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What Goes Into Complete Keyword Traffic Research?

No SEO campaign is complete without competitive keyword research. If you have been looking for the right answers to all your traffic related queries, you are at the right place. Sometimes, all it takes is the selection of a few right words to stay visible on all popular search engines around the globe.

SEO based search phrase results forms the foundation of all successful marketing campaigns. How can you call your website optimized if it does not rank for the targeted key terms? Right now, you may be thinking about the expenses you have to bear if you have to make your website rank for all relevant search phrase. Let us intimate you to a pro trick – you only need to worry about those words that truly matter!

Our search terms review process makes sure that your website gets the latest dose of all trending phrases and words. You will not have to break a sweat. It does not matter if you are catering to premium customers who will be shopping from their summer yachts off the coast of Monaco or busy business people who will possibly be looking for new supplies on the fly. Both B2B and B2C companies can benefit substantially from scientific search term analysis, review and selection processes.

How We Start Our Keyword Traffic Research

We start at the very beginning, by performing a website traffic analysis. This website analysis requires the understanding of customer personalities, demands and buying powers. You can only find the most appropriate keywords once you find the right target audience. We start by constructing buyer personas for your business.

A Few Specific Things We Review About Your Business:

  • Products And Services Offered
  • Demographic Info
  • Locations Services
  • Benefits Of Your Products And Services
  • Problems Or Complaints Regarding Your Products And Services
  • Current Competition

The previous list is not everything we review before discussing the best SEO options for new clients.  Our SEO analysis is much more thorough. After presenting a completed SEO analysis with our new clients, we listen carefully to what their online marketing goals are and implement that into the best SEO package customized just for their specific business needs.

We Will Help You Know Your Customers

Every wonder how people are finding your website and where they are located from? We can use your website analytics data and your customer interactions to let you know who is visiting your site and where they are located from.

One tool that helps us do this is called Google Analytics. The Google Analytics tool refered to tracks and reports all website traffic. It has been around since 2005 and is the most popular website analytics tool online today.

We Have A Full Team Of Trained SEO Experts

Hiring trained SEO experts is vital to the success of your business. If your website is not pulling up well on search engines, it will be very difficult for potential customers to view your services and/or products offered. With our Sand Crest SEO team of experts working for your company, we will make sure your website is very visible online and receiving the amount of traffic it needs to bring in the revenue your company desires.

Keyword research begins with SEO tools and people who know how to use them correctly. Our team of SEO experts are very knowledgeable and efficient in what they do. Our team only uses the most effective SEO strategies for our client’s websites. These effective SEO strategies are proven to bring your company the desired results your company wishes to achieve.

Search phrases vary depending on business products, services, locations and target audiences. While researching, our team will take all these factors into account to create the most beneficial online marketing campaign for your website and business.

The Process Of Reviewing A Website

Why do we focus on researching what keywords a website is currently ranking for? This lets us know which words to target and spend more time trying to rank up high on the search engines.

Most companies fail to realize that search engine optimization is not the destination. It is a part of the journey towards success. The goal is increased traffic and improved sales. We do not select words that only the search engines will love.

We select those that your target audience will use. We strive to think from your customers’ perspective.

Questions We Ask When Trying To Think How To Best Assist Your Company:

  • What Products And/Or Services Are Being Offered By Your Company?
  • How Are These Products And/Or Services Being Displayed?
  • Are These Products And/Or Services Catching The Attention Of Your Companies Desired Audience?
  • Are These Products And/Or Services Being Viewed By Your Companies Desired Locations?
  • Is Your Products And/Or Services Conversion Rate As High As Your Company Desired It To Be?

Choose Sand Crest SEO

Why Choose Sand Crest SEO To Work With Your Company?

  • We Are Fully Honest And Trusted
  • We Only Do Fully Transparent Work
  • We Include Monthly Reporting
  • We Include 4 Blog Posts Per Month
  • We Include As Many Keywords As Your Company Wishes To Target
  • We Use Only The Highest Quality Backlinks
  • We Have Absolutely No Hidden Fees
  • We Do Only The Best On-Page And Off-Page Optimization Possible

The previous reasons along with many other reasons is why our current clients are so happy with our work. We have many top ranking reports we could show you as a reference for what our SEO can do for your business.

The Basics Of Keyword Research Analysis

The very basics of the keyword research process is the same for every company. We have our favorite tools and software programs that we use to help us gather the information we need about your website.

One of these favorite tools we use to gather information about your website is called SEM Rush. SEM Rush shows an accurate SEO audit of your entire website.

We Bring The Best Results At Affordable Prices

You may be trying to figure out how much you have to spend on an online marketing budget. SEO marketing can be pricey, but all of our SEO packages are fairly priced. We cutomize your SEO package to meet your online marketing goals. For example, if you are smaller, local business trying to target lower competition targeted words than we would recommend you to an SEO package under $1,000 per month. If you are a larger,  E-Commerce business trying to target higher competition keywords than we would recommend you to an SEO package $1,000 or more per month.

We offer flexible SEO packages that we customize perfectly to fit each unique business’ website needs.

We Will Do Your Competitor Research

Understanding your opponent’s strategies can give you the hidden key to success. Even if you do not think your competitor is encroaching on your market, you need to keep an eye on which targeted words they are ranked for. Search engine optimization with the use of the right key terms is a crucial factor of all websites.

Our SEO experts do not only find the most searched words, we also find the keywords that will perform well on your website and will outrank your competitors. Our team along with your recommendations will come up with a long list of the best words for them to target. Ranking the best list of words will eventually bring your company the best return in investment.

We Can Predict The Market

By studying the market trends in keyword research, we can predict the shifts in demand. It becomes easy to prepare your company for the oncoming changes if you have a brief idea of what is coming next.

Our company tries to bridge this gap between business supply and popular demand by studying the ongoing trends in search phrases. Our tools show us the difference between your keyword traffic and your competitor’s. It also shows us the general performance of the specific search terms that you are using. We can analyze seasonal changes in search trends and help you find out the top searched words that will perform best on your business’ website.

Inexperienced Keyword Research Has Its Uncertainties

If you want to understand what goes into a basic keyword research campaign, you should try Google AdWords. It is one of the best available free tools for smart analysis. Google AdWords will give you a flurry of high ranking and high volume search terms. You will also be able to see the trending keywords according to each specific month and year.

However, there is always an uncertainly with such an analysis. Even if you combine the high volume keywords with the lowest competitions, are you sure that your audience will use only those to look for your business? Are you willing to bet your business on these results alone?

Be Smart And Outsource To Sand Crest SEO

Keyword analysis has always been tricky. It has a number of unseen factors that most analytics tools cannot capture. As a result, the results remain incomplete for an SEO campaign.

Even if you already have an ongoing campaign, you can get it checked by our professional analytics experts. Implementing the very best keywords to change or add to your online marketing campaign will eventually bring in much more sales.

Outsourcing your research to our Sand Crest professionals will save your company time!