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With Denver, Colorado growing and expanding so quickly it is extremely important to make sure that your website presence is not just online but at the top of the search engines. We work with companies that need top search results for niche, targeted keywords. Sand Crest SEO focuses on bringing our clients top ranking results using our Denver SEO services. Our company provides a wealth of knowledge that has helped companies throughout the United States thrive online. Learn how we can help your website thrive.






We have used other SEO companies in the past but we have no need to do so again. Sand Crest has brought in outstanding results from their internet marketing. They are one of the most professional marketing agencies we have dealt with in the 13 years we have been in business. We have worked with Taylor Johnson (the owner) since 2009 and have nothing but the highest recommendation for him and his employees at Sand Crest SEO.

Ron Owner - Mens Wedding

We needed to find an SEO company that could help bring in more sales for our small excavation company. We provide rock excavation and custom waterfalls services. After two months we could see a huge increase of traffic and we have already brought in multiple jobs through online Google searches. We are very impressed and highly recommend this company Sand Crest.

ShelleyPartner - Rock On Walls And

We love working with the owner, Taylor Johnson. They are really good with us and have helped our online searches tremendously. Sand Crest is the most knowledgeable SEO company we have ever worked with.

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We have used the SEO services that SandCrest provides for over two years now. We have moved up tremendously in our keyword rankings. We now have over 25 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. We have noticed a large increase in our call volume. This company has outperformed many other marketing agencies that we have worked with in the past. We highly recommend Taylor and his team. 5 Star Rating!

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We highly recommend this SEO company, we now have 26 out of 29 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. They are all very knowledgeable, responsive and have fantastic customer service.

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You may think you know all there is to know about Denver SEO. But, search engine optimization is like a living creature. It is constantly moving and evolving as per the demands of various search engine algorithms. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly updating their search algorithms. As a result, what you may know today will not be applicable tomorrow. It is important to constantly be refreshing your knowledge of internet marketing on a weekly basis, if not more often. That is exactly what our Marketing experts here at Sand Crest strive to do.

Here is a complete 101 guide for your daily dose of updated Internet Marketing information.

Working with digital marketing is both interesting and challenging. It is the perfect example of constant change. It affects websites, companies, CTRs, sales and traffic. Even if your website is ushering in thousands of visitors today, you have no guarantee that it will not be an abandoned arena tomorrow. It can be a new Google update or a manual error. Something as small as a dead backlink can eat away into your on-site optimization and cause a drop in the ranks.

At Sand Crest, we understand how important it is for our clients and your company to stay visible in the vast worldwide web.  A single slip up in online procedures may end up costing you a great loss of potential income in the long run.

Some key information to help you understand how important optimizing your business’ website is:

  • Google Is Used About 57,000 Times For Searches Per Second
  • #1 Rankings Receive 33% Of All Search Traffic. The Second And Third Ranks Get 17.6% And 11.4% Search Traffic Respectively.
  • Page 1 Receive 91.5% Of All Traffic And Page 2 Results Receive Only 4.8%
  • 76% Of All Desktop Searches Use Google And 8% Use Bing, 7% For Yahoo.
  • 2017 Is The Year Of Mobile-Geddon And Almost 75% Of Internet Users Will Go Online From Mobile Devices Only.

So unless you are on page 1 and at least among the first 3 search results, you will be losing a lot of potential customers and profit!

The Perfect Place To Keep Your Website In The Trunk Is On Page 2

Don’t worry! We are not giving you a “How to Get Away with Murder” type of lesson here. This comes from a very old (but true) joke. This one says, the perfect place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search results. Most viewers will never look past page 1 on the Google search results. This can be frustrating when your business’ website is not ranking well on page 1 yet, but this is very true. It is vital to be ranking for all your niche specific keywords on page 1 and within the top 3 positions on Google.

A few key factors that can boost your website ranks and CTR:

  • Back Links
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Content Structure
  • Word Count of Content
  • Sitemap And Navigation
  • Website Coding

There are many other factors as well that directly and indirectly influence the ranking results of a website. None of these many factors are too complicated and yet at the same time, it is so important to have an excellent SEO company working with you to achieve the best results.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is not the icing on the cake. It is the key ingredient that, without it you cannot even start to bake the cake. A website without good quality search engine optimization services is as good as non-existent. For example, a website without good quality search engine optimization services may stay stuck on page 20 if no optimization work is ever done for the website. If you are struggling with website traffic then you need to take a look at your digital marketing right away! From website content, to back links, everything can influence how search engine bots index your website. More importantly, 2017 is the year of dual existence. Your website must please human readers and at the same time, be easy to crawl for the Google bots as well.

