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    Dental SEO

Sand Crest SEO provides niche dentist marketing services for our clients that are located throughout the USA. We focus on maximizing business growth through high Google ranking placement. Our full-time staff provides a wealth of knowledge that has helped many dental businesses succeed online. If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, consider Sand Crest as your next online SEO company. Since 2007 we have been perfecting our techniques for our clients. Feel free to give us a call to learn more.






We have used other SEO companies in the past but we have no need to do so again. Sand Crest has brought in outstanding results from their internet marketing. They are one of the most professional marketing agencies we have dealt with in the 13 years we have been in business. We have worked with Taylor Johnson (the owner) since 2009 and have nothing but the highest recommendation for him and his employees at Sand Crest SEO.

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We needed to find an SEO company that could help bring in more sales for our small excavation company. We provide rock excavation and custom waterfalls services. After two months we could see a huge increase of traffic and we have already brought in multiple jobs through online Google searches. We are very impressed and highly recommend this company Sand Crest.

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We love working with the owner, Taylor Johnson. They are really good with us and have helped our online searches tremendously. Sand Crest is the most knowledgeable SEO company we have ever worked with.

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We have used the SEO services that SandCrest provides for over two years now. We have moved up tremendously in our keyword rankings. We now have over 25 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. We have noticed a large increase in our call volume. This company has outperformed many other marketing agencies that we have worked with in the past. We highly recommend Taylor and his team. 5 Star Rating!

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We highly recommend this SEO company, we now have 26 out of 29 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. They are all very knowledgeable, responsive and have fantastic customer service.

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When people talk about business websites, they discuss the layouts, content, products/services, and blogs. In reality, there is a lot of behind the scenes action that goes on to make a website successful. There are possibly thousands of services in your state and hundreds of similar practices in your locality. So what makes a service show up at the top of every search result related to your location? What makes one company visible during Google searches, while other companies struggle to find space in Google business listings?

The template choice and layout of a website plays a small part in the success story of an online business. The real knight in the shining armor is our Dentist SEO services that makes sure a company website stays search engine friendly. Search engine optimization is the process of designing and redesigning website components so that they are easily found and read by search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are by far the most popular search engines in use right now. So, as long as you have your codes and content sorted for their specific search engine crawlers, you should feel confident about your rankings.

We have managed to make it sound really simple. That is because we have been doing this for over ten years. Our journey started in 2007, and ever since then, Sand Crest has been the top-ranked optimization company in Denver and Phoenix. We have helped many local services find success through online marketing. You can check out our success stories on our official website. We work at both local and national levels. Our search engine optimization is a specialized form of service that is perfect for businesses in this particular industry only.

Every marketing plan has two phases which are:

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

On Page SEO Optimization

As you can understand, the term on-page optimization refers to adjustments made on your website. This can include website content, title tags, image optimization and URL structures. This usually includes keyword campaigns and optimization of title tags for the search engine crawlers.

Keyword Campaigns

Keyword campaigns for these industries bear a very significant role. For example – if your company specializes in teeth whitening treatments, you should mention that in your website content. In fact, you should use as many synonyms as possible to avoid keyword stuffing. “Teeth whitening treatments” can become “whiten your teeth in minutes” or “methods for whiter teeth.” The flexibility of language and the use of synonyms in place of repetitive keywords is absolutely necessary to stay in the good books of search engines. We use a unique “Hyper-Targeted” keyword technique, where we use a high number of buyer specific keywords. We have seen this increase consumer response over time.

Content Is Incredibly Important For SEO And Your Potential Patients

Quality content is vital to have on your website. The most popular search engines such as: Google, Bing, and Yahoo LOVE seeing high quality and lengthy content on websites. These three search engines rank websites who have ample amounts of content on their website well above those websites that do not have much content at all. We make sure that your website has good quality, original content only. Repetition of content or plagiarism is the Achilles heel of SEO. We have seen good companies tumble and fall for the dearth of genuine, relevant content. If your practice has a dedicated content writing team, that is wonderful! However, if you do not, which is usually the case, we can assign you a content writing team or give you useful content generating tools that will produce valuable content for your website. Your business website should have informative content that the patients or visitors will actually want to read. From myth-busting articles to hygiene blogs, you should keep your website updated with the current and relevant content.

