and you can’t just use one strategy and sit back and hope to stay ahead of the competition forever. A proper SEO guidance and professional approach will give you benefits in the long run and will make sure that your website keeps getting the traffic that you seek.

The Internet has become the mode of communication nowadays. Its fast approach towards information or communication has made it a non-replaceable source.  Only if the innovation continues and something better option than the internet is innovated, there is a chance of change.  Giving the option of using it on any of the internet platforms such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc., the internet has played a significant role in providing the information fast.

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Role of keywords

Accruing the information has become very easy and fast.  The details required are entered in the form of a keyword.  The keyword may be a single word, a combination of words or a phrase.  Whatever it is, the search engine searches all the websites and gives the list of sites related to the keywords mentioned in the query box.  This happens very fast, i.e., within seconds.  One point to be noted is that just as there is competition in anything, even there is competition within search engines also.  This makes the search engine to remain active all the time and provide the information within seconds.  Search engines calculate the rankings of the websites and give us most visited website details.  Do you know this ranking promotes the sites and results in their increase in revenues in case of a website doing business online?

Search engine ranking

This act of ranking is known as Search Engine Optimization.  SEO (in short) manages all the websites and checks and rechecks every time it is asked for information.  So it is the duty of website owner to keep his content qualitative, informative and entertaining; web page layout and the graphics part of the website very attractive and impressive. I would like to highlight on a live example to explain my point.

Has anyone ever observed the home screen of search engine “Google”? If yes, you will find that there is a box above the query box.  The design of that box highlighting “Google” keeps changing daily which is very impressive.  Mainly, I open the Google screen to see the latest design even though the usage of a search engine is done, but what attracted me more was the design on the screen.

The question I have is when a search engine puts so many efforts on keeping itself on the top, why can’t a website make effective efforts?  SEO helps a site in increasing the awareness of the product/services they deal with, increase the revenue levels, etc.  So, the website owner should be very proactive in updating his/her website regularly with genuine information. You can hire the services of https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ for effective SEO related services.

As a website owner, are you worried about boosting your SEO, then following are some tips to help you in solving your problem:

  1. Your website should have a theme. Whatever it is, whether the webpage layout, graphics or the content, everything should be according to the theme.  Especially, relevant content should be posted on the website.  Even the website title should be preferably based on the theme.  This would help the users in making a selection when the search engines include your site name in the list.
  2. While working on the content, think in the way how the website users think. Concentrate on all those keywords (relevant to your theme) which you feel the user may ask for information. This is a challenging job.  Only when you can have control over your keyword selection and content, you will be enlisted in the SEO.
  3. The most important thing is that the website owner has to ensure that the content of the website is regularly updated and at the same it has to retain the user’s interest in the site.
  4. When the home page is created, the web designer has to ensure that all the content headings are mentioned on the main home page, and corresponding links are provided to view the information.
  5. Allowing guest posting services is an excellent idea of boosting SEO. What you post or comment on the website will itself boost your SEO but if by linking to any other website content, there is 100% chance of bringing up the SEO of your site. The person or guest posting the blog or content may be a very good writer by which will even you will be benefitted.
  6. Usually, a website creates an opportunity to earn extra money. The businessman tries to promote their products/services.  They use sites for promotion. Some space has to be provided to the advertiser.  So the website owner has to plan what types of advertisements he/she is referring.  An advertisement should not dominate your website theme.  Just because they are the source of revenue, anything and everything should not be allowed to be promoted on your website.  If the promotions are relevant to your theme, then both you as a website owner and the businessman can get benefitted.For instance, your website is dealing with details related to children, then advertisements related to pencils, color pencils, paints, or anything related to the benefit of the child can be promoted.  But any other promotions not relevant to children should be avoided in such a situation.  Because your website image will be damaged.  Even the person is promoting other than children related things will not get business resulting in a huge loss.  The website user may lose interest in viewing the website and will avoid viewing the site in future.
  7. The linking of your web pages within the website should be perfect and user-friendly. The movement the users click on the link, he/she should be in a position to view the information. Any delay may cause a distraction to the viewer and may close the website which is not good if the aim is to be in the top of SEO.
  8. Linking to the other websites should be okay. When the other website is in the SEO, even your site will be highlighted and vice versa.

