Google is our all-year Santa, rolling out new gifts for all users. This month, Google has launched the event finder for all the mobile search app users. This particular feature is taking the events world by storm already. The newly updated app and mobile browser in the U.S. are helping users find new things to do and events to attend. Top SEO services are already doing their best to cash in on this process.

Let us see what this new update brings us –

The new update will tell you if there are events, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, lectures and even meetups near your search location.

The app uses your location and searches data to come up with event suggestions that might interest you.

Why is Google doing this?

Google has been seeing millions of search queries each day about live events, things to do and activities related to particular locations. This is like an evolution of the local searches Google has been running for ages.

It is easier to understand Google’s inspiration when we take a look at Facebook’s domination of the public events space. 100 million people use the Facebook events feature daily. In fact, since last November, about 650 million people have used it on Facebook. Event managers and companies use Facebook to spread event news like wildfire. It is more of a “click campaign” for Facebook users and event managers. Once someone accepts an invite or shows interest in attending an event, everyone in their friend list can see the event details. The events get the potential to spread like viral news if handled correctly.

Most marketing officials and experts think that the events finder feature is Google’s answer to this continuing threat. Google can finally do what it does best. Provide more consolidated information to the users and make it more available too.

How does this work?

Google is right now pooling event information from SeatGeek. MeetUp,, LiveNation, StubHub, Eventful, Bandsintown and Yext. You can see all locally listed events and event related information on your iOS device. The information will be more organized and interactive.

The working of this new feature is quite simple. If you are using the mobile app to search for “Rock and Roll concerts” from NY, it will automatically show a list of rock and roll concerts by various artists in your nearby locations. The same applies to other events like art exhibitions, sports events and literature meets.

You will receive more than just the event name or organizer information like you used to before 11 May 2017. Now, you will get complete details of the location, time, date and artist information at your fingertips.

We think Google is introducing this feature to stay in touch with all its users. The company does not want any competition in their dominion and seeks to keep all users on Google rather than dedicated events apps or event Facebook.

How can you make the most of this new feature?

Since this is all about company events, and search engines, this gives new businesses a glorious opportunity to be visible. There can only be some incidents in a locality, so it automatically winnows out the competition. This will be a lot easier than staying at #1 position for local searches or general Google searches.

For example – if you are about to launch a new product you can announce that on your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter and every other imaginable platform. Google can pick up on that and feature your event on top. This is a fresh game of SEO, which you can easily win.

You can approach one of the listed events companies. However, Google has already created developer guidelines for all websites who want to list their events similarly through Google search. This will be a new twist to the search engine optimization story most companies have been hearing since Hummingbird flew in.

Although most SEO companies in and around the country will try to cash in on the new feature, very few will succeed. Google is finally making significant changes in the history of algorithm optimization. Search engines will now be able to distinguish between mentions of events and dates in blogs and website with upcoming events that are to be visible to Google events. This means, any company who are coming up with new events, be it launches, inaugurations, sponsorship events, and promotions will have to work with complete knowledge of Google algorithms and the changes for the top rank.

Why is it different for SEOs this time?

You can seize this opportunity to become more visible to your target market. Your potential customers are out there, waiting for a signal. In any case, what can be more evident than an open invite through Google Search?

As per the patent filed by Google during summer 2016, ranking events will be based on –

  1. Computation of unique mentions scores to determine the popularity of the event.
  2. Computation of official page selection score.
  3. Computation of entity popularity score.
  4. Computation of venue score
  5. Computation of ranking score.
  6. Computation of entity popularity score.

The computation of the total demand of your event will depend on some factors including information about each category of event and generation of demotion values for each even based on higher rank events of the same class. This process is still a mystery to company marketing teams since this involves quite a bit of algorithm and direct SEO factors.