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Our Blogging Services Are Included In Our SEO Packages

There is no way you are not using blogging as a tool for marketing and SEO! In 2017, websites do not have the option of not having an active article. B2B blogging is more important than ever, and if you do not believe it, you have not been to LinkedIn or Medium lately. Did you know that about 57% of your prospective customers make their purchase decisions before they even talk to your representative? A very recent study shows that by 2020, most of your customers will manage their purchases and relationship with your company without directly interacting with any human being.

An informative article section can become your instrument of publicity. You can use these articles and news pieces to educate your customers about your products and services. You can choose daily topics of interest based on your newest products and tell your customers all about it. It will attract quality leads. Bloggers generate better leads than regular marketers. This content marketing strategy can educate, excite and convince people to buy from you. Sand Crest SEO believes that it is a voice beyond your regular website content that can create a channel to connect your customers with your services. Your content can also convey your brand story, uphold your brand values, and tell people why they should be investing in your company. Since they are not necessarily promotional in nature, such articles sound more genuine and humble. About 70% customers prefer knowing about an organization from trending news pieces rather than their advertisements.

A Few Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Blog

Business companies with an active content section have about 67% more leads than a company which does not. If you think you can do better at digital marketing and generate better prospects, this is your chance to prove yourself. Great content is what drives high conversion rates for all B2B companies. 2018 is again going to be the year of content writing. You need to start a content process if you wish to receive the best ranking results possible. We are here to help you!

Most companies face the first challenge even before starting their content section. They do not know what they should write. Sometimes, they are too embarrassed to admit it, since it sounds too trite. In reality, it is a real problem that almost all beginning bloggers face in the beginning. Once you cross this hurdle, finding new topics to write about becomes second nature. Some content writers overcome this problem with time and much personal effort. However, we understand how much trouble goes into maintaining a business, looking after customer relations and selling new products. There is a lot more than meets the eye that keeps each company moving forward. That is why we are here to help you get started with your very own business-2-business articles. Sand Crest SEO has the necessary experience, expertise, and creative talent to help your company find a voice.

The second most imposing challenge that almost all companies face is the dearth of time and talent that can contribute to their content section on a regular basis. Blogging can be a one-man job when the person does not have to deal with other responsibilities. If you have the desire to start a blog of your own and generate a high number of rewarding leads, you can instantly ask Sand Crest SEO. Our content writing team can dedicate creative ideas for producing a steady flow of content for your business articles. Since we have specific writers focusing on particular brands and products, the quality of the articles is stable and excellent.

What Is Special About Sand Crest SEO Content Writing Service

With thousands of content writing services out there, you might wonder what Sand Crest SEO has to offer to your company.

Dedicated And Talented SEO Team

Well, we believe that excellent content is not just about the language and the topic. Many strategies go into creating a trending content. We do not only build a cohesion of words that convey a message, but we also create a tool that can attract attention and action. We have our keyword research teams, link building teams, and social media marketing teams. These teams can help your content reach the pinnacle of online popularity from all angles.

Optimizing Your Articles For Search Engines

Sand Crest SEO provides added benefits of meta tag descriptions for each post, long-tailed keywords for the articles, heading optimization, integration of social media into content marketing, and original HD images into the posts. If you have videos or infographics that you want us to integrate, just send them across. We will successfully incorporate them into the content without increasing the crawl budget or decreasing your page load speed. Our teams have a decade’s worth experience that gives them the upper hand at content SEO. We can optimize any article on any given topic for the leading search engines and your human readers.

Maintaining A Consistent Flow Of Content

Almost all studies, surveys and stats say only one thing – consistency is the key to blogging success! If the quality and language of your articles vary drastically from one day to another, you will surely be losing significant followership. Followers come because they like the topic, the style, the flow and the creative instincts of the writer. With so much on your mind, you may find it impossible to maintain a standard flow of creativity into your articles. Sand Crest SEO can happily step in and help your website content adhere to consistency when it comes to topics, quality and thought process. After all, companies that blog for 20 or more times in a month see higher returns in investment and better traffic. Updating multiple times a day can sound like a challenge, but Sand Crest SEO can make it seem like a dream by posting numerous articles per day to keep your content section active and attractive.

Dedicated Monitoring Services

Sand Crest SEO has the necessary tools and resources to follow your blog and content performance. Our responsibility does not end with creating fresh content for your online articles. We also track the performance of each post. We monitor how much traffic each article rakes in, how many clicks each link attracts, and how long people stay on a particular content. It helps us to help you optimize the performance of your website.

A Blog Completes A Website

A website can never become 100% SEO friendly without a blog. An optimized article is where keywords can live and breathe in a natural environment, it can attract the attention of search engine bots and human users equally, and it can include outbound links to your products and services pages. Now, a great article can effortlessly capture the attention of thousands. While many digital marketing strategies go into leveraging as much popularity, you can be sure that a good quality article will always be ahead of a very generic and casual one when it comes to traffic generation. We help our customers connect with their audiences. Sand Crest SEO knows what your customers are looking for right now and we strive to give it to them by creating an active communication medium.

That is what sets off the content creation process. We also include several rounds of proofreading and editing to create bespoke, original content for each client.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Are:

  1. 77% of all internet users read articles and news pieces, and 79% of all online shoppers spend half of their time online for researching products.
  2. Of the leading B2B companies of 2017, over 60% hail blogging as their top inbound marketing strategy.
  3. 51% of all website blog readers in the USA shop online.
  4. Over 61% of all online customers in the US have already purchased something from a website based on recommendations on a blog.
  5. As of the last quarter of 2016, over 36% Fortune 500 companies have one public blog.
  6. Having 21–54 articles on your site increases traffic by 30%. Having 52 or more blog posts on your website increases traffic by almost 77%.
  7. A small business with a blog has 126% more business growth opportunities than others who do not.
  8. B2C companies that blog regularly generate about 88% more leads each month.

We know what your readers want and how they want it. Sand Crest SEO has the necessary tools to create excellent quality articles for your company that are specific to your industry. We can not only create the content for you, but we can also generate an entire content writing campaign for your company that can contribute to streamlining the sales funnel. Sand Crest SEO is here to change the way you see website articles right now.

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