Here are a few reasons you need to pay attention to website optimization.

1. SEO Is Cheaper Than PPC And Yet More Effective

We know, cost should not be a reason, but it is definitely a catalyst. Most small companies including startups and SMBs shy away from on-site and off-site optimizations because of lack of capitals. In reality, inbound marketing is more of an investment than a cost and you will be spending a couple of hundreds to bring in thousands in profits. Hiring an expert Marketing company will prove to be an excellent return on your investments!

2. Increases Your Website Traffic Tremendously

To increase traffic you will have to work on your local SEO and Google Maps listing. This is what we are known for. We can get you noticed within a couple of days. Don’t worry, we will not ask you to put up neon signs in and around your service area. We will just tweak your website content and Google Business Account so that Google bots can find you as easily as your clients can.

3. Optimization And Brand Value

If your website is on top of search result lists, your potential customers will automatically find your brand more reliable. Digital marketing directly contributes to brand value without any added effort and cost.

Did you know? About 74% of the people are likely to pay for a product and service that their friends or families recommend. If your brand becomes a household name, you will find it much easier to market and sell you products and/or services.

4. Perfected SEO Is A Secret Weapon For Your Business

While this form of marketing is the best long-term solution, at Sand Crest we make sure all our clients get the correct idea about their ROI. Each and every element of our campaigns are tailor-made for our clients. We also evaluate, correct, and analyze each element for the correct measurement of their ROI.

5. Your Business Can Outsource Your SEO To Sand Crest

There was a time when people thought they needed their own internet marketing teams 24×7 in their office. However, digital marketing can be managed from a distance with complete accuracy. With the latest tech and tools at our disposal, we can manage your company database and take care of your on-page SEO from our own offices.

This simply means if you are located just outside this city, you do not have to miss out on the goodies. You can just give us a call and inquire about the progress of your campaign. Since we have all the tools to pull analytics reports and comparison charts, we can email you the necessary documents.

6. We Will Help Your Company Dominate Your Competition

Wherever you go, competition will follow. Unless you are trying to open a sun-tanning salon in the middle of a desert, you can expect competition to find you everywhere. The days of warding off your competitors with flashy glow signs and people dressed as clowns outside your store (or as Pennywise outside theirs) are long gone! On a more serious note, your business needs to take the higher road or rather the smarter, more effective way of marketing.

Most of the times, digital marketing is all about being smart, yet frugal. Inbound marketing is a way to boost your visibility without causing any direct harm to your competitors. This large city is a big playground for SMBs. We have seen hundreds of businesses mushroom since the last year, however; only about 20% of them will survive until the next year. If you want yours to be one of them, you should try to get the best help for website optimization.

Currently, Google penalizes all efforts to directly harm any (competitor) website. Ethically, there is no way you can push your competitors down.

We are here to give your company the online boost it deserves!

7. PPC Is Nothing Compared To Perfected SEO Efforts

According to our current research, Google based organic marketing beats paid traffic. It contributes to about 75% of the organic traffic to your website. PPC barely provides about 25% of the total traffic and costs way more than traditional internet marketing. This is primarily because an exclusive focus on PPC neglects a huge chunk of the organic traffic. Most businesses that optimize their on-page and off-page content for search engines as per expert advice have seen over 98% increase in website traffic.

However, this is a time consuming process. You cannot expect to see a change overnight. This is a gradual change that becomes more apparent with the application of Google Analytics and similar tools. Any experienced SEO agency has their own tools that will help you understand the increase in traffic and correlate the same with an increase in ROI.

Sand Crest SEO Will Be Your #1 Go To Marketing Company

Properly optimized websites that are ranked at the top of Google will be your biggest ROI out of any investment. You should not choose a company just because it costs you less initially. An inexperienced team will cost your business much more in the long run. A small error can usher in doom for your website and organic traffic. You need to be very careful about trusting your developers if they lack enough experience.

You should rather pick one that has strong recommendations, a commendable clients list and good reviews on business listing websites. It is like a machinery engineers use to dig for gold or oil. Once you invest in the contraption, you will not have to look back. It is one of those “small steps for mankind” that can change the fate of your business.

With 10 years worth of experience, learning, implementing the best strategies, here at Sand Crest, we are one of the best teams for your local business’ website. If you want to know more about getting your site back on top of every relevant Google search results, contact us for a free proposal.

Our Denver SEO company will definitely help your company receive the amount of sales you have been aiming for!