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We have used other SEO companies in the past but we have no need to do so again. Sand Crest has brought in outstanding results from their internet marketing. They are one of the most professional marketing agencies we have dealt with in the 13 years we have been in business. We have worked with Taylor Johnson (the owner) since 2009 and have nothing but the highest recommendation for him and his employees at Sand Crest SEO.

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We needed to find an SEO company that could help bring in more sales for our small excavation company. We provide rock excavation and custom waterfalls services. After two months we could see a huge increase of traffic and we have already brought in multiple jobs through online Google searches. We are very impressed and highly recommend this company Sand Crest.

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We love working with the owner, Taylor Johnson. They are really good with us and have helped our online searches tremendously. Sand Crest is the most knowledgeable SEO company we have ever worked with.

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We have used the SEO services that SandCrest provides for over two years now. We have moved up tremendously in our keyword rankings. We now have over 25 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. We have noticed a large increase in our call volume. This company has outperformed many other marketing agencies that we have worked with in the past. We highly recommend Taylor and his team. 5 Star Rating!

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We highly recommend this SEO company, we now have 26 out of 29 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. They are all very knowledgeable, responsive and have fantastic customer service.

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What SEO Can Do For Your Business In Chicago

Chicago SEO Services

The Sand Crest Agency is a Chicago SEO company that focuses on ethical and strategic SEO services. Our team helps increase traffic, conversions, and sales.

How Our SEO services help your business in Chicago?

When you think of Illinois, the City of Chicago pretty much pops right into your head. The capital, often dubbed as the “Windy City,” has indeed much to offer loyal residents and passing tourists. Chicago has already made its mark in history – and of course, in the U.S. economy. It is no wonder that big shot capitalists, as well as business aspirants, always find their way to this city. It has the audience, facility, and stability to support flourishing businesses. Chicago is basically a magnet for young entrepreneurs – but whether that is a good or bad thing remains unknown. Sandcrest is best SEO Company in Chicago.

A booming economy, for many businessmen, also means tougher competition. With many new companies joining the picture year after year, looking for ways to make it big, a simple business can blend right into the background very easily. And oftentimes, with no known way of making it back into the limelight. If you ask me if this can happen to your own Chicago-based company, I’d say yes – Yes, it can. But if you ask me whether it is inevitable, I’d say not entirely.

No matter what kind of rut you’re in, there’s always a way out. No matter how impossible something seems, there’s always a silver lining. So if your company is in the verge of drowning thanks to the influx of new businesses, fret not. You still have SEO hire us for best SEO services.

What is SEO?

Let’s just say that in a period of one year, Chicago receives 100 new business permit applications. This means that 100 people or organizations are interested in putting up a business in the capital of Illinois. Without any reason to refuse, they accept all 100 applications. And so, the new start-ups begin operating. By the end of that same year, only 50 of the businesses showed interest in renewing their permits. The other half decided to discontinue all business operations. After two more years, 30 more businesses called it quits, leaving city with 20 running businesses. Five years past and 15 more dropped the hat. This leaves Chicago with 5 businesses running – of course, not counting the new players that come in each year.

This city will continue to benefit from market growth – with or without your business. If this year they receive 100 new enrollees, there’s a good chance the number of new businesses will double the following year. With all the business traffic that’s coming in and out of the city, your business is but a spec of operation in contrast to the bigger picture. That is, if you let it go on like that forever.

Every few years or so, a number of businesses get lucky enough to overcome the critical “start-up” phase and go on to become a formidable force in their respective industries. But, is it really just luck pulling the strings? Or, is it something else entirely? Well, we’re leaning on the latter. We believe that behind every business’s success is a kickass SEO strategy. Although having a little bit of luck on your side is a plus factor, still, nothing that lasts can be attributed to luck alone.

A well-planned and carefully executed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy is what businesses need. It’s basically a marketing method used to get a (business website) up in Search Engine Page Results or SERPs. This improves the overall visibility of your business online and may lead to an increase of offline visits and higher revenue. If other businesses are trying to bury you away from the public eye, then you need something that can dig you right out. And that’s exactly what SEO is going to do for you.

What Type Of SEO Is Perfect For Chicago Businesses?

Local SEO is what all businesses need – no doubt about it. It’s always a winning strategy to win people’s hearts from the ground up. So before you even think about world domination, it would be wise to start small. After all, SEO isn’t an overnight miracle worker. It’s a slow, tedious process that has little to no proof of working – at first. Launching a campaign on a big stage – say, the world for example – would definitely make the process much, much longer. And as a start-up company, this would mean costs that you can hardly afford for the company. Looking for the best Chicago SEO services company? Look no further, Sand Crest is focused on generating sales leads and increasing e-commerce revenue.

Start small but aim big. Better things, in the end, come to those who have the patience to build something slowly but carefully.

When we speak of local SEO, it would mean “trying to rank for searches made within your business’s vicinity.” It could mean starting in your hometown or city. Local searches can be easily identified from non-local searches through the following factors:

Local Searches Are More Specific

Because local searches are made for the purpose of finding answers for local inquiries, they tend to be more specific. People will most likely use specific words or phrases unique to the area when they do a search query. For example:

“Best wedding planner downtown Chicago”

“Great places to visit in Chicago”

“Hotels in Chicago downtown 3 star”

These types of searches are often made by people who are specifically looking into buying a service from City and so they are made to be more elaborate.  

