Search Engine Optimization is the action of typing to improve the ranking of a website or web page in organic search results. Organic search refers to methods that are used to obtain a high ranking on the result pages of the search engines in algorithm driven and unpaid results on a specific given search engine. More than 70% of users prefer to click on the organic search results and as compared to the sponsored links these are, no doubt, more valuable. In fact, users consider these links as trustworthy as compared to the sponsored advertising and links.

Traditionally search engines relied on how often a keyword appeared on a web page, but now search engines are more sophisticated with Google using more than 200 signals, including something called the page rank algorithms to look at the web page’s content and interpreted importance on the web.

Search engine algorithms

The algorithm has undergone several changes over the last few years to overcome the loopholes that spammers take advantages of. Google Panda is known for being the latest update in the year February 2011, and it was introduced with the motive of better web page design and quality.

Search Engine optimizers try to understand how search engine’s work and research what their target audience is looking for. In SEO both technology and both content, enhancement is needed to be made to make it look more attractive.

With SEO it becomes easy to find as well as categorize a website. It is simply about assisting customers to get your business in the midst of thousands of competitors. This is indeed one of the most integral parts of digital marketing strategies.

It helps the marketing entrepreneurs accomplish the following goals:

  • SEO can directly increase the search ranking for websites with the use of relevant keywords in a search engine like Google.
  • SEO assist customers to come across website contents which match their requirements. Therefore, in one way it helps in lead generation services.
  • It helps to hike up the sales when a number of people start visiting your website, which leads to more conversion rate and refines sales.

Lead Generation

SEO helps in lead generation in the following two methods:

  • Organic Search Results: Links to relevant websites based on their search terms or keywords. Search engine’s algorithm determines These. This search saves more money by generating more leads.
  • Paid Advertising: It is a Cost per Click (CPC) advertising and these links appear at the very top and the right of the organic search results in search engines.

SEO and Keywords

The best use of SEO can be made if we can match the needs of the customers with your offerings. And for that, you need to choose the relevant keywords for your business simply.

Here’s how to select the best keywords and generate leads for your website:

  • You need to select keywords which are usually referred by people to look for the product or service you are offering.
  • You need to ensure that your market is not saturated with details so that your site can easily climb to the top rank of the search result within a short period.
  • Select those keywords only which are relevant.

The SEO world keeps on changing time and again and the methods of search engine for ranking sites keeps on upgrading. SEO experts need to always keep up with the latest trends in the market. Recently, there has been a vast change incorporated in the digital marketing field. The search engine as well all know continues to broaden the gaze as well as perfect the techniques and specifics of content quality, brand sentiment as well as overall relevance. It is a prominent factor that the search is overlapping increasing with the other marketing strategies. This revolutionizes the methods of an organization for PR, approaching the sales, branding, and others. For success, it is always necessary to integrate the best marketing strategies and SEO practices.

SEO tools

Have a look at few SEO tools which helps in expanding a business:

  • Online Reputation Management Audit Tool: For any business that directly depends on the reviews, this is a perfect and indeed must to have tool. This will help you to search for the business on popular review sites, and you can also get comprehensive report at the same time.
  • Free Alternative To Google Keyword Planner: this tool is an alternative to other keyword research tools.
  • Keyword Density Checker: This tool will crawl the specific URL, extract text as a search engine would and, remove common stop words and display the density of your keywords.
  • Backlink builder: This tool helps you to build a LOT of quality backlinks.
  • Alexa Rank Checker: this SEO tool allows you to get the Alexa traffic ranking of you and your competitors.

Who can use SEO lead generation tools:

  • Freelancers: SEO experts who work as a freelancer can use SEO tools for new projects.
  • Marketing agencies: digital marketing analyst who is constantly doing market research can use SEO tools for lead generation.
  • Web Design Firm: web design firm can use SEO lead generation tools for web development as a part of the turn-key package.

Good SEO is essential for lead generation. By setting up goals in Google analytics, you can directly measure conversions and traffic sources. Google Analytics is a lead generation’s specialist best friend. You can hire an SEO consultant from Sand Crest SEO, just contact us at

Apart from all these things you must realize SEO is a slow process and it takes time to implement all these. You have got a business plan; then you have to contact with people who are a niche in it. You should have a proper business plan to monetize your website. Last but not the least you should have a proper understanding of the market your into, if it is competitive you should consider a budget for making links to help you in ranking in the SERP.

But all these are basics in SEO; there is much more than you need to learn in SEO to successfully run your website.