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Making The Transition Easier – Local To Multi-location SEO In 5 Easy Steps

Local SEO has become the heart of marketing campaigns all around the world. However, we do not see too many marketing campaigns including multi-location optimization on their to-do lists. If you are here in search of the best guidance for your very own SEO campaign, then you are at the right place. However, before we proceed any further, let us tell you that working on local SEO is quite easy. However, manipulating your existing website optimization to increase the visibility of various locations can be a challenge.

What Is The Biggest Challenge?

More than 50% of all mobile users are looking for local companies and businesses. This makes it even more challenging to rank for new locations away from home. You need to make sure that people searching on the Internet find the right information about you no matter where they are located.

How Sand Crest SEO Can Help

Working on multiple location SEO means a lot more than simple keyword strategies and internal linking.
There are quite a few factors involved in multiple locations optimization that requires expert help. Sand Crest can help you with your marketing strategies, link directories, and campaign budget. Here are a few things you need to know before you progress further into planning your marketing strategy.

1. Understanding Your Budget And Target Market

We have seen companies spend millions on search engine optimization strategies and stay anon. and we have seen, small startups spend a couple of hundreds each month and do marvelously on the Google search result lists. How much money you are spending hardly matters when it comes to multiple location national SEO. Your business success will be determined by how you are investing the money.

Before you assign a budget to your online marketing campaign, you need to assess the population and market size. This is quite an impossibility if you do not have a dedicated marketing team working in tandem with your online marketing experts.

The Following Is 2 Reasons Why An Assesment Is Important To Developing Your Online Marketing Campaign:

  • Identifying buying trends – your target customers decide what will sell. Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are the three highest grossing periods for an online entrepreneur. If you can target these increased buying periods, your ROI will skyrocket within weeks.
  • Defining your budget – you do not want to throw money down the drains trying to sell Air Conditioners in Greenland. You will need to understand what your buyers want and assign a budget depending on the market demand.

2. Evaluate Competition To Understand Their Strategies

From athletes to soldiers, evaluating competition to understand their strategies is vital to their personal success. You need to understand your competitors before starting SEO. Knowing how many backlinks your competition’s websites have will help you determine how many you need in order to rank your website above your competitors. Knowing how much content your competitor’s websites have and continually post will help you determine how much content is necessary for your own website to have and continually post. Knowing which keywords your competitor’s websites are ranking for will help you determine which keywords your own website should be targeting. Knowing your competition’s websites social media campaigns will help you determine what your own social media campaign should include.

Also, you need to remember, most of your competitors may be local brands and they will find it easier to optimize local search rankings.

This involves many hours of research that our team of experts here at Sand Crest can easily do for you. Our team of experts has 10 years of experience in finding out the proclivities of online-based businesses and location-based businesses.

3. Link Building Is An Integral Part Of All SEO

Do you remember when you could just stuff your keywords and use “grey-hat” strategies to find links off seller websites for your content? Well, those days are long gone. Penguin loves to penalize websites that use unscrupulous links that do not pass Google PageRank.

You should also invest in buying advertising links that link through your website. Google also says, if you are buying ad links, make sure they do not pass PageRank to your website.

That’s quite a bit of digital marketing jargon right there. You will need a dedicated marketing and SEO team to work together to chalk out a link building plan for you. Even your local linking strategies might need a second look if you have not been abiding Google’s stringent rules about link building. You can use Cemper’s Link Alert to check what links your competition is looking at right now. However, if you have a whole website and business to run, you already have a lot on your plate. Our SEO team can check out your competitor’s preferences and supply you with a new link for domains you may be interested in.

4. Content Conundrums Are Part Of Multi SEO Too

SEO without content is like Coke without the fizz from caffeine. On-page search engine optimization never gets old and you can never have enough of it when working on multiple location SEO. If you want to target specific niches like “Denver Pet Stores”, you must make sure that your website has similar phrases carefully tucked inside the content.

Just like local SEO, this type of online marketing also requires headers like H1, H2 and meta tags to rank in the Google SRLs. Now, you can go for GEO location tags while optimizing content for “hyper-local” optimization. However, when you want your website to appeal to a larger audience you cannot just include one specific city in your content.

Google does crawl JavaScript and images now, but we always suggest our clients not to take this unnecessary risk. You should also include meta keywords in your location-based content. However, you need to make sure that you keep something to the imagination. You do not want to reveal your content strategy to your competitors at your meta keywords.

Most of these experienced online marketing teams and digital marketing teams know the secret that will help your website strike the right balance between hyper-location and multiple locations. Keyword density is also very important and you need to spend considerable time in testing the right number for your business website unless you have an experienced analytics team to help you out.

5. Perform A SEO Audit Before You Go Ahead And Invest

In order to build on your current SEO plan, you need to assess whether your local optimization is strong enough. You can commission a website ranking audit for this purpose. Performing a website ranking audit is not an impossible task, but it is surely time-consuming.

You will need multiple crawling tools, link assessment tools, analytics tools and reporting tools to evaluate your website in terms of links, keyword placement, CTR, conversion rate and much more. The result will be a compilation of all collected data from different sources in the form of a graph and a spreadsheet.

Having an analytics team do it for you is definitely a huge time saver. Sand Crest’s team of experts can perform a website ranking audit within a couple of hours on your website. We have all the latest tools that we use to analyze a website completely.

Our decision to build on the existing website or the build a campaign from scratch depends upon the report from the website ranking audit. We can tell you which local business profiles you can claim right away, which part of your online marketing strategy requires immediate attention and what key phrases can boost your SERP rank immensely. Our analytics team can offer you a wholesome experience that is a balanced blend of optimization analytics, marketing reports and immediate possibilities exclusive for your company.

Tailor-Made SEO Packages

Here at Sand Crest SEO, we believe that online optimization strategies should be customized for each individual business. All our clients get unique campaigns, exactly perfect for their unique needs. Every business has its own needs and we design our online marketing campaigns keeping each individual business needs in mind.

Take-Home Message

Our team of experts at Sand Crest SEO has 10 years of experience in implementing the most effective optimization strategies and maintaining multi-location optimization for many satisfied clients. We can inform your company about the Google Webmaster Guidelines, the most recent Google Algorithm Updates, and Google PageRank requirements to help your website see a greater reach and increased sales. If you have any questions about the effectiveness of your current campaign, the optimization of your website, on-site optimization, and transition to a multi-location optimization campaign we are here to help! Our search engine optimization services are sure to give your company the boost it needs!