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Lead Generation Techniques That Actually Work!

Welcome to the one place that has all the solutions to your lead generation problems. You can say goodbye to annoying cold calls and email messages from absolute strangers with our time-tested methods of marketing and lead generation.

Brushing Up On The Basics

We believe in the time-tested process that stimulates and captures the interest of a potential buyer. Cold calls are annoying and pushing these cold callers are desperate for a sale and honestly, quite intruding. Instead of hiring cold callers for our business, we use techniques to find out who is actually interested in the products your website or your company is offering. Then, we compile their details in our own database. This means we approach them with an offer that will catch their attention interest instantly.

The following, are a few tactics we follow to make sure your target audience takes an interest in your products.

Building Contact Lists

The quality of your potential customer and client list is the primary determinant of your marketing success. If your list is filled with customers who have shown interest in your products, then there is a high chance they will respond to your tactful and gentle prodding.

A good list eliminates all marketing waste. A good SEO company will also take into account all your networking needs. You need strong, quality business relationships that will open new doors for your website and company. In such cases, nothing works better than referrals from personal relationships as we have discussed later in this section.

Direct Emails

This may sound a lot like the example we gave, but it would make a lot of difference if you were expecting that call. We help you in curating a database of customers who visit your website frequently, others who are frequent buyers and yet others who have subscribed to your newsletters but never buy. Using the bucket load of data from these sources, we generate email lists as per customer interests.

Reaching out to the right audience in the right manner will help your business grow. Ultimately, the number of sales or inquiries each mail generates determines the success of your campaign. To get you the maximum ROI Sand Crest performs the most effective research and search engine optimization possible!

Designing Referrals

Third party endorsements are often perceived as more powerful than hundred presentations. And we thoroughly believe in that principle. We design referral systems that will get you the attention of potential customers and clients on social media.

You can use quite a few “automatic” referral systems but they lack optimization and greatly rely on automated cold calling. To avoid misfired endeavors, you will need a reliable SEO company to help you with the lead generation process. Having a seasoned SEO expert like Sand Crest SEO in tow makes sure that you have hundreds of new generation prospects. This not only helps you multiply profit, this will also help you to open closed doors.


There are millions of websites that ask visitors and customers to register and sign in. they even send out newsletters to all potential customers. However, not a million websites are successful. The difference between a popular E-commerce website and one that sinks unnoticed can be a simple newsletter. The content of a newsletter matters just as much as the design.

At Sand Crest SEO,  we make sure that your newsletter is unique and it matches the style of your website. We believe newsletters are a part of your website and business; they should carry the message of your business endeavors in a way that suits your brand image. We design newsletters keeping the personality of the websites and the products in mind. With our newsletter designs, you can educate your customers and potential customers about your products, services, and special offers anytime.

Now, these more conventional, age-old lead generation techniques still work. However, this is 2017, and we have some of the latest techniques in store for you that will get you to the bookmark bar of every internet user in town:

1. Pay Per Click

  • PPC or Pay per Click advertising is another amazingly effective way to get under the radar of your prospective clients and buyers. PPC can be a little confusing for website designers and website owners. You will need an SEO company like Sand Crest SEO to help you out with the optimization.
  • PPC often has a higher ROI because your website pops up as a paid suggestion to a related keyword search. We make sure that your PPC campaign is thoroughly documented. All of our SEO Marketing work is transparent and we ensure that your PPC campaign stays less expensive than your traditional advertising methods.

2. Website Planning

  • If your website is in need of SEO assistance, we will dive right in and help it become “lead generating”. Most websites that exist now are quite anti-lead generating and are passive. SEO firms rarely do anything about website design or website content to make them amicable to qualified prospects. This is why; most websites do not perform well even after repeated modifications of SEO.
  • Our experts have seen that nothing works better than starting from the top. We first, review the website design and include elements that facilitate prospecting. Your website should be designed so your client understands your value propositions and finds the required information. The effect of a well-designed website can be dramatic on online lead generation.

3. Webinars

  • Although this is not new, this is much more advanced than cold calling. Most of the times, a lead generating webinar is free of charge. You can use a webinar to educate your current clients and your potential clients about your products, services and value props.
  • This is the online cousin of a seminar, only more interestingly presented. The ingredient that will determine the success of your webinar is the content. This is where most websites, without guidance, go wrong. You can check out multiple webinars by hundreds of websites, but you will never find one that you can diligently reproduce. Every website/ecommerce site has their own message, so each one needs a unique webinar that will appeal to their clients.
  • At Sand Crest SEO, we help our clients to find the right information for their webinars and to include the right information that will appeal to their customers. Webinars must be educational, informative and interesting. You will need the guidance of an expert, like us who can help you achieve the greatest success.

4. Industry Reports

  • History makes everything a lot easier to understand. A successful company always has the market research reports of its competitors and itself over the last sales cycles. Having the research reports helps these companies understand their progress.
  • For example, if you have invested $100 in a push-email marketing strategy November 2016, you would definitely want to know how many leads that campaign generated before you could invest more money in similar campaigns. Graphs and comparison reports help you to visualize the impacts of your campaigns.
  • We will help you understand where all your money went. Reports and graphs will help you understand the return on all your investments. In fact, you can extend or curtail any of your campaign investment based on the reports provided by our analytics team. Sand Crest SEO uses the latest analytics and marketing software tools to determine the best marketing and lead generating techniques for your website.

5. Blogging

  • Blogging is never getting old. In 2017, blogging has come with a renewed vigor in the form of long-form content. Now, you can entice your potential customers and clients with informative articles about your products, customer services, and unique user experiences.
  • Blogging may seem quite easy for the ones with a tinge of creative flair. However, finding the right topic that suits the blogging section of your website can be a doozy. We can help you with that as well.
  • Blogging is not just about sharing your thoughts and ideas. It is also about the smart placement of keywords and using headers so search engines know where to find you. With 22 years of experience in the US, our creative department and SEO team works together to find you the prime topics, highest grossing keywords and best blogging techniques that will turn heads.
  • Sand Crest SEO makes sure that our clients in Denver, Colorado, USA receive our very best SEO Marketing services for an extremely competitive monthly cost. We never force our clients to sign 6 months to year-long contracts with us. We only offer month to month SEO services. We are 100% confident in our ability to increase our client’s website rankings. We just count on them never wanting to end our SEO services because they are, or will be overly satisfied with the results we bring to their website. Without the right lead generation techniques, SEO is more than incomplete. You need the touch of an expert to get your website services optimized from all angles. You can sign up easily for our SEO services by filling out the contact us form on our Sand Crest SEO website.