The internet has revolutionized the modern business landscape. Building a website is no longer the preserve of big brands as even local businesses are being forced to move online. With over 3.29 billion internet users across the globe, it goes without saying that no business can ignore this marketplace any more. Consumers today are finding it more convenient and affordable to shop for products and services online.

According to data from the U.S Department of Commerce, 53% of global internet users made an online purchase in 2016. According to Statistica, average eCommerce spend per customer over 2016 was $1,800 and is expected to continue growing. A similar survey published by Smart Insights shows 43% of all eCommerce traffic comes from organic Google search.

From these numbers, it is clear that while the internet is where the action is, there is still a lot an online business needs to do in order make profits. Google says that millions of websites are launched daily but only 52% make any money. This is because they never feature on the first page of search engine result pages.

Place of Search Engine Optimization

Truth be told, many fantastic-looking websites are not making any money because they are not optimized for search engines. In fact, their target customers never know they exist. This is one major reason why search engine optimization will either make or break your business. But internet marketing is not just about pushing your website to the first page of search engine result pages for targeted keywords.

Today, Denver SEO services focus on a more comprehensive approach where webmaster guidelines are adhered to in every Search engine optimization strategy implemented. More importantly, there is more emphasis on user experience to reduce bounce rates and this ultimately leads to higher conversion.

In essence, digital marketing is a technical activity that should be done only by a highly experienced consultant. It is important to hire an expert who fully understands your business goals in order to develop a cordial working relationship form the beginning.

Invaluable SEO Tools

The increasing importance of SEO in digital marketing has led to emergence of new tools which internet marketing experts can rely on to make the exercise more effective and manageable. Below are some of these tools which your inbound marketing company should employ for better ROI and faster results:

  1. Screaming Frog Spider Tool

One of the most important steps in SE optimization is identification of website errors and weaknesses in order to fix them. Manual inspection and repair can take months and it will deplete your financial resources.  However, Screaming Frog Spider Tool has come to the rescue. This tools helps identify problems on your site including broken links, duplicate content, missing links, URLS blocked by robots, and server errors among other glitches. These are major hindrances to high ranking on SERPs and they also lead to a poor user experience. This Search engine optimization tool is free and comes with a crawl limit of 500 URLs. Users can also buy a premium package for unlimited crawls.

  1. Google Analytics

It goes without saying that Google provides some of the best digital marketing tools, one of them being Google Analytics. The importance of data in decision making cannot be overemphasized because it makes all the difference between good and bad decisions. Users can tell which marketing strategy is boosting traffic and which is underperforming. This is a tool inbound marketing consultants use to advise clients on the best tactics to use to increase conversion. You can also track keywords which are driving traffic and find more useful information about your website.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Keywords still remain a key component in search engine ranking. Previously, it was common for webmasters to use any keywords without data to back such decisions. However, your internet marketing expert now has Google Keyword Planner to help you find out how different keywords might perform. It is also possible to find new keywords and phrases which you had not thought about, especially when carrying out a local SEO campaign. It is also possible to use this keyword tool to determine PPC budgets based on the keywords you want to use.

  1. MozPro

This is inbound marketing software that helps users track everything about their websites. The benefit of using Moz Pro is the fact that you can do all these tasks on one platform. The tasks you can do include measuring social media traffic, brand awareness, link evaluation, social mentions, content performance and a lot more information on a single dashboard. This is one of the most popular SE optimization tools and your inbound marketing consultant will most likely use it to give you an idea of what needs to be done about your website’s performance.

  1. ubersuggest

This is another invaluable keyword tool that gives you many more suggestions than you can discover with any other software. Users start with a single keyword and they will get suggestions of more related keywords and phrases which they can use to strengthen their inbound marketing campaign. This tool works by taking your base keyword and adding letters or numbers based on real-life queries that have been made online.

  1. SEMrush

One major reason your Search engine optimization company is probably using SEMrush is because this tool was developed by ditital marketing professionals. As such, it is optimized to easily provide information about your website. Once you enter a URL, keywords which your site currently ranks for will be listed and an estimate of the times these have been searched will also be included. Your Search engine optimization consultant will find it easier to identify keywords that are optimizing for your website and those that are not worth targeting for your current internet marketing campaign.

There are many other SE optimization tools that an expert online marketing firm should leverage including Ahrefs, Google Trends, Remove’em, Alexa Toolbar, HootSuite, and PiktoChart among others. Most of these tools are free but they still provide invaluable information and online marketing solutions. Working with an experienced online marketing expert ensures your project benefits from these and more innovative tools to help meet your business objectives.

At Sand Crest SEO, our experts work closely with you to provide tailored SE optimization solutions. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all digital marketing package but rather, we listen to our clients, learn their business and recommend the best online marketing strategy to use. We are well versed in the latest digital marketing practices in the industry and we leverage our extensive experience in this industry to provide excellent search engine optimization solutions.

Call us today for a free quote for your SEO project and watch as we work to revolutionize your online business.