No matter what technique is used to be on the top of SEO, one should ensure not to practice any illegal activities.  This may help you succeed in the initial stage, but later on, this becomes the major drawback.

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Online business is some of the best entrepreneurship ideas these days when we take a look at the upsurge in online shopping these days. With the changing as well as advancing technology, the internet plays a significant role in our lives today. We can do almost everything with the help of the internet, and this is why it has become such a widely used platform. Marketers across the world see an enormous potential on the internet for promoting any business. There are different types of innovative ways in which the internet can be used for promotional works, and there are many professional agencies which can provide this service to you easily. The basics of digital marketing lie in building a quality website which can attract some viewers who are dedicated to your content as well as the product that you are trying to promote through your website.

Design a proper website to attract traffic

The website is the basic necessity for getting recognition through the internet. It is essential to building your site right to get more and more traffic through it. This can be done to some extent on your own, and you would also require professional help from the respective agencies. There are several ways in which you can ensure that the website gets a better viewership. The SEO or the search engine optimization for a website is the method of ensuring your site has a proper as well as consistent traffic from the right kind of viewers. Here we are going to guide you about the various ways in which you can boost the SEO of a website and ensure success for your online business. There are different aspects of this and working with them all together is the key to getting more traffic to your website.

The website design

The design of the website is a basic necessity. There are different aspects of website design and depending on the website theme, the host and other relevant factors you can decide whether the website is getting the right kind design necessary. There are different types of hosting platforms and choosing the ones which have a better rating and hence a better position on the internet is always safer on the long run to ensure your website can be easily discovered online. Depending on the theme that is chosen for the website design the SEO works can vary as well. Some of the themes which are available are noted as SEO friendly by default due to their design. It is also essential to keep the aesthetics, the ease to use and the overall design in mind when you are choosing the website. The design of the website should be at par with the type of product which you intend to promote on this site.

Responsive nature and application

These days some people opt for the online shopping and similar indulgences through their mobile phones, and this is why it is imperative to build a website which is compatible with all kinds of devices. With the help of professionals at the https://www.sandcrestseo.com/, you can easily build a site which is responsive and would adapt to the size of the screen of the display. Mobile apps are also becoming very popular these days, and some brands are opting to build their apps which can be used for an easier browsing experience. You can also get the application development service from us and create an identity of your own in the world of online business. The application would make it much easier to work with the website for the clients who are shopping or viewing the site and its products from the phone. There are different types of website application, and our agency can help you develop just the right one for your need.

Social media promotion

To boost local SEO as well as get more and more traffic from all the potential sources, the social media is an excellent option for the users. There are different types of social media platforms, and each of them can help you out with various aspects of promotional works. Since millions of people across the world rely on the social media and indulge in it for a significant portion of the day, you can rest assured that you would be getting the right exposure at the right places.  With the help of Facebook which is one of the largest social media platforms, you can reach out to some people who are interested in your product by building a separate page for your company. You can post all the latest update about your business there. Twitter can help you share quick but essential updates regarding new launches and relevant news. With Instagram, you can do some image oriented promotional work and get discovered in a more extensive arena with the help of the tags and the keywords which are used here. There are similar photo-oriented social media platforms which can be used in some innovative ways for promotional and SEO management work like Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest and so on. However, nothing can be the sophistication and the need for the mailing service which remains a favorite option for online promotion. You can take professional help to handle the mail subscription for your website and the interested clients.


There are some ways in which you can boost the SEO of the website. It is vital that you do so to ensure that your site is getting consistent traffic from the right sources. There are different ways in which a business promotion work operates, and the website is the most basic way of ensuring that. It can be concluded that there are different types of methods for managing the SEO of the site but with the right concept and professional help, you can develop a strong base for your website’s success. Getting success in online business becomes easier when you get the right push from the right sources.

Search Engine Optimization is the action of typing to improve the ranking of a website or web page in organic search results. Organic search refers to methods that are used to obtain a high ranking on the result pages of the search engines in algorithm driven and unpaid results on a specific given search engine. More than 70% of users prefer to click on the organic search results and as compared to the sponsored links these are, no doubt, more valuable. In fact, users consider these links as trustworthy as compared to the sponsored advertising and links.