Local Searches Have Less Search Results

This city is a pretty big place. I mean, you’ve got to give it some credit for being the third most populous city in the United States. So when we say “less” here, we’ve already taken context into account. Local searches show fewer results compared to non-local searches or searches made for a bigger area. Let’s take United States for example:

When I search for “places to visit in the United States”, I get this:

SEO Chicago Services_Google results

When I localize my search, however, I get this:

SEO Chicago Search reslults
You can see that the search results Google generated for the U.S. is twice as much as the one it generated for Chicago. Yes, 131,000.000 results is still a pretty big number but it’s the difference between that and 267,000,000 search results that matter. Again, you have to consider the context that Chicago is a really big city. But I’m telling you, going up against 267,000,000 pages is a huge ordeal even for the most gifted hands in the SEO industry. Getting it trimmed down to half the number already makes all the difference.

Local Searches Are Long-tailed In General

In order to better understand this characteristic of a local search, let me briefly explain the difference between a short-tail and long-tail keyword:

Short-tail Keywords. Short-tail keywords refer to less specific queries and are usually comprised of just 2 to 3 words. I guess you could say that searches made of this type are not all too concerned about finding unique information. Examples of short-tail keyword searches would include: “best cat food”, “YouTube viral videos”, or “famous celebrities”.

Long-tail Keywords. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are searches made to look for “specific” information. The specified factors could include time, dates, location, brands, etc. Also, the query will likely be around 4 to 6 words (or more) in length and may come in a WH question format. Examples of long-tail keyword searches would include: “When is the founding day of Chicago”, “Where to eat authentic Chicago pizza”, “Best hair salon downtown Chicago.”

So now, we are clear of the difference between the two. It should be quite obvious by now why long-tail keywords are commonly used for locally optimized content. This is because local searches are made to be specific. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be considered local at all.

A much bigger concern, however, is why it is crucial for you and your business to engage in SEO, local or not. Well, here’s why:

Benefits Of Doing Local SEO For Your Chicago Business

Let’s have a basic rundown of what local SEO can do for Chicago businesses:

  • Get Top-ranked On Google

SEO is a marketing technique like no other. Contrary to offline marketing methods such as putting up billboards or sending out flyers, SEO progress can be easily tracked. There are many (free or very cheap) online SEO tools that can help you with the process. You can always check how your pages are doing – which ones are steadily gaining popularity and which ones flunk.

Getting the top rank on Google – SERPs or Knowledge Graph – could mean the world for your business. Yes, even appearing on the top ten of local search page results can change people’s impression of your company BIG time. It will change how your business performs as well.

When you manage to earn the title of top-ranked, it would mean that the internet traffic is in your favor. Studies show that (an average of) 43.54% of all clicks go to the first search result that search engines generate. This refers to spot number one. It’s followed by spot number two with 17.70% of clicks, spot three with 13.65% of clicks, spot four with 8.77% of clicks, and so on and so forth. The numbers dwindle down as the results go lower into the page – with the succeeding pages having it worse.

  • Raise Brand Awareness

Another benefit of ranking the local pages is that people get to know your company’s existence. This in turn, creates your BRAND – the imprint your business leaves on people’s minds. And, there really isn’t anything better.

More than just making ends meet, why do you do business? Why do you take the time and effort to make people accept the products or services you offer? Is it really just for the money? Every successful businessman that I know of pursues their goals for two reasons: (1) to get rich beyond imagination, and (2) to make a mark. Because after all, what’s money in the hands of a nobody?

Fame passes, life passes, but brands – when nurtured right – are forever. And the best place to start is locally. Ranking first on Google will help you introduce your brand to a larger audience. Higher click-rates would mean that more and more people are getting curious about your company. You can definitely take this opportunity to go all out on your marketing efforts and create a mark in your industry.

  • Increase Business Activity with Chicago SEO Services – Online and Offline

Do you know that 50% of users who perform local searches tend to visit a physical office or shop on the same day? Saying online efforts have nothing to do with offline success is definitely false. There is definitely a clear relationship existing between the two. And many, many SEO/Marketing studies can attest to that.

With how advanced technology is today, people have become wiser with their purchases – both online and offline. We are in an age of technology, after all. Everything we need to know about a certain product or service is accessible through the screen of our laptops and mobile phones. This is exactly why you should double your online marketing efforts.

If we follow the statistic to the dot, 100 people browsing your online store would mean having 50 people possibly visiting your offline shop within the day. If you manage to get the attention of an even bigger audience – say, 500 people – the odds will rise in your favor with 250 people possibly paying you a visit on the same or following working day.

Starting small is never a problem. If anything, it is exactly where bigger things begin. Think about it. The company you have now is a product of a small dream you have years ago. It may still be in the preliminary stages but it’s already done a big leap from being a mere idea to a tangible existence. If you continue to nurture it, then surely, better and bigger things are to come. And what once seemed small will turn out to be gigantic.

So what’s the bottom line of all of this, you ask? Be loud, proud, and active with your local SEO. Rock the local search page results and earn the attention your company deserves to have!

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