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Sand Crest SEO – Branding Services

Welcome to Sand Crest SEO, one of the leading online marketing companies today!

The 3 Specific Locations We Service Are:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Phoenix, Arizona

Branding is one of our top specialties, and we have been serving clients from different parts of the globe for more one decade now. With the best efforts of our highly experienced team of professionals, we have been able to uphold a high standard of work, which has led to a long list of happy and overly satisfied clients.

Over the last couple of decades, we have witnessed a dynamic shift in digital marketing and website URL naming practices. To keep up to pace with the industry evolution, we keep fine-tuning our skills to devise the most effective strategies that bring the most desired results. We are now administering many top-end marketing campaigns that are built on current best practices to offer our clients the most satisfactory results. Being one of our most sought-after services, labeling your website URL properly is one of our top priorities.

Company Branding – The Sand Crest Edge

When it comes to corporate branding, there are many new-age practices to promote a brand name as opposed to the methods of promoting their products or services. Our knowledgeable SEO team considers these as two distinct entities by acknowledging that the scope of corporate brand is in fact much higher and broader than simply doing the product or service marketing. Working hand-in-hand with your product/service marketing team, our experts will explore innovative ways to develop comprehensive corporate brand architecture.

We have identified it correctly that corporate branding is not the affair of business owners only, but it affects all the stakeholders across the spectrum including the employees, investors, and even the end customers.

Correctly Classifying A Company’s Website URL Name Will Impact:

  • SEO
  • Services
  • Products
  • Corporate Identity
  • Work Values
  • Investments
  • Market performance
  • Sponsors
  • Employment Applications
  • Brand Extensions
  • Sales

Effective brand promotion campaigns have now become a necessity in terms of new product acceptance. However, this needs to be done effectively as it also poses a threat of failing to create distinct brand images for different products/services. In other words, a corporate brand image may reduce its ability to rightly position the brand for individual identity, and it may also conceal unique characteristics of different products.

A Broader Perspective Of Corporate Branding

From our point of view, corporate branding is not an entity limited to a particular brand name or mark. There are multiple sensitive touch points when it comes to naming a website URL. These include but are not limited to the customer service aspects, employee training and relations, various modes of advertising, stationery, packaging, and the overall quality of the products and services.

The common public interacts with a brand through these perceptible touch points through which they can engage and feel the brand identity. This means the common men come into contact with any one or more of these specific brand touch points, and this is exactly where our expertise comes into play in defining and fine-tuning these areas for creating a successful brand identity.

A Few Questions To Ask If You Are Confused About The Need For Brand Identification:

  • Does Your Company Have Something Unique Be Classified As A Branding Element?
  • If So, How Strong Is Your Brand?
  • Is The Brand Just Limited To The Logo?
  • How Do Your Target Customers Identify Your Products Among The Crowd?

Answering these questions will help you understand whether you have a structured or natural brand strategy, and whether there is a need to have one.

The Process Of Developing A Corporate Brand

Now let us explain how a ‘Brand’ is different from a ‘Logo.’

A brand is actually a unique set of expectations (of users, employees, stakeholders, vendors etc.) associated with your products or services, management, or business operations. At the core of any corporate brand, it is actually a pledge that the organization has taken to consistently offer something in the most desired way in which it is expected.

A logo, on the other hand, is a visual representation of your business, which just serves the purpose of making it easier for someone to identify you at the first look. A logo without a comprehensive branding strategy may simply go in vain.

Our Branding Strategies Are Centered Around The Key Aspects Of Your Business Such As:

  • WHO You Are
  • WHAT You Offer
  • WHY You Do It
  • HOW You Do It

Our Step By Step Approach To Corporate Branding

For smaller or bigger companies that have not developed a corporate branding strategy yet, no doubt that it is time to figure out the factors and kick-start it. Sand Crest SEO can effectively help with labeling your business’ website URL correctly. We have 10 years of experience!

Successful Branding Of Any Business Starts With An Understanding Of The Following:

  • How The Company’s Administrative Management Team Can Accomplish The Corporate Vision
  • What Employees Of The Organization Know And Believe About Their Firm
  • How External Stakeholders Perceive The Business

Without any effective external involvement, there can be a fair misalignment between these primary factors, which in turn will naturally result in an underperforming corporate brand. We administer a Vision-Culture-Image (VCI) Alignment Model to do this ground study and identify the underlying core issues.

Over time, the changes in the expectation of the stakeholders compelled the corporations to try and integrate their communication, marketing, and CSR (corporate social responsibility) elements into corporate branding. You can find how G.E., IBM Smarter Planet, Coca-Cola etc. have effectively leveraged from it. Like never before, people in the twenty-first century care more about the corporation behind the offerings than the actual product or service itself. Now companies do not actually separate their opinions about the products from the actual brand itself.

There is an increasing degree of corporate transparency, which contributes to the blending of the corporate brand and product-service opinions. The website naming elements should give the stakeholders a much clearer and deeper view into the actual behavior and value of the corporation to make it sustainable. We can find that this transparency is a byproduct of the digital revolution of the recent times where anyone including stakeholders, employees, investors, vendors, customers, retirees, partners, neighbors, competitors can instantly share opinions about a brand instantly through the Internet and social media.

In such a highly competitive and transparent platform for corporate branding, Sand Crest SEO has come up with our unique strategies based on the personalized requirements of each organization/industry.

Step #1 – Brand Audit

Before you try to fix something, you must first know what exactly is wrong with it. So, we start with a baseline audit of the existing brand value of your organization. This is not a subjective evaluation, but a thorough study of the existing visual identity, brand message, website/social media look and feel, print materials and marketing collateral, etc. By figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s website we can make the appropriate changes and improvements that will bring you the best results.

Step #2 – Define The Brand Promises – WHO, WHAT, WHY, FOR

Our SEO Marketing experts take input from all the advertisement marketer leaders of the specific company they are working with. It is not limited to the only the advertisement marketer leaders of the business, but can also include employees from the bottom and top-level hierarchy. Each business is unique in their online advertising techniques. The companies sales goals, targeted audience, products and services all play a role in what kind of online advertising is implemented. A key brand message is chosen for the individual business depending on the above factors.

Step #3 – Trial And Error Testing

The perfect brand for each company is not built overnight. It initially requires an experimentation period before you go out with your brand and promote it to the world through the internet.

Step #4 – Bring Your Brand To Life

Once the groundwork is over, we next take all the available information and proven brand elements and filter it down to a unified and unique brand strategy and establish various elements to represent it in the form of a logo, tagline, brand message, company’s identifying colors and much more! Expert designers and copywriters work hand-in-hand with the appropriate business leaders to decide on the perfect branding. For an existing business with no set SEO strategy, our approach may be to take off all the existing logos and brand elements and update them to better represent what the company offers as far as product/services.

Step #5 – Branding As An Ongoing Endeavor

Branding is not a something you do once and then you are good forever. This aspect of SEO is a constant process that needs to be done slowly over time.  Our SEO experts will work in close association with you over time to fine-tune the best SEO strategies possible, and we ensure tangible results and reputation steadily. A long-term relationship with Sand Crest New York SEO is surely going to pave the way to success for your perfect brand. There is no complicated procedure when it comes to making us your partner in brand building.