Traditionally search engines relied on how often a keyword appeared on a web page, but now search engines are more sophisticated with Google using more than 200 signals, including something called the page rank algorithms to look at the web page’s content and interpreted importance on the web.

Search engine algorithms

The algorithm has undergone several changes over the last few years to overcome the loopholes that spammers take advantages of. Google Panda is known for being the latest update in the year February 2011, and it was introduced with the motive of better web page design and quality.

Search Engine optimizers try to understand how search engine’s work and research what their target audience is looking for. In SEO both technology and both content, enhancement is needed to be made to make it look more attractive.

With SEO it becomes easy to find as well as categorize a website. It is simply about assisting customers to get your business in the midst of thousands of competitors. This is indeed one of the most integral parts of digital marketing strategies.

It helps the marketing entrepreneurs accomplish the following goals:

  • SEO can directly increase the search ranking for websites with the use of relevant keywords in a search engine like Google.
  • SEO assist customers to come across website contents which match their requirements. Therefore, in one way it helps in lead generation services.
  • It helps to hike up the sales when a number of people start visiting your website, which leads to more conversion rate and refines sales.

Lead Generation

SEO helps in lead generation in the following two methods:

  • Organic Search Results: Links to relevant websites based on their search terms or keywords. Search engine’s algorithm determines These. This search saves more money by generating more leads.
  • Paid Advertising: It is a Cost per Click (CPC) advertising and these links appear at the very top and the right of the organic search results in search engines.

SEO and Keywords

The best use of SEO can be made if we can match the needs of the customers with your offerings. And for that, you need to choose the relevant keywords for your business simply.

Here’s how to select the best keywords and generate leads for your website:

  • You need to select keywords which are usually referred by people to look for the product or service you are offering.
  • You need to ensure that your market is not saturated with details so that your site can easily climb to the top rank of the search result within a short period.
  • Select those keywords only which are relevant.

The SEO world keeps on changing time and again and the methods of search engine for ranking sites keeps on upgrading. SEO experts need to always keep up with the latest trends in the market. Recently, there has been a vast change incorporated in the digital marketing field. The search engine as well all know continues to broaden the gaze as well as perfect the techniques and specifics of content quality, brand sentiment as well as overall relevance. It is a prominent factor that the search is overlapping increasing with the other marketing strategies. This revolutionizes the methods of an organization for PR, approaching the sales, branding, and others. For success, it is always necessary to integrate the best marketing strategies and SEO practices.

SEO tools

Have a look at few SEO tools which helps in expanding a business:

  • Online Reputation Management Audit Tool: For any business that directly depends on the reviews, this is a perfect and indeed must to have tool. This will help you to search for the business on popular review sites, and you can also get comprehensive report at the same time.
  • Free Alternative To Google Keyword Planner: this tool is an alternative to other keyword research tools.
  • Keyword Density Checker: This tool will crawl the specific URL, extract text as a search engine would and, remove common stop words and display the density of your keywords.
  • Backlink builder: This tool helps you to build a LOT of quality backlinks.
  • Alexa Rank Checker: this SEO tool allows you to get the Alexa traffic ranking of you and your competitors.

Who can use SEO lead generation tools:

  • Freelancers: SEO experts who work as a freelancer can use SEO tools for new projects.
  • Marketing agencies: digital marketing analyst who is constantly doing market research can use SEO tools for lead generation.
  • Web Design Firm: web design firm can use SEO lead generation tools for web development as a part of the turn-key package.

Good SEO is essential for lead generation. By setting up goals in Google analytics, you can directly measure conversions and traffic sources. Google Analytics is a lead generation’s specialist best friend. You can hire an SEO consultant from Sand Crest SEO, just contact us at https://www.sandcrestseo.com/.

Apart from all these things you must realize SEO is a slow process and it takes time to implement all these. You have got a business plan; then you have to contact with people who are a niche in it. You should have a proper business plan to monetize your website. Last but not the least you should have a proper understanding of the market your into, if it is competitive you should consider a budget for making links to help you in ranking in the SERP.

But all these are basics in SEO; there is much more than you need to learn in SEO to successfully run your website.

