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Keyword Competition Research: The Past, Present, and Future of Business Success

Researching the highest searched words is crucial to creating the most powerful SEO marketing campaign for your business’s website. Many people are of the opinion that keyword analysis is a uniform practice that involves the search and selection process of the highest volume of specific words. Being an integral part of the SEO industry, we can assure you that they are wrong! Sand Crest SEO takes performs an extremely thourough search phrase analysis and studies what factors are necessary to add into your company’s SEO marketing campaign. If you want to find the most competitive search terms related to your industry, you are at the right place.

If you would like to know how difficult it is going to be for you to rank for a particular word or phrase, we can tell you. We will need to know the search phrases that you are targeting, and we will run a website analysis to see the volume of each specific word related to traffic and trends based on date, month and year. It typically takes 4-6 months to notice your business’ rankings pulling up high on Google. This time frame for ranking your business’ website depends on many factors.

What Role Do Tools Play In Our Keyword Analysis?

The use of various tools is mandatory for this type of research work. Entering the world of SEO is like going into a battlefield unarmed. The most preferred keyword analysis tool in the market today is Google AdWords. It is free. It is always up to date, and it offers a number of user-friendly instructions to help you through the process.

Although Google AdWords is the most preferred, Sand Crest SEO prefers to use a tool called SEM Rush. We believe this tool is even better than Google AdWords. It is not free to use, but it is so worth the monthly fee of having it. SEM Rush shows very accurate information about your website. It shows a lot of detailed information about your website that is very helpful to us contemplating the very best direction to take with your company’s SEO marketing.

Why Are Tools Not Enough?

SEM Rush plays an integral role in our company’s keyword research and analytics structures. However, we do not just rely on tools for the complete process. Logically speaking, everyone has access to tools. The only thing that can distinguish your company website from your competitors is the expert using the SEM Rush tool.

Our SEO team consists of the most experienced online marketing professionals who know the most effective SEO techniques to implement in their SEO work. We create the best SEO strategy for your specific Las Vegas company which will boost your website rankings the most. We develop a long list of the highest searched terms we will target which will get your company the results and sales you hope to receive.

What Complements Keyword Competition Research?

Competition is not the only SEO factor we research. Performance metrics depend on a number of factors including search engine logistics and search trends.

Trends depend on the needs of the mass. By the results shown on SEM Rush, our SEO experts can let you know which target words, specific location, and the audience you need to be ranking well for.

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Our SEO experts stay informed with any Google Algorithm updates in order to continually perform top quality SEO work for our clients.  Any tool can tell you about a keyword’s history and performance. However, no tool can tell you about oncoming algorithm changes. Only SEO professionals with years of experience know how to stay informed about all Google Algorithm changes.

What Are The Factors Of Keyword Competition Research?

You Ideal Keyword Competition Research Should Consist Of The Following Information:

  • Number Of Results For Any Key Phrase You Provide
  • Number Of Results With All In Title
  • Number Of Results In Quotes
  • Page Rank Of The Top Websites And Pages Using The Given Terms
  • Maximum Cost Of The Paid Search Term Results
  • Number Of Ads For A Related Query

Even the very basic Google keyword inquiry tools will show you the previous information. So, you should be looking for a little more.

Our Sand Crest SEO Experts Shows You Additional Information Including:

  • Cross-Referencing PPC Data
  • A reasonable Gauge Of Competition
  • Analysis Of Metrics From Straight Search, Exact Match, All In URL And All In Title
  • The Latest SEO Trends
  • Insights Of The Usual Phrases Trending In Your Location
  • Insights Of The Popular Phrases Trending For Your Scope Of Work

Does Your Company Need Keyword Competition Research?

Our team has a very straightforward approach towards search term analysis. We not only come up with the best list of search terms, but we also listen to which search terms our client’s wish to rank as well.

If You Are Looking For Organic Research, It Should Look Like This:

It is perfectly found to publish new content on your website. We will go through your entire website and edit the content to match exactly with what Google wants and puts high trust in.

Search for content and web pages with related target keywords. Do they appear in the SERPs? If not, you need a competitive analysis for your targeted key phrases. Your website might not be visible because there are all those sites you see on the SERP which are already using your targeted search phrases.

If You Are Using Paid Search, Try This:

If your ROI meets your target objective, you have reached your goal. If your ROI is nowhere near the target number, then you need to up your game. You can try the whole process with a new bunch of related long tail phrases, or you can seek help from an expert Chicago SEO company to give you a group of highly functional long tail keywords that are relevant to your ad creation.

While you are starting out with website content and blogs, it may be hard to perceive the true nature of any key phrase. You need the help of a professional SEO agency to help you see the specific metrics of your targeted words and phrases.

Why Our Keyword Metrics Are Accurate

Most of the time, the SEO companies use old data and scraps to extrapolate target word metrics. The final products become a combination of scraped data, in-house data, data extrapolations and a little infusion of custom metrics. It introduces a lot of uncertainty and presumption to the results of the research and analysis projects.

The SEM Rush Tool we use will collect data from your website and your competitors directly.

What Will You Be Paying For?

Keyword analysis tools are not basic, they are very complex. These SEO analysis tools play an important role in SEO marketing. Along with showing you the most searched words, many SEO research tools will also give you an idea of the level of on-site optimization that has already been completed and still needs to be completed. We have designed our SEO packages to keep our services affordable and fairly priced.

Small startups and out-of-home companies will find it tough to pay for a 5000-word keyword package a month. Frankly, it is unnecessary too. What such companies need is a locally optimized package that can boost local SRLs.

Larger corporations, on the other hand, will benefit from a larger keyword analytics package. They need 5000+ competitive key phrase inquiry, performance metrics, SEO options and much more. We have packages to accommodate such corporate requirements as well.

In either case, Sand Crest SEO makes sure that your website is perfect for all modern search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo find our strategies quite charming since our clients are the top rank regulars on all three. You will get real-time results, competitor analytics and individual performance for your web pages. This is one reason why so many New York businesses rely on our marketing service.

Therefore, you will be paying for a highly customized service that your company will enjoy. You will also be paying for accurate metrics, custom inquiry, and analytics that will help you with your on-site SEO marketing.

Why Do You Need Us?

You may save a little money by managing your online marketing campaign in-house. However, you may be risking the reach, sales, and popularity of your company in the process. Keyword analysis looks simple and straightforward, it is not!

You may have already taken a sneak peek at one of the popular keyword research and analytics tools thinking, “I can do this. It is just pressing buttons.” Well, how long did it take you to figure out that it is not so? Keyword metrics seem very simple, but some information displayed by the analysis tools may be difficult to read unless you are an SEO expert.

You will need an SEO expert to tell you how a specific list of target words will perform on your website. For example, a lawyer website and a dentist website have two very different lists of keywords. Each niche industry has its own set of targeted words that will be the most beneficial to optimize for their company’s website. Besides the area of business, your location, products and added services and target users, everything makes a difference to a competitive search terms review process.

Allow us to perform your search term analysis for you. We have over ten years of experience in helping the best companies climb to the top of Google and stay there long term.