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Seeking Professional Help Is The Best Way To Recover From A Google Penalty

Google has always displayed and demonstrated its intent to provide a level playing field for all. All guidelines, rules, and regulations including updates that the search engines introduce are aimed at achieving this goal. Trying to take unfair advantage of the system is what search engines do not like and keep a watchful eye on what is going around, to prevent it from happening. When a business is caught cheating the system, doing Black Hat SEO, or other methods that ignore the strict guidelines this search engine has put in place and will not hesitate to come down with a heavy penalty for their website.

Violations of search engine guidelines are not always intentionally done but can also happen due to ignorance. However, as ignorance cannot be an excuse for wrongdoing, such acts of violating the rules attract a punishment. Needless to say, deliberate violations do occur when people want to outsmart the system and beat it at its own game. When such gross violation is detected, Google loses no time to give the business’ website a severe punish by dropping the website rankings significantly and even give the business a fine.

Google Penalty Reversal Services That Work

At, we are committed to the most ethical White Hat SEO practices that are extremely Google friendly. Our White Hat SEO practices will always avoid any possible penalties that may be given to our client’s websites. We never use any SEO techniques that go against their strict guidelines. As professionals, we are ready to help those affected by a penalty to recover from the setback and put their internet marketing campaign on the right track once again.

Our portfolio of services includes services related to penalty reversal that is inserted at very competitive costs. Our SEO services cost will vary according to the level of punishment that has been placed on our client’s website. Some penalties are not too severe and will only require small changes to bring the website rankings back to where they used to be. Other penalties are much more severe and will require huge changes and a lot of SEO work to be done for the website rankings to boost back to where they used to be. With our excellent and effective SEO strategies, we are confident we can reverse any damage from penalties given to your website.

Different Kinds Of Violations

Black Hat SEO techniques are what Google dislikes most. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will use these horrible SEO techniques. Those who use Black Hat SEO techniques are dishonest and cheat the system. The Black Hat SEO techniques they use bring quick high ranking results, but these high ranking results will not last long. As soon as the search engines crawl these websites, the will receive a huge penalty. This violation usually results in loss of rankings for the specific website. Those who use Black Hat SEO techniques are deliberately violating thier strict guidelines and they are fully aware of the potential risks of being caught doing this type of SEO.

Google continuously introduces new updates in its endeavor to make things better online. All internet marketing campaigns are supposed to conform to each newly updated guideline. Unfortunately, there are people who still prefer to stay ignorant for whatever reasons and this can result in violations of another kind. It is like driving without first knowing the rules of the road.

We will discuss these penalties further.

What Exactly Is A Google Penalty?

There are surveillance systems that Google uses to detect violations of the guidelines.

The Surveillance Google Performs Daily Is Done At Two Different Levels Which Are:

  • Manual Review Teams That Keep A Constant Vigil On The System
  • Algorithm Updates That Are Introduced Periodically

A Manual Penalty Is:

  • When you are penalized by the manual review team, you will immediately be informed about it because your website will get flagged.

An Algorithm update is:

When you are hit by an algorithm update, you will not be able to know about it immediately. It is only after some time that you notice drastic downfall in rankings and traffic that can indicate that you have perhaps been penalized. In some extreme cases, the algorithm penalty may be so severe that the website is de-indexed.

Manual Penalty

Breaching Google’s Webmaster Guidelines would amount to the violation attracts manual penalty. The effect of a violation is notified to website owners through messages that can be viewed by logging on to the Google Search Console.

Most manual penalties relate to backlink profiles.

These Manual Penalties That Can Be Classified Under One Of The Following Three Categories:

  • Unnatural Inbound Links That Get Out Of Control – If your website receives too many unnatural links from other websites that you have neither wanted nor manipulated then you are penalized with the intention of being alerted to take measures to do away with such links and prevent it in future. If some competitor is dumping unwanted links to your site it can be construed as negative SEO that you are alerted about through the punishment.
  • Unnatural Links For Which You Are Responsible – If you are engaged in link swapping, buy backlinks and involve in some other unethical link building practice, it can result in unnatural inbound links that are penalized. The intention is to discourage such unfair practice. Some pages of the website or the entire website might be affected by the punishment depending impact of the links.
  • Unnatural Links Emanating From Your Site – When you go overboard to link with other sites and if it happens that you develop too much liking for a particular site to which you link often with the same set of anchor text, it amounts to manipulation that is penalized. Like the earlier instance, the impact would determine whether the penalty would be on specific pages or the entire website.

If One Of These Three Manual Penalties Occur To Your Website, We Recommend The Following:

  • Looking Into The Causes That Resulted In The Penalty Of Your Website
  • Taking Actions To Recover Your Website From The Penalty

Algorithmic Penalty

Google continuously reviews the search algorithms to identify any issues that might have been over looked earlier and improve them to prevent the malpractices that are prevalent. It is an ongoing process and is done at the back end without always announcing its launch. Only in some rare instances of much talked about algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin that there had been a buzz all around before its launch. Otherwise, the updates are done discreetly and it is left up to the websites to detect its effects.

When you are hit by an algorithm update, the only way that can know about it is when there is some unusual and sudden depletion in your website traffic flow and your sales drop. If the reasons for it remain unknown, it indicates that your website has been a victim of a new algorithm update.

The only way to keep pace with the algorithm updates is to stay vigilant during the digital marketing campaign and closely monitor its progress. This does not save you from being penalized but you can detect any possible problems early on and take quick actions to recover from these problems.

Recovering From A Manual Penalty

It is easiest to take corrective actions for removing the manual penalty that has been imposed on your website. As these are mostly link based, controlling it becomes easy. Making proper use of the resources that are available online that will help you remove the manual violation that has been placed on your website. It is not very difficult to remove spam type links. For links that are hard to detect, looking at the anchor text of inbound links can help to resolve the problem.

Reversing The Effects Of Algorithm Penalty

At Sand Crest SEO, we offer complete assistance to our clients to help them recover from the effects of algorithm penalty. If you have been a casualty to Panda or Penguin, the famed duo of updates that prevent content spinning and poor quality link building, then we are here to put your internet marketing campaign back on the right track! The effects of Panda which is a domain level punishment can be quite damaging as it affects the entire website which in turn drops all keyword rankings and drops the amount of traffic the website receives. Penguin penalty is a little less disruptive as it concentrates on specific web pages from where disturbing links are detected. However, you need professional help to find the way to recovery from any of these within the shortest possible time.

Our experts here at Sand Crest SEO are trained to stay tuned in with the best practices of the internet marketing industry. This allows us to stay updated with any of the new updates. We can quickly identify any problem your website has and we will work hard to recover from any algorithm punishment that has affected your website.

Methods To Recover From The Panda Update

For Reversing The Curse of Panda We Perform The Following 3 Actions Simultaneously:

  1. We identify the low-qualityy content and remove it or fix it as felt appropriate.
  2. We identify and remove any duplicate content on the website.
  3.  We create quality content that will add value to the website and show the way to climb up the ladder in search rankings.

Methods To Recover From The Penguin Update

Penguin is all about quality links and we use various link tools to facilitate the creation of a database for your links. These links are categorized for easy identification and then each link is manually examined to ascertain its quality. Poor quality links can be removed by requesting the removal of the links from the webmaster of the site from where the links originated. If a proper response is not received from the Webmaster, we make use of manual tools to remove the links. Our end goal would be to have only the highest quality and most Google-friendly links possible, pointing to your website.

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