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Smart Solutions for All E-Commerce Websites

If you are constantly bothered by your website losing good rankings on the search engine, Google; then you are at the right place! We will discuss this problem everyone with a website wishes to avoid. On-page SEO can become a nightmare if you do not have the right guidance. It is common for store owners to hire expert help to include special functions and optimize on-page elements for search engine spiders. However, not all consultants can “fix” your problem.

The difference between a successful large-scale company with million dollar turnovers and one that fizzes out without anyone noticing. If you do not have the right partners, you are wasting your time and money behind new marketing strategies.

Search engine optimization is not easy, it does not offer a quick fix. It is an ongoing process that requires dedication and time. When having work done for your website for the first time, it is very common to take up to six months to rank all your targeted niche keywords you would like ranking well. Search engine optimization has to be an on-site and an off-site event. To make things even more challenging, this sort of marketing is constantly evolving and that makes it difficult for E-Commerce websites to stay in touch with recent trends. Our Sand Crest experts provide smart solutions for our clients.

A great part of being a product based is fighting giants like Amazon and eBay to stay in the spotlight. We can rank even the most competitive keywords to the top 3 positions on the search engine Google. We have already proven our strategies by helping our current E-commerce clients receive high rankings on Google. We would love to share with you the excellent rankings we have achieved for our clients.

1. We Work In Coordination With The Website Designer

This is something most E-commerce website owners do not realize. Website design and coding have a lot to do with SEO. Simply using the keywords suggested by Google AdWords will not do your website any good if you do not have the codes right. A website that is better designed is easier to navigate and use. It automatically earns brownie points from search engine spiders. If you are about to design a website, always make sure your online marketing team and your designing team should work together to build a functional and easy to navigate website.

2. Let The SEO Team Determine The URL Hierarchy

If you are about to launch an E-Commerce website or if you want to give your existent website a makeover, you will have to deal with a long list of categories and sub-categories. We make sure, that your website is a delight for human users. Bots will definitely play an important role in rankings, but your human users should be your prime concern. A website that is not easy to browse never gets enough traffic. It is automatically pushed down by search engine spiders.

We make sure that your keyword analysis is on point and we plan the anchor texts as well so your internal link building is almost on “auto-pilot” mode. Any well-structured website with proper category and subcategory menus practically sells itself.

3. We Put A New Twist On SEO Automation

Automation with SEO is usually perceived negatively. We are here to change that. We have talented programmers who can automate your on-site elements like title tags. They facilitate automation that will save you hours of meaningless manual tagging and title placing.

If you have a thousand products in your line, it is crucial to have a system in place that will automate your title tags. These tags will include your keywords. Most of the meta description is sourced from page content to create information-rich snippets. Interesting snippets can increase CTR by a 100% if done right. As a matter of fact, we collaborate with the developer for providing excellent meta descriptions and titles. A developer needs no knowledge of this type of marketing in order to place keywords in snippets. We provide all the relevant information to them.

4. Baby Steps To Revolutionizing On Site SEO

As we keep saying, search engine optimization is not a one-time thing.  It requires consistent SEO in your niche for it to work and requires a lot of time. We implement the best online marketing strategies that are sure to take your help your business succeed.

We make small changes and improvements to sections of your website that will prompt Google bots to rank your website higher. We check the feedback from human users and the search engine bots. This is why time is of the essence. We will help your website climb the search engine lists.

5. Track Your Improvements

Tracking your improvement is something not all marketing consultants can do for you. Simply using Google Analytics is not enough to get a summarized report of your website performance.

We use a very accurate, dedicated software to understand which keywords are performing better than the others. We send our clients monthly reports that show them exactly where each of their keywords is ranking on Google.

We can help you eliminate website issues that are bringing your website down the search engine result list of Google.

Data is the strongest tool in SEO. If you have the right software programs to track your CTR and conversion rate, half of your woes should vanish.

We can figure out the best, most effective strategies to fit your specific website needs. For example, if you want to increase your ROI by a whopping 100% in the next year, we will give you a marketing plan with required changes and improvements that will help you achieve this goal. Our optimization process is always transparent, we will let you know what work is getting done for your website each month.

6. No Research Is Complete Without Competitor Research

If you want to be more successful than your competitors are, you will need to know which keywords your competitors are optimizing for their website. You will also need information about their domain authority and page authority. If they have a higher domain authority and page authority, it is a given that your E-Commerce website will suffer.

Our Experts At Sand Crest Will Let You Know About The Following Information From Your Competitors Websites:

  • Link Sources and their
  • Basic Website Architecture
  • Popular Products
  • Top-Rated Products
  • Recently Viewed
  • Most Viewed Products

Once you understand your competitors better, you can easily push your own product inventory in the same direction and make sure stronger links are placed on the back end of your website.

Why SEO Is So Important For E-Commerce Websites

With E-Commerce competitors like Amazon and eBay ranking so well and being so predominate online, you will be lucky to be noticed. Being a new website selling many products is very difficult. About 44% of shoppers use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to start their searches. They search using product names, brand names and other specific keywords. These are your primary keywords that need to be present inside your website content. Without the correct placement of these keywords, your products and your website will be far down on the search engine lists.

According to Kissmetrics, about 30.5% of all the traffic to a website database comes from organic searches on the most popular search engines. Therefore, unless you do something to increase your visibility on the search engine lists, you will have a tough time attracting potential customers to your website.

A website ranked at the first position gets a CTR of 36.4%. The second and third ones get about 12.5% and 9.5% respectively. Here, you can notice that the first spot holder has a CTR that is the double of the second spot holder. This is why we aim at getting your national website to the top rank with any search engine including Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Important Takeaways About E-Commerce SEO

No E-Commerce platforms are designed to be, “SEO friendly”. If you have bought a template that claims to be so, know that it is not automatically optimized. We can work with all kinds of websites to make them search engine optimized, with or without “SEO friendly” labels.

Having an updated Google Analytics dashboard is necessary. This will help you understand how much ROI has increased due to your investments in marketing efforts.

All tips and tricks are almost worthless if you do not have the right content in place. You will need images, video and proper keyword placement to stay on top of relevant search results.

From the basic keyword researches to competitor research, you can trust us to do everything to get your website fully optimized.

At Sand Crest, we know that E-Commerce is not an easy thing to master. However, we also believe that standard marketing plays a huge part in bringing in the largest amount of sales. For starters, stick to relevant, original, well-written content. If you face problems coming up with topics or finding the right keywords, our content team is always here to help you out.

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