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We have used other SEO companies in the past but we have no need to do so again. Sand Crest has brought in outstanding results from their internet marketing. They are one of the most professional marketing agencies we have dealt with in the 13 years we have been in business. We have worked with Taylor Johnson (the owner) since 2009 and have nothing but the highest recommendation for him and his employees at Sand Crest SEO.

Ron Owner - Mens Wedding

We needed to find an SEO company that could help bring in more sales for our small excavation company. We provide rock excavation and custom waterfalls services. After two months we could see a huge increase of traffic and we have already brought in multiple jobs through online Google searches. We are very impressed and highly recommend this company Sand Crest.

ShelleyPartner - Rock On Walls And

We love working with the owner, Taylor Johnson. They are really good with us and have helped our online searches tremendously. Sand Crest is the most knowledgeable SEO company we have ever worked with.

CharlieCEO - Action Link

We have used the SEO services that SandCrest provides for over two years now. We have moved up tremendously in our keyword rankings. We now have over 25 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. We have noticed a large increase in our call volume. This company has outperformed many other marketing agencies that we have worked with in the past. We highly recommend Taylor and his team. 5 Star Rating!

KevinOwner - White Glove Home

We highly recommend this SEO company, we now have 26 out of 29 keywords in the top #5 positions on Google. They are all very knowledgeable, responsive and have fantastic customer service.

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10+ Years Of Experience

Sand Crest SEO Company has the experience and time-proven marketing techniques that your business needs. We have years of success and that is one reason why our clients stay with us year after year. We truly care about our clients and at the end of the day, we know it all comes down to your ROI. If we can gain top website rankings for your business website we know that you will stay with us for years to come.

Sand Crest offers complete SEO marketing solutions for business across the United States including Chicago. We have hundreds of top-ranked keywords on Google for many different industries. We truly are a leader and pioneer of Google safe marketing techniques. Sand Crest helps local and national based companies throughout the United States gain top Google rankings. We have provided SEO since 2007 and have hundreds of top-ranked keywords in the search engines. We are a leader and pioneer in the marketing industry. That is one reason why other SEO companies outsource their work to us. Our partnerships with marketing firms and our clients are what makes our services some of the best you can find.

True SEO Expert Company

Sand Crest is a true expert marketing company with a proven track record. In fact, other companies outsource their SEO to us because they know we can get the results that their clients are looking for! We do not take any shortcuts when it comes to marketing. Our 10+ years of experience has taught us to do things right the first time. We constantly stay on top of the Google algorithm to ensure that our client’s keyword rankings are consistently ranked in the top positions The best Chicago SEO Company.

No Contract Pricing

We are part of a small percentage of search engine optimization firms that do not have contracts of any kind. It is now down to less than 10% of firms that do not put their clients on contracts. We have seen it far too many times where a client is stuck with and locked down with an agency that isn’t doing a whole lot for them, even though they are paying for it! We only do month to month agreements with our clients. We encourage you to never go with a marketing agency that puts you on a contract of any kind whether it is 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.

Client Customized SEO Strategies

SEO is not a “one package fits all” sort of marketing program. We understand this incredibly well due to our decade of experience. Every business is completely different and has its own unique business model. Our services are completely catered towards our client’s specific needs. This is one reason why we have many clients that have been with us year after year. We do things right the first time. Did we also mention that we do not believe in contracts of any kind!?! That is correct, 100% of our clients are put on a month to month contract. Your business will stay with Sand Crest due to satisfaction rather than obligation.

Local & National Marketing Packages

Sand Crest caters toward local and national businesses across the United States. Whether you run a local home remodeling company in Salt Lake City, Utah or manage a 90+ chain jewelry store located in different states we can help your business thrive online. We are experts in online marketing whether we are competing in 1 small city or if we are competing against hundreds of other websites in different states across America. We also offer e-commerce SEO and have had wonderful success outranking websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Zales. We take our marketing seriously for our clients and that is one reason why we have such a high reputation amongst other marketing companies and our clients.

Keyword Specific SEO

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of advertising companies that sell SEO but don’t understand it well. It is of utmost importance to make sure that your website is ranking for keywords that will increase your ROI tremendously. Ranking for keywords like your business name, Dr. Name, website URL doesn’t do a whole lot of good. Sand Crest makes sure that we are targeting the correct keywords, to begin with! Afterall, even if your website is ranked in the #1 position for 25 keywords, it won’t do a whole lot of good unless they are keywords that receive a decent amount of monthly search impressions.

Monthly Keyword Reporting

The proof that your selected company is performing well is seeing live Google ranking reports. Every month we send our clients complete reporting that shows the entire list of keywords that we are targeting. This way our clients can see that every month the chosen keywords are moving up higher in the search engines. We have hundreds of top #3 Google rankings for industries and companies across the United States. Our reporting is transparent and shows exactly what is being done on your account every month.

Mobile Responsive Website Design Packages

Part of high Google rankings is making sure that your website is a mobile responsive website that loads quickly and loads on all screen sizes. This is now part of the Google algorithm. Our clients receive a mobile responsive website or conversion to a responsive website as part of any marketing package. We believe in following all of Google’s guidelines and this is no different. We offer fantastic website design packages that are ideal for local, national or e-commerce websites. Everything we develop is catered around optimization. Afterall, there is no point in having a website if there is no traffic going towards it.

Niche Relevant Backlinks

We target a minimum of 15 keywords no matter what industry we are working on. Our clients need niche specific keyword rankings at the top of Google in order to have a large ROI. While we target specific keywords we are not using 7-year-old “keyword rich anchor text backlinks” like many marketing companies that are still doing focusing on the old algorithm. We constantly stay on top of the Google algorithm updates. Our backlinks are some of the highest quality links that can be built. Examples of such links come from .edu links, niche guest posting, business citation link building e.t.c.

Complete On Page Optimization

On page optimization goes hand in hand with off page optimization. We optimize our client’s websites so that they are fully SEO friendly. This is incredibly important when starting up a new marketing campaign. Title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, image alt tags are all incredibly important. Google loves content and that is why 100% of our clients receive a minimum of 4 monthly blog posts. We are experts when it comes to optimizing a website for a business.

Complete Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization refers to work that is being done outside of the website. This includes SEO factors like backlink building. Sand Crest specializes in creating niche relevant backlinks. Our Google friendly backlinks help increases keyword rankings tremendously. We feel that our backlink building services that come part of all SEO packages are one of our strong points. Far too many agencies are severely lacking in this important factor, which plays a significant role of high rankings in the search engines.

4 Monthly Blog Posts

Blogging is a fantastic way to help boost keyword rankings no matter your business. Even our most budget-friendly SEO packages come with 4 monthly blog posts. This is not just engaging content for the readers but is a fantastic way to keep your website freshly indexed with Google. The search engines love fresh new content. Our content is written by professional USA writers that have years of experience and know what readers are looking for. Simply put, even our most basic marketing package is a complete package that will yield fantastic results in the search engines.


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