Responsive Website Design And Why It Matters

Lastly, we will make sure that your clients can reach you from their mobile devices as well. People hardly use desktops anymore. Most of your patients prefer checking out nearby related services through their mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, we need to get your website updated. The patients must be able to find all the information they need on your website. We will make sure your website is completely responsive. If you are already using a responsive and retina-ready e-commerce template, then it is all good! Otherwise, we simply go ahead and make necessary changed and updates to insure your website is fully responsive. If your website does need changes and updates completed, no need to worry! We promise you will not lose any valuable data about your practice. We will just make the layout suitable for all electronic devices.

Off Page Optimization Brings In Real SEO Results

This includes all the processes you can think of that are required to make a website more search engine-friendly. More importantly, they all occur off the websites.

We Recommend Your Clinic Implement The Following:

NAP or name, address and phone number is the lifeline of any online business. If you do not have your contact information saved correctly, you are losing out on thousands of dollars right now. If you are on multiple websites, make sure that each one has the same NAP. For example – if you have different versions of the same address registered on Google+ and your website, it will affect your ranking. Go to the “Google My Business” page and look for all registered businesses under your name.

Collect And Post Your Reviews

Check for all reviews with your name and your company name on them. This is indeed too much work for a single person. If your business is bustling, you must have patients reviewing you on every social media platform and business review website possible. Now, how will you know when a review is going online and what your patients are saying about you? Positive and real reviews are essential for all businesses.  You need an online marketing company that can keep an eye out for negative reviews and combat them wisely. Sand Crest SEO does just that for your practice. We also manage all positive reviews about your clinic from every online platform and link them with your business.

Social Media Adds A Powerful Addition To Top Google Rankings

The services of Sand Crest will help you to claim your social media profiles. This is quite simple but incredibly important for all new businesses. Your social media profile should also include the correct NAP, a Google Map location and a URL that links to your website. We can help you find recognition on a few essential platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Our Multiple Location SEO Services Dominate!

Does your company operate from several locations? Then, instead of assigning a multitude of addresses to each one of them, you can simply create a separate web page for each. This seems like a lot of work, and it is! Sand Crest can help you create such web pages for each branch of your business. Check out the easiest ways to link multiple, existing web pages and claim them as one business. We will collect all relevant, location-based data as well and link it to the respective web pages. This will increase your visibility, attract more local searches and boost the optimization of your professional website.

We Offer Niche Link Building Services

We also have a contractual period of White Hat link building. To begin this campaign, we first conduct a link audit where we analyze your website’s inbound links. Then we analyze the inbound links of your competitor websites as well. Then we go ahead and submit your website to local business directories for link building. Press release distribution, blog marketing, blog commenting, social media sharing and social media marketing are other integral parts of our White Hat link building practices.

Your company of choice should have experience and success stories, and it should be able to satisfy all your queries before you sign on the dotted line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go ahead and overpay for an online marketing service, you need to ask a few questions. After Google’s last algorithm updates, you should surely find out if your firm of choice knows about all the changes.

Below are a few questions you need to ask before selecting the right SEO company for your business.

Do We Guarantee #1 Google Rankings?

While we have many top ranking positions including many #1 Google rankings we do not guarantee that we will do the same for your website. No professional company should ever guarantee #1 rankings. Your rankings can improve, but no one can say for sure if or when your website will reach the #1 position. You need to see results of ranking improvement and optimization procedures, and that should be it. A good SEO company will never tell you what your rank will be and when it will be ranked.

Does Sand Crest SEO Have Any Success Stories?

We recommend working only with professional companies that can show you live reporting of high Google rankings. Sand Crest offers this live report free of charge for any of our interested clients. We have many satisfied and happy clients throughout the world! Never work with a company unless they show you current, up to date reporting!

Why Should You Trust Sand Crest As The Premiere SEO Company?

Sand Crest is your one-stop solution for all Google ranking related issues. We have answers to all your questions and solutions to all your problems. Now you can double your business without increasing the cost with real search engine optimization guidance, specifically for your niche, using our dental SEO service. Contact us today for a free business analysis!