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Your Business Needs The Best Online Reputation Management

The truth is, every business wants their website to have high Google rankings. These top Google rankings are tricky to achieve unless you have trained SEO experts to help. That is why Sand Crest SEO can help, we have a fully trained team of SEO experts who use SEO techniques guaranteed to bring your business’ website real results!

On-page SEO can become a nightmare if you do not have the right guidance. It is common for store owners to hire expert help to include special functions and optimize on-page elements for search engine spiders. However, not all consultants can “fix” your problem.

An E-Commerce company who become so successful is because they have the right kind of partners.  If you do not have the right kind of partners, you are wasting your time and money. There are many marketing techniques available that will not bring your business real results. If increasing your visibility online is your goal, then choose Sand Crest SEO!

SEO is not easy at all. It is an ongoing process that requires dedication and time. Search engine optimization has to be an on-site and an off-site event. To make things even more challenging, this sort of marketing is constantly evolving and that makes it difficult for E-Commerce websites to keep up with the constant changes. Sand Crest SEO dedicates its finest SEO experts who provide smart online marketing solutions for all of their clients.

E-Commerce websites are very challenging to rank keywords for because of how competitive they are. But even though E-Commerce websites are more difficult to rank keywords for, we have still been able to. In fact, we have many E-Commerce websites who are ranked very well. We would love to share these rankings with you as proof of what our SEO services can do for your own business.

Can You Skip Reputation Management?

The only thing worse than an inactive online profile, is a poorly managed online profile. You do not want potential customers to know about the times your products or services disappointed or even angered your past or current customers. For small businesses, such insignificant mistakes can have very significant repercussions. You cannot bypass online profile and business supervision or substitute it with other marketing tactics.

That is why hiring the expert services of a knowledgeable agency such as Sand Crest SEO is vital for the ultimate success of your business. If you have never worked with a professional reputation management team before, you should read about a few things we do.

1. We Establish Your Online Presence On All The Platforms

A helpful thing do to for your website is to claim your business online. Claiming your business online is simple. Sand Crest SEO can help you with this process if needed. You should already have profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. If not, we will start with these, and then we can work further to help you claim business profiles on trusted business directories including Yelp. If you have minor profiles in service apps like Thumbtack, we will check it from time to time to see what your clients are saying.

LinkedIn is a must for all B2B companies. Your business executives and managers should also have accounts on LinkedIn since it provides fantastic networking services.

2. We Take Social Media Seriously

Most companies tend to view social media accounts rather casually. That should not be the case. Social media can be the proponent of a positive brand image. Check out Wendy’s Twitter profile or Papa John’s Facebook page. The amount of user engagement is tremendous. They entertain their customers and rope in more potential customers by their new interactive offers.

Facebook is another social media platform that is important to have updated with new posts of advertised offers regularly.

Google My Business is also a social media platform that would be very beneficial for your business to have current information on.

Lack of user engagement will make your social accounts dead weights for your company. Active user engagement is a smart way to outrank and overpower negative comments. Social media links are important factors for ranking websites. Google sees social media profiles as powerful backlinks.

3. We Listen To What People Are Saying

Eavesdropping on a private conversation is rather creepy. However, nothing on social media is truly private, especially when it involves your brands and products. You can use spying tools like Mentionmapp and Hootsuite to learn what your customers are saying about your service.

Your customers may not always be right. After all, they are also human! They may pass judgment or negative remarks even before trying your services or products. You should be able to clarify all concerns and respond to their reviews to increase engagement. You should never engage in direct conflict with any customer over a negative comment or low rating.

Employing listening tools will help us understand what your customers need and what they want. Make sure your business is not inflexible. You should find a way to give your clients what they want without patronizing or engaging in direct conflicts.

4. We Apologize When Required

Apologizing to someone who has left your business negative feedback is the best way to handle the situation. Even if the person is not correct with what they are saying about your business, it is always best to apologize to them. Think about it this way; would you rather just apologize or potentially lose a paying customer? In case your company messes up somehow or fails to deliver a promised service, making sure to take the best corrective action to keep your business reputation clean is super important.

5. We Avoid Online Spats

Unfortunately, the majority of people live their lives online. Everyone is busy browsing and updating thier social media profiles and viewing online businesses. Almost 92% of America’s population now checks businesses online before making a final commitment. Nearly 80% of shoppers have shopped online, and shockingly 94% of the shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Messing with clients online in front of other potential customers can be deadly for your business. We do not let your brand get sucked into the eternal vortex of the “who is more right?” game. Even if you are right, it is sometimes wise to step down and let your customer have the pedestal.

In worse scenarios, you might actually be wrong! Here, do not try to defend your actions. Simply go ahead and apologize before your disgruntled customer can whine all over the internet about your negligence or bad service.

We always take these situations offline where there are no public records. We try to reconcile by offering goodies, or we simply overwhelm negative responses with positive ones. The moment you think you are feeling enticed to join a raging conflict, walk away from your computer and take a few minutes to breathe.

6. The Power Of Blogs

Blogging is a secret key to SEO and success. With our SEO packages, we include 4 blog posts per month for each of our clients. We have found that by cosistantly posting blogs on your business’ website is something Google views very favorably. Blog posting boosts website rankings immensely.

Using trending keywords to express your business ideas will keep your blogs on top of Google search result lists. It is excellent for reputation management. It will bring more followers, who are dedicated. It will give you a verified platform to defend any allegations made against your business and services.

7. We Help You Claim Your Business Identity

If you closely associate with your business and its mantra, we will help you claim your authorship. It is something we did over a decade ago. Business ideas do qualify as intellectual properties. If you have a front for your business on the web, make sure to claim it.

Your business posts and activities should always include an author tag for posts on Google+ and blogging platform. It will also help you eliminate a lot of unwanted commenting from unauthorized sources. Your tags should also work as authorizations to mark original posts made from your business blog.

8. We Protect Your Employees And Clients

Keeping a low online profile is a very bad idea. It is necessary to the real success of your business to keep your business profile as visible online as possible!

A few popular social media platforms to keep a high business profile on are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Google+
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest

Assigning one of your employees the responsibility of keeping your social media accounts up to date by adding fresh content will help to bring in more revenue.

9. Revamp Your Branding Strategy

You may already have a stellar branding strategy in place that has been working for the last five years. However, if your business has experienced a recent drop in monthly sales and rise in negative reviews should tell you it is time to put in place a new strategy.

Branding is not separable from online reputation. If you have products that precede your company name, then consider using those products as your business guide. Rank the names in addition to your business name. We suggest you develop web pages dedicated to all your products and create profiles on social media if you feel each product has a dedicated niche market.

10. Take The Next Step

We try to give maximum control of online profiles to our clients. Our clients know their business better than we do, so allowing them to manage their own business profiles on social media platforms is what we often suggest. However, there are many business review websites that are difficult to manage and stay on top of. Sand Crest often takes care of all of these listings to ensure that our clients have a high online reputation. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to new startups that are looking for effective ways to craft a positive brand image.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to start proactive reputation management?
Google yourself. See what your audience is saying about your services.

2. How to handle negative reviewers?
Always be courteous. Do not attack your customers. You will end up attracting more negative reviews.

3. Can reputation management services handle negative reviews?
We can handle negative reviews. We bury the negative reviews or simply flood the internet with positive reviews to drown the negative ones out.

4. Are there any tools to help us with reputation supervision?
Yes. You can try Warble, Mentionmapp, Edit Alert, Twilert, Twitter Counter and Hootsuite for checking social media comments.

Our SEO process is fully effective in boosting your website rankings. Our managed SEO services helps businesses build a  reputable domain.