The Internet is nowadays one of the best possible platforms for marketing; no business can sustain in today’s world without its virtual presence. The most notable of the internet marketing is SEO. The full form of SEO is Search engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is also referred to as Organic result namely.  It is the process to control the search results which comes in the unpaid search result of a web search engine. It is a business optimization process per say, which manages the online website visibility, in the list of the results which a search at any web search engine begets.

The higher a website ranks in the search results, the better are its chances of receiving a high number of visitors. With increased traffic, the business also stands to gain more potential customers.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is an internet marketing strategy, which takes into consideration the way a search engine works and the programming algorithm dictating the search engine behavior. Besides these factors, it also takes into account the keyword or the proper search term, which matter a person searches about, and lastly which the targeted audience prefers. However, there is a slight difference between SEO and local optimization. Local SEO takes care of the online presence of business (i.e., optimizing the display rank of a website in the list of search results when someone gives the local search), but the Search engine Optimization is much more focused to take care of the national and international searches. Professional SEO company services can help you in this regard!

The Starting Period

On 2nd May 2007, Jason Gambert made the first attempt to trademark the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO. He put forward in front of the Trademark office at Arizona that Search Engine Optimization is not a mere marketing process or service. Instead, it is a process which functions to manipulate the keywords to optimize. Though, the starting point of this process goes back to the mid 90’s, as only in this period the first generation search engines were cataloging the web. In this time Webmasters first started to optimize websites for the search results of search engines. However, the term Search Engine optimization came into existence probably in 1997; Bruce Clay is mostly referred as the person to popularize the term.

The First Generation Optimization Process

When it comes to the first generation Search Engine Optimizer, Webmaster worked in the following way, and they first submitted the page address of a specific website to many engines that then sent a spider for crawling that page to extract information or better to say links to the other pages out of it. Later, the obtained data was then indexed. This process included following factors such as a spider downloading of a page by a search engine, storing the information on the own server of the search engine. There is the second program as well which is called an indexer. It extracts information such as their location, the containing words and so on about a page; and lastly, the whole data was placed for crawling into a scheduler for the next date.

The Path of Modification

The first generation of the optimization process had to depend upon the ‘Index Files’ or ‘Keyword Meta Tag’ in a search engine; Webmaster provided these methods. However, by 1997 this process was recognized as creating junk with irrelevant keywords to manipulate the online visibility of a website, while the popularity of a search engine depends upon how much relevant search result it can produce against a given search. In 2005 an attempt was made in the form of a conference of AIRWeb to bring the practitioners and researchers of search optimization together. In 1998 Google was started and later on it developed itself to make a personalized search result for each of its users depending upon their search history.

How Does This Work?

There are many methods which are used to produce an increased prominent appearing on the site in search results of the search engine provided against any given keyword. Crawlers are used to find pages for their algorithmic search results by the popular search engines. There are several different methods existing which can be used to increase the online presence of a website in the search results. One can visit this link https://www.sandcrestseo.com/to know more about search engine optimization process in details.

We can name Cross-linking as one of the processes which link between pages of the same website to beget an increased number of essential links to relevant pages, improving the visibility of a website. There are also processes such as creating the content which includes the frequently searched keywords can increase the visibility, updating content that makes the search engines crawl back again and again is also can improve traffic to a website. There are two broad categories of search engine optimization process; one is white hat technique, and the other one is the black hat technique. The search engine companies recommend the first one as part of the so-called ‘good design,’ and the second one can be articulated thus, the techniques which the search engines do not approve are regarded as black hat technique.

The search engine optimization process is one of the most effective routes of internet marketing. However, it is not same as pay per click campaigns or other forms of internet marketing. Instead, experts state that the search engine optimization depended on the site operators goals and the difference between this process and paid per click campaign is that of the paid and unpaid priority ranking in the search results, which are necessarily unpaid search results against the searched keywords by the user.

Thus, we can say lastly that the Search Engine Optimization is as useful as the Search Engine Marketing and Pay per Click Advertisements depending on the goals of the owner of the site. If you are looking to get started with SEO, you should hire a competent team of professionals.

