How to Move from PSD to HTML: the Perfect Website

Moving from Photoshop Design to HTML coding for your website does not have to be as complicated as many people have been made to believe. Several tutorials offering such lessons are simple and easy to follow. They have gone out of the way to condense what used to be a nightmare into something more palatable […]

5 Tips for the Best Website Design for Small Businesses in 2017

There’s no time like the present if you’re trying to set up a business. The online world has simultaneously made it easier and harder for small businesses to reach consumers; easier because you can easily target your audience and deliver customized messages that are less costly than the mass advertising forms used before, and harder […]

Google’s Finding Events Feature: How is it changing the SEO Game?

Google is our all-year Santa, rolling out new gifts for all users. This month, Google has launched the event finder for all the mobile search app users. This particular feature is taking the events world by storm already. The newly updated app and mobile browser in the U.S. are helping users find new things to […]

Services to Look for in SEO Packages

SEO companies play an important role in online marketing. They are the ones responsible for search engine ranking and all other aspects of Internet marketing. This means that with the right company, you will be able to concentrate on the core operations of your online business without ever having to worry about its overall performance. […]

6 Common SEO Services Pricing Models

The question you will have to ask SEO companies over and over is how they price their services. Most business owners consider the cost of SEO as an expense instead of an investment. To be sincere, when it comes to SEO, all you will be doing is making an investment in your business. This is […]

8 Most Essential Tips to Note for Successful E-commerce Web Design in 2017

Web design itself is a very competitive industry, and when it comes to developing e-commerce sites that need to win the hearts of the consumers at the very first instance, it becomes more challenging. Here we will discuss some tips from the experts that can help you build the best looking and most user-friendly e-commerce […]

A few things about on-page SEO you need to know in 2017

We have heard ad nauseam about SEO and its benefits. SEO is here to stay, and people will not stop talking about it. In the hustle bustle of commodification, the real beauty like optimization is in neglect. We need to understand why SEO is here to stay rather than why we should buy SEO packages […]

5 SEO Benefits You Can Gain from Responsive Web Design

The world we live in today has already moved from desktop as the main search tool to mobile search. Consumers are now addicted to their tablets, iPads and mobile phones. As such, responsive web design has ceased to be innovative and turned into a requirement. Web has changed drastically over the last year. The top […]

4 Factors That Can Spoil ROI from SEO

When you have created a website and invested money in SEO hoping for ranks and leads but it’s not working, the situation can be very frustrating. You get confused because many other companies in your niche are getting web and mobile traffic, but it seems that customers are simply not paying any attention to your […]

In-House SEO Expert vs. Outsourcing: Which One Is Better?

Running an online business today not only comes with an array of opportunities but also many challenges. With over 3.6 billion people using the internet today according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU),the internet marketplace is where business is happening today. However, you have to contend with increased competition at a global level. One of […]