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Transitioning To National SEO – A Guide You Will Need To Succeed

What happens when you find a good search engine optimization company?

  • They optimize your website for only local based keywords.

What happens when you find a great search engine optimization company?

  • They optimize your website for nationally based keywords as well.

We have 10 years of experience in internet marketing. We have refined our strategies and techniques to make them the most efficient and effective possible. At Sand Crest, we make sure that your website is optimized for search engine crawlers as well as human users.

Our experts implement only the most effective internet marketing strategies that are sure to bring your business’ website a huge increase in monthly sales!

What Does A Sand Crest National SEO Campaign Look Like?

There are quite a few companies that claim to do search engine optimization work throughout the United States. However, very few of them can cover the wide ground Sand Crest covers at the moment.

Our experts at Sand Crest will help you understand the reach of each step to the very best search engine optimization campaign for even the most competitive keywords.

1. Advanced Keyword Research

No SEO campaign is complete without keyword research. If you think producing stellar content with the right trending keywords is tough, you are absolutely right. That is why Sand Crest uses the most recent keyword research tools to help you find out what topics and keyword phrases are best suited for your website and blogs.

2. Keyword Mapping

You cannot just include tons of keywords in your website content and think that Google will love your website content. In fact, Google does not like to see content that is keyword stuffed.

The right keyword count is not a fixed amount. It varies according to the total word count of the articles. We have seen that long-form articles with about 1500-1600 words work wonders with 6% keyword density. Blogs of just 500 words do not work well with keyword density above 1%.

However, this is not a search engine optimization trade secret. There are quite a few things about focus strategy that can make you worry. That is what we at Sand Crest are here for, we would love to help you out with all your website needs.

3. Optimization Of Google Maps

If people do not know where you are located, your local-based store will be left out of the sales surge. A good internet marketing company will always make your business location easier to find. They have their local internet marketing strategies on point. This means, in addition to being found on Google by online buyers, your store buyers will also be able to find your location more easily on Google Maps.

We think Google Maps integration into the online marketing campaigns is indispensable for smaller businesses. Since it is also about positioning and digital marketing strategy. Your business will become more visible on proximity based Google Maps results. However, do not think, this is mutually exclusive of national SEO. This is an integral part of the complete online marketing domain. For example, if you search “Chinese Takeout” right now on Google top ranking result will vary from location to location. However, all the results will be relevant to your query. You will definitely need to optimize your website using traditional online marketing techniques before you can embrace the Google Maps strategies.

4. Collecting Reviews

Positive reviews are extremely important to national SEO. If you want your brand to be noticed and have a positive image, we can do that for you. Sand Crest curates all positive reviews about your brand from all corners of the web. We listen in on all discussions about your brand on different social media platforms using our own software and compile a report for you. On top of that, we can follow your diligent customers and collect their positive reviews about your services and products.

Almost 92% of your customers actually read reviews before buying a product or commissioning a service. Out of them, 70% will buy something from your website only if it has over 4 positive reviews out of 5. This is where Sand Crest works its wonders. We make sure that you do not miss out any of your good reviews and we link them to your Google Maps location and website. Be it Yelp or a random blog, we will find your buyers and add the reviews to your company.

Why National Based SEO Campaigns Are More Difficult

If you and your website team have already managed to master local internet marketing, you might be pondering over taking charge of your national internet marketing all by yourself as well. However, there are a few factors that you may want to consider before you plunge into trying to rank for more competitive keywords.

Sand Crest has a team full of professional experts who know how to rank locally based and nation-wide based companies to the top three positions on Google!

1. You Will Face More Competition

For example, if you sell makeup, there might be hardly 10 more shops and websites in your locality who are in the same business. However, the moment you expand your customer-base to the entire US, you are inviting more competition. There are close to a hundred thousand small and fabulous cosmetic brands that operate out of the US, and you will be competing for space on the first page against the E-Commerce giants for the first time.

2. Facing National Brands

Taking on your local competition is one thing and standing up against the more famous brands is altogether a different ballgame. You may even have to face the likes of Amazon and eBay if you decide to go target an even larger audience.

For this, you will need someone who has played this game before. An experienced team is priceless in determining the internet marketing strategies that are best suited for your company website. We have helped many well-known brands reach the crescendo of their success simply by using our best tools and strategies most suited to the needs of our clients.

A Few Nation-Wide Companies We Have Helped Boost Website’s Rankings For Are:

  • Daniels
  • J Brandt
  • Tungsten

3. Comprehensive Marketing Services

You will also need an upgrade of your existing marketing team. A national marketing campaign calls for a strong marketing team that has both experience and accolade in their resume. Your marketing strategy should include your content strategy and your local strategy that you currently employ. You will also need to consider an increase in your monthly budget and a longer time frame for each project.

Why You Should Focus On National SEO

Moving from local to a national SEO is not a leap of faith. It is a calculated decision you need to make weighing the pros and cons of the transition. As we have said before, these kind of campaigns are more complex but they are more lucrative. You will be able to directly reach out to a fresh audience who might be interested to hear/learn about your products and services. Internet marketing to the entire world opens you up to a new world of potential customers, but now we have to face large corporate companies in order to outrank them in the search engines.

If your company has already experienced the fruits of local campaigns, it is time for you to move on to a more competitive search engine optimization platform where you compete and learn from the best companies in your trade. Internet marketing campaigns that target the whole world are quite the step up from local SEO; it might not be the smoothest and easiest task for companies without an experienced guide.

The Best Ways Of Expanding Your SEO Campaign

There are two ways in which companies can extend their existing search engine optimization campaigns to a national level. You can either build on your current company website or build a brand new one. A smart online marketing company will first evaluate your existing internet marketing strategies and your website before giving you their opinion. Our Sand Crest analytics team will evaluate your current ROI and discover the best search engine optimization process to increase your ROI.

It is smarter to build on what you already have going if it is already making money for your company. A good website with optimized SEO strategies makes money for itself. We only suggest our clients to completely overhaul their strategies and websites only when we see no other option. A non-functional website optimization strategy is a dead weight for any website.

Our Sand Crest team is sure to meet all your needs without going overboard with your online marketing budget. Our packages are affordably priced and perfectly customized to match exactly what your website needs for the biggest jump in keyword rankings. If you need help with our service packages, costs and service details, simply email us or give us a call today!

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