It is essential to understand the big picture in search engine marketing trends to make your online marketing efforts achieve your business goals. SEO is a dynamic industry and it has undergone a major evolution over the past few years. And there’s a lot more to consider while planning to gain success in 2017, a year that surely promises to be huge for all the industries.

Before getting into the distinct case studies, first let’s walk through a few big things which will lead you to discover many of the future internet marketing success strategies.

Understanding the big picture

  • A notable rise in the SERP features

Google is now showing a lot of additional types of data and markup in search results. There may be tons of possibilities which the digital marketing specialists can explore with this.

  • Instant answers

This is more so on mobile as well as desktop. Google now tries to answer a lot of questions by themselves, which means to grab more traffic, you need to provide answers to all of users’ queries.

  • Intent

This trend was started with the Hummingbird update of Google and continues to dominate search ranking factors to this day. The searcher intent has become more important than the actual keywords in how the content is targeted. This doesn’t mean that the significance of keyword has decreased, but very minute variations in the keyword structure may mean big changes in search results, and it has become a critical part while engineering content.

  • Comprehensiveness

This value of comprehensiveness has been on a constant rise over the last couple of years and will remain the same in 2017 too.

  • Consistent multi-device user experience

Speed is not only the user-experience element considered by Google now. The sites which have a consistent user experience across the devices (with the rise of various types and sizes of electronic gadgets to access internet), garner a better engagement and they are obviously coming on top of search results now.

Some important case studies to back up the claims

Case Study 1:

Business Name: Maldives Traveller

Industry: Tourism and hospitality

Maldives Traveller is a tourism service provider, which was struggling to get any online business with the existing online strategy. They wanted to do something about the failing digital marketing attempts to make them work the way they wanted. They hired an online marketing company to offer them a better insight. After conducting an intensive study, the inbound marketing experts came up with adequate strategies which may help revamp their client’s online performance.

What did they do?

  • First, they did a thorough research of the background and day to day operations of Maldives Traveller, which was necessary to understand the business, clients, and operational methods to strategize the best moves.
  • Next, they worked on enhancing the website content by maximizing the content worthiness to serve the requirements of the exact target groups.
  • An extensive keyword research had been conducted. As the keyword strategy is so competent in tourism industry, the experts focused on local SEO and niche skill promotions to attract more specific users.


After successfully executing the above-mentioned strategies along with its constant subsidiary activities, the number of visitors to the site per day increased with the improvement in its brand awareness. In turn, it naturally helped to increase the number of customers who were willing to try the services of Maldives Travellers. Over a time period, the increase in number of visitors was nearly 40%. The well-tuned strategies not only helped to increase the number of visitors, but also helped to ensure a consistent number of revisits, which was attributed to the strategic choice of keywords and consistent site updating.

Case Study 2:

Business Name: Belden Brick Company

Industry: B2C manufacturing

Located at Canton, Ohio, Belden Brick manufactures and sells its products through distributors, and the website consist of a lot of pages with comprehensive product catalogs.

Upon hiring a leading Denver SEO company, the objective was to enhance the performance of the existing website and help it reach in a better manner to the clients to get more leads.

What did they do?

  • The experts researched and put on a universal header and footer as a branding element of the company.
  • The search engine optimization experts worked hand in hand with Belden Brick when they added new products to keep the site updated and cohesive everyday.
  • Created an insightful lead generation campaign through exploitation of each possibility to make it work.
  • Optimized the content and code of the entire site and also enhanced the overall user experience of the site pages.


The site succeeded in converting an increasing number of visitors (by around 85%) over a year’s time. The consistency with which they fine tuned the online marketing campaigns also led to scalable results in terms of quality lead generation. The number of revisits were also increased, and naturally the search engine rankings improved as well.

Case Study 3:

Company Name: Complete Plumbing Source

Industry: Service / Ecommerce

At the time of thinking about hiring an digital marketing company, Complete Plumbing Source (CPS) was  lacking an ecommerce site to incorporate all the diversity of their services. They wanted to do something about it and also wanted to expand their existing brick-and-mortar operations to wider online services and hired a professional internet marketing firm to meet this goal.

What did they do?

  • The online marketing experts developed a long-term, consistent online strategy for Complete Plumbing Source.
  • Starting from extensive keyword research to updating content of the website, the search engine optimization provider was determined to hang all the digital shingle on CPS to get it established as a potential online brand.
  • The company had a wide range of products and services to offer, which had been showcased in a more user-friendly manner to be reached easily.


The outcome of this professional and strategic inbound marketing approach had finally paid for CPS to enjoy a growth in sales to over 200%. Above all, their overall organic traffic also increased and more relevant leads started to pop up in bulk.


The above-mentioned random case studies are meant to tell you about the significant improvements new-age online marketing strategies can bring into various business niches. The primary aim in 2017 with digital marketing is not just to enhance your visibility, but to reap the actual business results in terms of revenue through conversions with successful online strategies. You can find more tips and testimonials at If you have gained some real insight to 2017 search engine optimization, the only next right step is to get the right professionals to do it for you.

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