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Google Maps Optimization: Make Sure Your Business Ranks

Whether it is local or global search online, Google is the leading search engine today by far! By ranking in the top three positions on this search engine, more customers will be drawn to your website and bring your business new sales. This being true, all SEO agencies believe Google to be the prime place for all website listings. Do not forget to list your business at the Local Business Center as well.

Why Should You Optimize Your Google Business Listing?

Being ranked well on Google will help make your business more visible online which with in turn bring your business a huge increase in revenue!

Since Google is the most used search engine today, making sure your website is crawler friendly is vital. Never include “do not follow” .txt in your pages and submit updated sitemaps regularly. Your website will automatically become compatible with Bing and Yahoo as well without any additional optimization work.

Most of your efforts with online marketing will show an effect on your offline results. From increased footfalls in the land-based storefronts to increased sales, your business will enjoy all the benefits that this type of listing has to offer. Make sure that your business has a strong online presence by using the 3 Pack Listing.

The Basic Information Displayed On The 3 Pack Listing Is:

  • Name Of Your Company
  • Address Of Your Company
  • Phone Number Of Your Company
  • Reviews Of Your Company
  • Google Map Link
  • Website URL Link

Being listed up high on the 3 Pack listing is crucial to your business’ online success whether you are located in New York City or elsewhere.

Many potential customers will spend time reading reviews before spending money on a product or service. Having positive reviews about your company on the 3 Pack listing will add value, credibility, and trust to your business.

How Do You Optimize Your Business Listing On Google Maps?

The entire process of getting listed on Google 3 Pack is very simple. If you want to optimize your Google Maps settings, then start now! Every moment your business loses is equivalent to hundreds of dollars. Do not let it happen!

1. Getting Started

Go to the local business center and sign up or sign in on behalf of your business. We are hoping that you already have a business account. In case you do not, get one as soon as possible! You will not be able to move on to the next steps in the process of getting listed without a Google Business Account.

2. Update Your Location

After you have completed the sign-up process, you can add a new business or upload a data file for an already existing business. Click on “add” if you operate from a single location. If you are a chain store like Target or Walmart, you may want to add several locations in the vicinity. If you need to add 10 or more locations, the search engine will provide you with necessary additional details.

This step can be daunting for beginners. If you are a business owner with little to no knowledge of SEO, you can try professional Chicago SEO marketing consultancy services such as Sand Crest SEO. We can not only guide you, but we can also help you secure a high rank in the search engine results page by optimizing your Google Maps data.

3. Provide Ample Information About Your Company

You can do this on the “Add New” business screen. As you keep updating your location, the map on your right will zoom in on your store location. You can manually set the map on the correct location as well.

The last field is a 200-word description. It should cover all the details of your business. Use targeted keywords to tell your audience what they can get from your business. If you are the best at selling pizza, let your audience know that. If you are the best at fixing broken toilets, tell your target customers just that. The accuracy of your description will determine the rankings.

Added note: Google Maps sometimes locates business incorrectly. Always check the marker on the map and adjust it. Click on “Fix the Incorrect Marker Location” link to make your adjustments.

4. Claim Your Listing Exists

The next step gives you the chance to claim any and all listing that already exist. You can add new listings in case Google Maps does not have any wind of your existence. The search engine giant still relies on local business phone directories and business directories to update the basic information on its maps.

When companies change hands, it becomes a little difficult for the new owner to manage all the listings. The new physical address is already present under a different NAP. If you can identify with this situation, you need to edit the existing details in all directories and update the information on the 3 Pack Listing as well.

It involves combing through all business websites, directories and review platforms to look for mentions. It is quite difficult for business owners and managers to dedicate the time and resources necessary for individual action. Sand Crest SEO, on the other hand, has the experience and the necessary tools that will help you claim your listing and add new NAP within a couple of days.

5. Diving Into The Details

Next, you need to add more information to your NAP. You need to tell your customers how to find you. Meanwhile, you can keep progressing with your listing and keep modifying the payment options as well.

Categories: add categories one by one. As you begin typing, the Google Places API will prompt you with the available choices. Think like your customers. Think of the words they might use to look for your business and use them as keywords.

Photos: everyone needs to show off once in a while. You need to add new photos of your business that will welcome your customers for a premium experience. Images make companies appear more trustworthy. Include your logo and menus as well.

Videos: marketing is all about videos now. Upload up to five videos that bring your business to the limelight.

Added details: make sure you provide additional information including kid-friendly features, pet allowance and valet services salient to your business.

6. Verify And Validate

Just like other business directories, the search engine giant wants business owners to prove their ownership. You need to show the search engine that you are the owner either by a phone call or via email. A phone call is a faster option. The search engine giant will simply use your registered contact number or address to validate the information that you have provided.

Once you select the phone option, click “Finish.” Next, you will receive an automated phone call from Google that will give you a pin for activating your listing.

Do what your customer would do. Search for your business by name, products or services, keywords in description, location-based services and so on.

7. Dashboard

The Google Places API offers a very intuitive UI. The dashboard is user-friendly with easy accessibility. You can access the following analytics:

Impressions: you can check how many people check your listing as a result of local searches only.

Actions: you can see how many people interacted with your listing by clicking on contact information or driving information from the listing page.

Search queries: you can check which key phrases and keywords are generating the most traction on your website.

8. Coupons And More

How can you start a business and not give out discounts, run promotions or offer any kind of incentives to your potential customers? People love offers and receiving good deals or additional benefits from selecting your products and/or services. It is the best way to ensure high visibility and to increase your sales. Introducing new offers is an excellent way to promote your business’ products and/or services online.

You can advertise the top-selling product your company offers. You can include a free first-time offer or a promotional discount, and you can always use attractive and attention-grabbing advertisements to stand apart from your competition.

Introducing coupon codes also gives a way to generate feedback. You can always see how many people are coming back after their initial visit and how well your marketing tactics are performing.

Why We Recommend Professional Help For Google Maps Optimization

Over the last couple of years, Google Maps API has become simpler. Even then, many businesses find it difficult to rank, thanks to the changes in ownership or address. Sometimes, street names change, and the companies simply do not take the initiative to reflect the changes. It causes a lot of confusion for the search engine crawlers.

Right, now, your business might not be listed correctly, and as a result, you might be losing a couple of hundred dollars worth of business every day. While you can always take the initiative to fix your business listing, the smarter option is to turn to a professional SEO company such as Sand Crest SEO.

Only creating your 3 Pack Listing is not enough for the real success of your business. You need to be able to optimize it for ranking as well. The key to gaining high ranking is in creating citations. It involves a cascade of steps including submission of business to directories, survey locales, and the inclusion of local resource pages. These steps are quite elaborate and require a minimum knowledge of location-based SEO services.

Wrapping Everything Up

Along with getting listed on the Google 3 Pack listings, search engine optimization for your website is crucial to the ultimate success of your business. You need to keep your phone number and business address updated. Link the reviews and request positive reviews from your current or past customers.  The best way to enjoy all the benefits of high-quality SEO marketing is to hand over the responsibility of the task to a company that has experience with online marketing.

Learn more about our Sand Crest SEO agency, by reading through our SEO services, for a detailed overview of all the search engine and website optimization services that our company offers.