The Internet has become the mode of communication nowadays. Its fast approach towards information or communication has made it a non-replaceable source.  Only if the innovation continues and something better option than the internet is innovated, there is a chance of change.  Giving the option of using it on any of the internet platforms such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc., the internet has played a significant role in providing the information fast.

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Role of keywords

Accruing the information has become very easy and fast.  The details required are entered in the form of a keyword.  The keyword may be a single word, a combination of words or a phrase.  Whatever it is, the search engine searches all the websites and gives the list of sites related to the keywords mentioned in the query box.  This happens very fast, i.e., within seconds.  One point to be noted is that just as there is competition in anything, even there is competition within search engines also.  This makes the search engine to remain active all the time and provide the information within seconds.  Search engines calculate the rankings of the websites and give us most visited website details.  Do you know this ranking promotes the sites and results in their increase in revenues in case of a website doing business online?

Search engine ranking

This act of ranking is known as Search Engine Optimization.  SEO (in short) manages all the websites and checks and rechecks every time it is asked for information.  So it is the duty of website owner to keep his content qualitative, informative and entertaining; web page layout and the graphics part of the website very attractive and impressive. I would like to highlight on a live example to explain my point.

Has anyone ever observed the home screen of search engine “Google”? If yes, you will find that there is a box above the query box.  The design of that box highlighting “Google” keeps changing daily which is very impressive.  Mainly, I open the Google screen to see the latest design even though the usage of a search engine is done, but what attracted me more was the design on the screen.

The question I have is when a search engine puts so many efforts on keeping itself on the top, why can’t a website make effective efforts?  SEO helps a site in increasing the awareness of the product/services they deal with, increase the revenue levels, etc.  So, the website owner should be very proactive in updating his/her website regularly with genuine information. You can hire the services of for effective SEO related services.

As a website owner, are you worried about boosting your SEO, then following are some tips to help you in solving your problem:

  1. Your website should have a theme. Whatever it is, whether the webpage layout, graphics or the content, everything should be according to the theme.  Especially, relevant content should be posted on the website.  Even the website title should be preferably based on the theme.  This would help the users in making a selection when the search engines include your site name in the list.
  2. While working on the content, think in the way how the website users think. Concentrate on all those keywords (relevant to your theme) which you feel the user may ask for information. This is a challenging job.  Only when you can have control over your keyword selection and content, you will be enlisted in the SEO.
  3. The most important thing is that the website owner has to ensure that the content of the website is regularly updated and at the same it has to retain the user’s interest in the site.
  4. When the home page is created, the web designer has to ensure that all the content headings are mentioned on the main home page, and corresponding links are provided to view the information.
  5. Allowing guest posting services is an excellent idea of boosting SEO. What you post or comment on the website will itself boost your SEO but if by linking to any other website content, there is 100% chance of bringing up the SEO of your site. The person or guest posting the blog or content may be a very good writer by which will even you will be benefitted.
  6. Usually, a website creates an opportunity to earn extra money. The businessman tries to promote their products/services.  They use sites for promotion. Some space has to be provided to the advertiser.  So the website owner has to plan what types of advertisements he/she is referring.  An advertisement should not dominate your website theme.  Just because they are the source of revenue, anything and everything should not be allowed to be promoted on your website.  If the promotions are relevant to your theme, then both you as a website owner and the businessman can get benefitted.For instance, your website is dealing with details related to children, then advertisements related to pencils, color pencils, paints, or anything related to the benefit of the child can be promoted.  But any other promotions not relevant to children should be avoided in such a situation.  Because your website image will be damaged.  Even the person is promoting other than children related things will not get business resulting in a huge loss.  The website user may lose interest in viewing the website and will avoid viewing the site in future.
  7. The linking of your web pages within the website should be perfect and user-friendly. The movement the users click on the link, he/she should be in a position to view the information. Any delay may cause a distraction to the viewer and may close the website which is not good if the aim is to be in the top of SEO.
  8. Linking to the other websites should be okay. When the other website is in the SEO, even your site will be highlighted and vice versa.

No matter what technique is used to be on the top of SEO, one should ensure not to practice any illegal activities.  This may help you succeed in the initial stage, but later on, this becomes the major drawback.

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