Change is the only things which don’t change when it comes to search engine optimization. It is a specialty which changes its very base from time to time at lightning speed, and if someone wants to master it, the only way is to chase it at the same pace. No wonder why many of them who try it fail and why it becomes so challenging to stand firm on this ever-changing floor.

SEO for 2018



The rules and latest trends in SEO changes faster than someone get a chance to get adapted to those. Tactics which were working just fine become obsolete in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, the things which you were considered as a boon may start harming you at the next phase. The best possible approach to cope up with this highly competitive chase is to run ahead of time and come in line with the changes.

That is the reason why we are exploring the possible 2018 SEO strategies now itself even though we are just into the last quarter of 2017. Let’s wave a farewell to many of those strategies we were fond of as keyword density and semantic search and move forward to much safer, richer, and mobile friendly web approach to earn laurels in times to come. Here, let’s uncover some better opportunities and upcoming strategies in SEO for 2018.

       1. Everything mobile friendly

Mobile phones; smartphones to be specific, have now become an essential part of our everyday life. When it comes to accessing the internet through mobile phones, the primary requirement for web makers is to make everything responsive and mobile friendly.

Mobilegeddon was introduced in later 2016, which is primarily the concept of considering mobile-friendliness as a key ranking preposition. This approach was soon followed by Google announcement as the crawlers started testing the sites for mobile-friendliness for appropriate indexing. 2017 had seen many controversies around the topic of responsiveness, and there had been many delay notes released by Google. However, the concept of mandatory mobile-friendliness seems to take full effect in the year 2018, and the rankings may be entirely based on the mobile version of websites.

       2. Speed matters

Load time of a web page always remained a significant factor affecting the user experience as well as search engine performance. So, this will stay as another critical factor in SERP of your website in 2018. Google has introduced the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages to prevent the shift from mobile browsing to apps. AMP may load about four times faster than regular page loading, which will ultimately improve the user experience. Studies have shown that the introduction of AMP has a significant positive impact on the CTR and bounce rates. Even though AMP is not a ranking factor as of now, it will soon become an essential component.

       3. Link building should be given priority

SEO is a never-ending story, and many say link building has already come to an end as SEO is desperately looking for new ways to move on. However, as per https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ experts, this is not true. IT is true that link building has been counted more systematically to value only the genuine and solid ones.

Building links along with ideal content writing services are considered to be earning more online. With an every-ending growth of more survey, studies, and blogs, backlinks remain one of the major ranking factors to assess the credibility and dependability of a particular page or content.

Google; however, is becoming stricter about the unnatural or name-sake backlink profiles and also blacklist the manipulative backlink building tactics, so be mindful of it while planning internal and external linking strategy for your pages. The low-quality and spam links may mostly get devalued by the leading search engines, and there are also chances that you succumb to a penalty for using some illegitimate linking methods.

The typical advice for 2018 in terms of link building may be:

  • Trying out grey-hat or spammy link building tactics by listening to the ‘too good to be true’ SEO consultancies may merely be a waste of time.
  • It is ideal to grow the link profile of your web page at a natural pace.
  • It is essential to create cornerstone content also to be worth linking to.
  • The quantity of the links is not the key, but high-quality links, especially relevant to the same niche will end up in scoring well.
  • It is not wrong to be lenient to paid link building methods too, but it should be done modestly.

       4. Mind voice search

Technology around voice recognition continues to grow, and it will be more optimized in the year 2018. Siri and Cortana can do almost all your smart-phone based tasks now ranging from merely engaging us with a joke to instantly respond to queries like when man will hit the moon next! Amazon Echo or Google Home may also let us shop merely hands-free

The precision of voice recognition improves from time to time, and Microsoft recently reported reaching up to about 5.1% error rate. Voice search has now become less frustrating and more convenient day by day, and 70 percent of the respondents in a recent survey said they use voice search at least once to twice a month, and more than half of them use it weekly or daily. Based on Google stats, about 20% of all mobile queries are now made through voice and predictions are made that more than 50% of overall searches by the year 2020 will be the voice.

Even though we have discussed a major few factors to note in 2018 for SEO as above, there are a lot more to expect in this fast chancing cranny in the coming months. To be prepared it is essential to practice long-tail keywords, usage of natural language, streamlining an FAQ page, local SEO, creation of progressive web apps, restructuring of data to gain more attention, meaningful web communications.

