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Business Analysis Research Is Incredible Important

Sand Crest SEO will provide your company with an extensive list of research techniques that will help you understand your own services better. Our SEO analysis is completely free. With our research metrics, we will determine your specific needs. Will also provide any SEO solutions to maximize your website’s online presence.

We will do research on your company, what products or services you provide, how well your website is ranking on Google if your website is fully responsive, how fast your website load time is, what your competition is, and what the highest searched keywords are for your niche industry. Our goal is to make sure your website will thrive and be overly successful!

Who Are Business Analysts? What Is Their Job?

If your plan requires any change, your analyst should be the one to tell you where and how. We perform a set of jobs that includes that of an architect, process analyst, product manager, management consultant, data scientist, business intelligence analyst and systems analyst.

We will inform you of any changes in order to fully maximize your website’s online presence. They will calculate the effects and manage the outcomes of all suggested changes. Our company will learn how your organization works and how you can make your company grow with time. We will take what they have learned about your organization and will guide you towards success through unexplored territory with minimal glitches. Our analysts will offer necessary changes and improvements to your company’s website. These changes and improvements will make your company’s website more Google-friendly which will push your competitor’s websites well below your company’s website on Google’s search engine.

However, with the increase in access and decrease in quality check processes, there has been a recent rise in low-quality services that do little good to companies. The actions of ill-informed and inexperienced employees can bring about deleterious changes in your company. Before selecting an SEO marketing provider you may want to learn from the most common mistakes that some companies make.

Improper Analysis Of Business Stakeholders

Many organizations have the job responsibilities well defined for their Project Managers, CEOs, and researchers. However, only a few of them meet the requirements of the other stake-holders of the companies. They have their own responsibilities, challenges, and priorities that divert their interest from better analytics.

How Can A Business Analysis Miss Out Stakeholders?

When there is an ongoing project, most analysts have little time for complete stakeholder analysis. As a result, as the project moves forward a number of stakeholders are dropped along the way. Sometimes, they are simply missed because; a nascent project does not affect all stakeholders equally. However, if you see that a business report is not recommending a representative of that company then they are not doing their required job properly. Sometimes, you will notice one department of your company answering for another, in these cases; your company does not have all the stakeholders engaged in the project in the right way.

The very first responsibility of a good company is to complete the stakeholder review of a project. In this way, all your company stakeholders will be engaged properly. Stakeholder analysis is one a one-time thing. Your employees must keep doing it over the course of a project to perfect the list of stakeholders. As you can understand, an ongoing project will involve different categories of stakeholders during different courses of the projects.

Attempting Too Many Changes At Once

This is a problem almost all inexperienced companies experience. They like to bite off more than they can chew and end up with multiple open projects, over-worked employees and a dearth of capitals. This is bad for your company since you will find a huge part of your capital tied up to make potential changes that have been stranded mid-way. If you leave these changes, they usually revert to status quo and that is a sheer wastage of money.

If you want clear changes, they need to be implemented. You will need a solid foundation. Your company should have the consistency to make sustained changes to your company policies, finances, and output. We pride ourselves on 10 years of excellent services that cover all spheres of a growing company. You can get complete project assistance from our expert and thorough research of your companies website. By gathering information about your website, the SEO that has been done already and the SEO that still needs to be done in our experts develop the very best solution for each company.

  • Each One Of The Business Analysis Has A Group Of Stakeholders Assigned To Them
  • Each Analyst Communicates With Their Group Of CEO’s And Project Managers About Changes
  • All Changes Are Compartmentalized According To Stakeholder Groups
  • All Changes Are First Run Through You Before Being Implemented
  • They Are Given The Charge Of Implementing The Changes And Testing Out The Outcomes
  • They Will Suggest Which Particles Changes Work And Which Don’t Base On Test Reports

Not Spelling Out The Requirements Correctly

Most experts work with quality assurance teams. Both of them have equal responsibility of spelling out the requirements for your changes. These requirements need to be well structured, measurable, attainable, realizable and planned. These requirements are often based on stakeholder requirements and they should be expressed in business terms.

In many cases, we have seen inexperienced companies that do not list down all the requirements or not following the SMART rule while doing so. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realizable and Time-bound. At, we often like to add a suffix- CC to the acronym. CC stands for complete and concise. The requirements have to be in tandem with SMART-CC from a company viewpoint and should take into account all the stakeholders of your company.

List Requirements Before Implementing Them

Unfortunately, we have seen and heard about many frustrated people who have been scammed by a previous SEO company.  This is very disturbing to us because we would never do the exact opposite. We are fully honest and would never take a clients money without performing the best quality work we know how to.

We think it is the responsibility of an SEO expert to create a winning SEO strategy for each client. This winning SEO strategy will consist of our expert’s ideas along with each client’s online marketing goals. Sand Crest SEO works with each client to help them boost their visibility online. Our SEO experts are excellent in listening carefully to what each client has to say. They have the responsibility to set a chronological order to the appropriate SEO process for your companies website.

Sand Crest SEO Process:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On Page Optimization
  3. Off Page Optimization
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Keyword Reporting

Never Rely On Templates

If a business analysis expert is new and nervous, using a document template is necessary. This will keep your report from making obvious mistakes. However, adhering to a template word by word will rob him of spontaneous opportunities. A true website inquiry knows to strike out sections from a BRD that are not applicable. Not all projects have the same requirement and if your website analysis is using the same template for 10 projects, he is bound to miss out stakeholders.

As the owner of your company it is vital to you understand that not all projects will need the same template. Make sure your current template contains and then think about adding new sections or removing redundant ones. Your website review should have the courage and creativity to challenge the set template. This will help your company find new opportunities of growth with minimal changes in structure.

Another important quality that almost all experts require is building trust. We believe that SEO experts must work side by side with multiple stakeholders. Their actions and steps must help these stakeholders trust them with company information. We have our own trust-building plans and programs that our SEO experts follow during professional project management. From educating and informing all stakeholders of their responsibilities to solving conflicts of interest during change implementation, everything is dependent on the trust they earn from your company’s stakeholders.

We insist on taking time to get to know you, your company and your stakeholders. This gives us the opportunity to work side by side with your best employees and use all relevant resources during the implementation process. We simply follow our SMART-CC approach to prioritizing the requirements for immediate problem-solving. If we see, there is a problem in meeting all requirements we make sure that our SEO experts communicate with all your stakeholders to find a better solution.

At Sand Crest SEO, we have qualified employees who have decade’s worth of experience. We make sure that all your problems are analyzed and noted before we finally step into the field for administering the change.

Some of our SEO strategies involve the following simple steps:

  • Identifying The Company’s Problems
  • Identifying Beneficial Solutions
  • Implementing All Proposed Changes

At the same time, we also identify and study all current company procedures and provide our input.

This type of researching can be quite a time consuming and a very confusing process. If you want to find the best possible solutions for your problems, you should contact us at

Contact one of our experts today to discuss the best SEO strategies for your company’s website to thrive online!