In any instance, content will always remain the kind, and this is the first and foremost consideration in web development and maintenance across the times. In case of SEO, the future is always now and the fine line between getting the real users engaged and convincing the search engines to become less vivid.

For the popularity and high ranking of the website out from the increased traffic, some smart tricks are required, and SEO is one of them. From last ten years, there is a substantial increase in the number of users of the website, and which gives rise to the number of visitors too. As fast as we are moving to the digital world, we first rely on internet and website to get our work done flexibly and simply. If you want to attract a large number of visitors, it is essential to create an attractive and decorative site.

High quality

To make your website appeared on the first search page, you should focus on presenting only high-quality contents on the site so that users can understand the way you deal with your services. We suggest offering only such ideas which makes you unique than others because it increases the chances of visibility.  The changing features of SEO are providing significant benefits to represent your website as well as web content in top-ranked list besides considerable traffic in the network. It also gives the flexibility to change the contents without a much more typical step, as well as you can say it is as simple as you live and breathe. One can get in touch with https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ to get efficient SEO services.

Beat the traffic with SEO

However, search engine optimization is itself cold war between website design and search engine firms. Websites are fighting to get high ranking, and the search engine will display the better search results in priority. To overcome these issues and to get the latest updates one should focus on how SEO is changing. Quality blog writing services are also the part of this changing SEO.

Specifications of changing SEO’s

  • At the present time, users would like to search contents more through voice recognition system rather than to search through phones or computers. Use of natural language is very much essential to make your site remarkable in the regional area too. By analyzing the change in SEO from beginning till now, it can be said that SEO is used to remove traffic and gain quality ranking which can ultimately help in getting success more rapidly.
  • Another primary specification of changing SEO is to produce original content on the site. There are applications available in the market that can easily cut and paste the sentences from even long articles and book. Cutting, pasting or scraping is a not a dependable way to produce the motive of your contents. It is always recommended to create original content to gain user attention. Only attentive users can be the future satisfied customers of your product or services.
  • Posting the truthful fact of the contents, this means when you are up to write something about your topic, then post the relevant things only. Posting irrelevant contents and just filling the sentences with unique words can drag down the rank of your content. So, to cope up with this, you should target on how SEO is changing and how it can bear these changes to produce the positive outcome.
  • The most important features of the changing SEO is that it always requires you to present the quality work not quantity work. It means present web contents and details only which is necessary and which should be known by visitors. Do not offer unnecessary information which makes your site dull and unimpressive. You can achieve this by making better use of keywords for the content which you present on the site.

Understand the latest trends of SEO

Very often the trend of SEO starts changing and that change should be thoroughly understood before implementing your ideas into your site. When the first time you present your ideas in front of others and if you are successful in getting user attention then you can get an easy path to success. But by any chance, if you are failed to do so, then it becomes a tough process, to rebuild and represent your thoughts and ideas. The major reason for the failure of sites and services can be the result of using outdated SEO techniques, that’s why we focus more on adopting and updating yourself with the latest trends and techniques.

SEO gives business promotion

For any small to large scale business, it is vital to be remarkable to gain success and growth. Advertising and branding is the most critical phase of the start-up time, and one should always focus on the excellent approach to advertising, branding, and promotion. Website development is also the part of the business promotion as well as it has become the mandatory thing to present yourself in front of millions of users. If you want to make a creative which can get top ranking and can appear on the first page, then you can contact us for high quality and friendly services.

Structuring an SEO friendly site is the highest requirement of building any website to get high rankings. It also includes top class blog writing services, because this gives quick information about the website, products as well as services. When we say ranking of a website, it means your site should be available as first as possible when a user searched for any data. Although it looks straightforward to design SEO friendly site with the skills and research, it should be taken as a serious concern, and before publishing the contents live, it should be cross-checked twice or thrice.


Thus, in the above content, we have discussed what SEO is? How it can be helpful in promoting your sites, and how changing SEO can be used to produce more benefits in short interval time. We are a professional team who are successful in delivering the use of latest trends of SEO to make your site attractive, decorative, meaningful, and ranked. Just understand the features and benefits of the SEO for your website and then come to any conclusion about its use for you.